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Will There Be A Stranger Things Season 5?

Wll There Be A Season 5 Of Stranger Things?
Wll There Be A Season 5 Of Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Season 4 gathered huge traction for streaming giant Netflix. Moreover, it proved to be the most successful season for the series. But just exactly how far can the creators stretch the series. More specifically, will there be a Season 5 of Stranger Things? Since its inception back in 2016, the series managed to gather an amazing following, and its latest installment, divided into two halves, is no exception. Now on its latest season, let’s value the possibility of a fifth season.

Stranger Things Season four was divided into two parts. The first part had seven episodes and dropped on the streaming platform in just one go. Then, the second leg of the season dropped a month later on the popular streaming platform. However, the ending of season four, part one, did give us a cliffhanger from which we can analyze the possibility of a fifth season. So, without further ado, let’s explore if Stranger Things will for a fifth time.

Reasoning The Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things season 4, part 1 ended with the show having the opportunity to break away from this trend. Although it appears unlikely that Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, or Eleven will be the first central character to die on the show, the Part 1 cliffhanger left many characters in a suitable position to become the show’s first major death. Steve was attacked by Vecna’s bats when he first entered the Upside Down, and his blood loss could prove fatal the longer it goes untreated. The previous seasons of The Walking Dead have developed Steve into a clear fan favorite, making his death one way to add a real sense of peril to the final season.

stranger things

Stranger Things

Season 4 has established a few characters who appear to be the common choice for a Stranger Things end-of-season death. Season 4 has seen Robin and Murray grow closer to the Hawkins inner circle, the former with Steve and Nancy and the latter with Joyce, as was the case with Bob and Billy in previous seasons. If last seasons are any indication, the death of one of these characters appears to be the most apparent exit, confirming the show’s main characters’ indestructibility.

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The Caveats For A Stranger Things Season 5

Despite Stranger Things’ apparent success, the season 4 finale will need to overcome the show’s biggest problem to ensure that the show’s final season succeeds. This problem stems from how the show has handled end-of-season deaths, most notably by consistently avoiding them for its main cast. With this trend establishing the central group as untouchable, previous finales lacked a sense of peril as audiences have grown accustomed to the characters’ near-guaranteed safety. Stranger Things 4, Part 2’s well-written and meaningful death would ideally set up the stakes for the show’s final season, creating a genuine level of threat in which nobody is truly safe.

Despite the show’s horror-inflected sequences and convincing villains, stranger Things finales are consistently devoid of danger. This is due to the show’s aversion to putting its main characters in situations where they might die, instead substituting a minor sacrificial character to die in place of one who would have a more significant impact. This was the case with Bob in season 2 and Billy in season 3. Both had a lasting effect on their respective seasons but were sufficiently removed from the leading group to provide their deaths without significant emotional fallout for the viewer.

Hopper A Shot?

The fake-out death of Hopper in the season 3 finale confirmed this. Stranger Things had the opportunity to show that its main characters were in danger and could be killed with Hopper trapped inside the exploding Russian reactor. To avoid ending the season on such a depressing note, the series finale revealed that Hopper was still alive, reiterating the show’s central problem. Stranger Things has set an unfortunate precedent in which its conclusions lack a genuine sense of peril, no matter how high the stakes are, with the audience safe knowing that nobody of consequence dies in the show.

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

Will There Be A Stranger Things Season 5?

After all this analysis, we have to break your bubble. Stranger Things season 4 part 2 will conclude the season’s story, but it will also likely set up at least a few plot lines for the show’s final season. While Stranger Things Season 5 will be the final season, Netflix has previously stated that the series might be part of a broader expanded universe, but no definite plans have been announced.

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