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What Do Moots Mean On Tiktok? The Viral Term Explained

Here, we shall discuss what Moots mean on Tiktok. Well, this isn’t the first time that you are confused about social media lingo. Gen Z is adding hundreds of such slangs and abbreviations that are not always possible for people to identify at the very first instance. Now, it’s time for Moots.

What do mutual friends mean? Briefly, we may say it as common friends. That’s what Moots mean on social media. You can follow back someone for the same and things continue in the same way. If you come across this term on Tiktok, you must understand that the person posting the same is willing to make friends. Let’s dive into this piece to learn the meaning of Moots on Tiktok.

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Moots Meaning On Tiktok Explained

On social media, Moots refer to people whom you follow and who follow you back too. In short, it’s another word for mutuals. Tiktok is such a platform where people not only showcase their talent but can also make friends and share content. This slang is mostly used by those who are willing to make friends online. The hashtag has garnered over 110.4 million views to date.

Moots Meaning On Tiktok


If you are a daily user of Tiktok, you must have come across several videos of people who want more moots. One such example is, “I want more moots! I feel like recently I haven’t made any new mutuals. Comment if you want to moot.

This slang isn’t just limited to Tiktok but is also very much popular on Twitter. People often share some of their interest and their content type, for the sake of gaining moot. That’s how we make friends offline, isn’t it? If you don’t get the positive vibe or there is no common interest, do you get along well? No. The same happens in the case of online. It is another way of growing your account on social media.

Now, when you know the meaning of moots, how many have you made in the recent weeks? You can also ask for more, from now on. What are you waiting for?

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