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The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 Release Date: War Against Anti-Witch Group

The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12
The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 Release Date: War against Anti-Witch Group

Let’s talk about The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 Release Date. We’ll also talk about some theories regarding the next episode. Episode 11 was a good hyped-up episode, it focused on the preparations of the war that is upon the witch village. And the only way Sable and his friends will win is by doing things their own way and that is to have as less casualties as possible on both sides. Sable’s new plan of contradicting enemies’ attacks is looking great and fans just can’t wait for the final 12th Episode to drop. Let’s discuss all of this in detail.

The Dawn of the Witch anime is adapted from the light novel of the same name written by Kakeru Kobashiri. The Story Follows Sable, a young mage student at the academy who has lost his memories and is living a life of a lowly mage student. That is until one day he is summoned by the principal of the academy and is tasked with 2 other students to participate in a new training program held in Witch Village. To accompany and protect him on his journey is Roux Cristasse, the Undying Witch. Along the journey Sable learns much about his past and what his true destiny lies ahead. Here are all the details regarding The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 Release Date.

Recap of Episode 11

The Dawn of the Witch Episode 11 was Titled, “Determination to Kill”. This Episode focuses on the war preparation against the Anti Witch Group that is about to strike the Witch Village. Sable and his friends get a summon from the Academy Principal and they are ordered to return to the academy in accordance with the war that’s about to happen. If they don’t follow the orders they can even get a suspension.

The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 - Sable with his Friends

Sable Transfers his Magic to Zero

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But despite all this Sable and his friends are determined to help the villagers overcome this threat. Sable devised a new plan to set up traps for the enemy soldiers and monsters so that they could not get harmed or killed. Sable believes that they are being brainwashed for an evil purpose. And by not killing them during the war would be a huge help to others. The Episode ends with Sable transferring his magic to Zero so that she can fight with all her might.

What Will Happen in The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12?

Episode 11 ends with Sable transferring a severe amount of his magic to Zero as they prepare for the war against Anti Witch Group. The relationship between Zero and Sable is of an Aunt and Nephew but more importantly, it is also of a student and Teacher. This aspect of their relationship will be most important in the upcoming episode when their fight against the Anti Witch monsters will commence. Throughout the anime the most developed character besides Sable is Tyrant. Tyrant at the start of the series was just a lowly life villain who murders children and has blood lust of his own. But when he is taken to the witch village and is given a pardon in exchange for his help against the enemy, he shows real courage and determination against his actions.

The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 - Preview

The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 Preview

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This episode shows his will to change and help others as he fights to save the children of the Magic School. His Role in the final fight will be of Utmost Importance. The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 is titled, “The Beginning of an Adventure”. The Title speculates that the war against the Anti Witch group is just a start and it can just be a small fight or a warning from their side to the Witches and Mages. But from the looks of it and the glimpse of End Credits, it looks like something big is gonna happen. Maybe Sable’s Father Thirteenth will make his appearance and Sable will go insane due to the memories of his Mother’s death. Well, this all is just speculation, let’s wait for the final episode to drop.

When Will The Dawn of the Witch Episode 13 Be Released?

The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 will release on 1st July at 1:58 A.M. (JST Zone).

  • IST Zone Timing – 30th June at 10:28 P.M.
  • EST Zone Timing – 30th June at 12:58 P.M.

Where to watch The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12?

You can watch The Dawn of the Witch Episode 12 and all other episodes for free on Muse Asia Official Youtube Channel.

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