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Death in Paradise Filming Locations: Exquisite Places That We Saw

Death in Paradise filming locations

Have you ever wondered about the Death in Paradise filming locations? If your answer is yes, then you landed on the perfect article. In today’s article, we will disclose the filming locations of Death in Paradise. All to know about filming locations of Death in Paradise. Death in Paradise is a British-French crime drama Television series. Robert Thorogood is the creator of the series. Death in Paradise has received positive reviews, however leading to multiple renewals of the series. The composers of the series include Magnus Fiennes and Davide Michael Celia. It was originally broadcasted on BBC One. Stay tuned till the end to know about the Death in Paradise Filming locations.

The stars of the show include Danny John-Jules, Ralf Little, Ben Miller, Sara Martins, Gary Carr, Don Warrington, Kris Marshall, and Tahj Miles. With Tobi Bakare, Ardal O’Hanlon, Shyko Amos, Ginny Holder, and Shantol Jackson. Robert Thorogood, Tony Jordan, Klaus Zimmermann, Belinda Campbell, Alex Jones, and Tim Key are the Executive Producers of the show. Matthew Bird, Tim Key, Tim Bradley, Louise Stutton, Sue Howells, and Jim Poyser are the Producers. BBC Studios and France Televisions are the distributors of the show. Robert Thorogood, the creator of the show signed a three-book deal to write Death in Paradise novels featuring the original characters. In the next segment, the Death in Paradise Filming’s location is revealed.

Death in Paradise Filming Locations

Where is Death in Paradise filmed? Curious enough right. We would give your curiosity a break and reveal the filming locations of Death in Paradise. Death in Paradise was filmed in Guadeloupe Islands. But do you know where Guadeloupe Island is situated? And do you know other Death in Paradise Filming locations?

Death in Paradise Filming locations

Death in paradise

Guadeloupe Island is an overseas region of France. Saint Marie as shown in the show is of course doesn’t exist in reality. The whole show was shot in Guadeloupe Islands. Guadeloupe is a Butterfly shaped collection of Islands in the Caribbean. It is an overseas region of France so that would explain why the passersby were communicating in French. Keep reading further to much exquisite Death in Paradise filming location.

Deshaies was the main filming location of the show. In the show, Deshaies was renamed to Honore capital of Saint Marie which was all the imagination of the writers. One of the main locations in the show was Honore Police Station, in reality, it is Deshaies’ Priest’s office. Another important location includes Catherine’s Bar, in every episode this bar gets featured. The next location is Honore Church, in real life, it’s the Catholic Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. The church is used by the locals for its services. If there is absolutely one gorgeous location that we should talk about it’s the Beach. This place is a perfect-picture place for anybody.

How can we forget about the Botanic Gardens? Deshaies Botanic garden is a win-win for all. With Tropical flowers, Flamingos, and parrots. This place is a must-visit. Other locations include the Zoo and Langley Fort Royal Hotel. These were all the Death in Paradise Filming locations.

All the exquisite filming locations of Death In Paradise have been revealed. It is time for you to go pack your bag and visit the Death in Paradise Filming locations.

Death in Paradise: Synopsis

After getting to know the Death in Paradise Filming Locations. This segment includes about the synopsis of Death in Paradise, the plot, and the story. We are sure that you would surely visit Guadeloupe Island after we revealed that it was the Death In Paradise Filming location. Let’s get to know a little about the story of Death in Paradise.

Death in Paradise is 11 seasons long with a total of 89 episodes. Detective Richard Poole is sent from London to investigate the murder of a British Police Officer on the Caribbean Island. After discovering the murderer, he is ordered by this supervisor to replace the victim and stay to be the Detective Inspector on the Island.

However, solving new cases as they get his way. But things took a turn when Richar Poole gets murdered and another detective from London Humphrey Goodman was sent to investigate his murder. He then stays on the Island permanently, after his wife left him. But he resigns to start a new life with his girlfriend in London. A new detective was then called. Jack Mooney is the new detective, a recent widower. He stays on the island eventually.

In this article, we discussed the Death in Paradise Filming locations. Along with that the star cast and the synopsis of the series.

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