Who Is The Real Magician Behind Netflix’s Magical Kdrama ‘The Sound Of Magic’?

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Who Is The Real Magician In Netflix's The Sound Of Magic?

On the 6th of May, Netflix dropped its six-episode long mystical kdrama titled ‘The Sound Of Magic’. For those of you who have been wondering who is the beautiful man that keeps showing up on your feed? It is none other than Ji Chang Wook aka the star of The Sound Of Magic. Furthermore, The Sound Of Magic sets up a whole new standard for kdramas. The cinematography, costumes, and songs will take you back to your magical childhood. The Sound Of Magic is one of the very rare musical kdramas. Everything from the cinematography plus the storytelling is a work of art. The Sound Of Magic mostly revolves around a grown man named Ri Eul who lives in an abandoned amusement park and performs magic tricks meets a high school girl named YoonAh Yi whose life is filled with sorrows.

The two contrasting characters, Ri Eul who still holds the innocence of his childhood despite being an adult while Yoonah Yi has seen the worst in human beings at such a young age, are like personifications of dreamy of a dream world and reality. The show definitely feels like a visit to the amusement park with all its magic. Although every trick that was performed felt ethereal, it looked realistic. The real magician in The Sound Of Magic was not actually Ji Chang Wook but Lee Eun Gyul. Keep on reading to find out more about Lee Eun Gyul.

Who Is The Real Magician In Netflix’s The Sound Of Magic?

The real magician behind the surreal magic tricks that vowed us all in Netflix’s The Sound Of Magic is the South Korean magician, Lee Eun Gyul. Additionally, Lee Eun Gyul is actually a very well-known magician not just in Korea but around the world. The magical series ‘The Sound Of Magic’ imposes the question ‘Do you believe in magic?’ a gazillion times throughout the show. And the various magic tricks that have been included in each scene of the kdrama possess the power to make you pause and question before you say ‘no’. This was not just the case with YoonAh Yi whose life was so difficult that believing in God itself was hard enough, magic was a far fetch. But when she sees the brilliant tricks of Ri Eul who makes the abandoned amusement park come to life and her boss disappear, little by little she finds herself enchanted. You would think meeting someone like that in real life would be impossible. However, Lee Eun Gyul has been enchanting millions of people all around the world. Lee Eun Gyul was born in the Pyeongtaek area of Korea in 1981. He started performing magic when he was merely fifteen years old.

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Who Is The Real Magician In Netflix's The Sound Of Magic?
The Sound Of Magic cr: Netflix

Who Is Lee Eun Gyul?

Lee Eun Gyul was the first-ever Korean to win the grand prize at the prestigious F.I.S.M World Championship Of Magic. For those of you who do not know, F.I.S.M is one of the MOST honored organizations in the magic community. Apart from doing magic shows, Lee Eun Gyul has also been enchanting with his surreal magic tricks through My Little Television, I Live Alone, and Trick & True. Lee Eun Gyul has been widely recognized for his talent. Lee had won the prestigious Asia World Magic Contest in 2001, SA Magic Championship, Golden Lion Award Grand Prix at the Las Vegas World Magic Seminar in 2003, and the Merlin Awards in 2011. He was featured in an episode of Arirang TV’s Korea Our Stories. The renowned illusion expressed how despite being a small country South Korea is bagging huge wins in major magic competitions all around the world. He further added that he feels that because of coming from a smaller country he makes more powerful bonds. After discovering him on Netflix’s The Sound Of Magic, everyone has been enchanted by Lee Eun Gyul and his magic.

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