Showtime Begins Episode 8 is coming this weekend! The latest episodes have uncovered more about what happened ten years ago. Finally, Choi Geom tells everything about Ko Young Sik’s death to Ko Seul Hae. Ko Young Sik and Cha Sa Geum were partners just like Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae are. Therefore, after knowing the whole truth, Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae resolve their misunderstanding. The duo becomes partners as they will stay by each other side even if the entire world stands against them. Although the journey is long, it is a small step, and the companion makes it worthwhile. 

Furthermore, the drama also discloses a little about the evil spirit. The evil spirit escaped from Cha’s house ten years ago and possessed the man who turned out to be a serial killer. Therefore, Cha Cha Woong’s grandfather and Ko Seul Ho’s father were working together to catch the evil spirit as well as the murderer. However, the present time has changed the table. The evil is out and getting stronger. It will not be long before the possessed Yang Tae Choon hunts down Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae. 

Besides, Choi Geom unveils his past. He suspects that Ko Seul Hae is the same person from his past life (from 2000 years ago). Is there a new story behind Choi Geom’s past and how he became a deity? Will Showtime Begins Episode 8 uncover more about their tangled past? Or will we witness another unforeseen danger? 

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What To Expect In Showtime Begins Episode 8?

Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae will face new obstacles in Showtime Begins Episode 8. Since the duo faces new challenges every week, this week will also be no different. However, something big is waiting for them. The antagonist of the drama, Yang Tae Choon, has come back. Since the evil spirit that has taken over him has become stronger and seeks more power, Ko Seul Hae’s life will be in danger. After all, Yang Tae Choon has already seen Ko Seul Hae’s spiritual energy. Therefore, there is a possibility that Yang Tae Choon will follow Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae.

Showtime Begins Episode 8
Yang Tae Choon Cr: MBC

Meanwhile, Choi Geom is also hiding some past secrets. From flashbacks and Choi Geom’s story, it seems Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae knew each other in their past lives. However, how their story ended, no one knows. So maybe some glimpse of the past will enlighten the core part of the plotline. Furthermore, the evil spirit is escaped from Cha’s house. So there is a possibility that the evil spirit, Choi Geom, Cha Cha Woong, and Ko Seul Hae’s fates are entangled. The answers we are looking for are definitely hidden inside the dark cave of history.

Therefore, Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae will need Choi Geom’s help if they want to catch the evil spirit. After all, the truth is out in the light. But only time will tell what sickening game destiny has been playing with their lives. Thus, to know where this fantasy love story heads, watch From Now On, Showtime! Episode 8!

From Now On Showtime Episode 8
Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae Cr: MBC

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Showtime Begins Episode 8 Release Date

Showtime Begins Episode 8 will be released on 15 May 2022 at 8:40 pm KST on the MBC network. While the love is blooming, the evil is coming closer. No one knows when and where Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae get attacked from. After all, the evil spirit has become stronger over the years. Will Choi Geom be able to fight the evil spirit? Or will it harm his people? To find out more about this horror-comedy adventure, watch new episodes of From Now On, Showtime! every Saturday and Sunday.

Watch From Now On, Showtime! Korean Drama Ep 8 Online- Steaming Details

For domestic viewers, the drama is airing on the MBC channel at 8:40 pm KST. Afterward, it will be available on Wavve (accessible only in South Korea). In the other countries, Ep 8 will be dropped on the same day at 7:40 am in the USA, 5:10 pm in India, 11:40 am in the UK, and 10:40 pm in Australia. Global viewers can watch From Now On, Showtime! kdrama on ViuTV, Rakuten Viki, and VuClip with English Subtitles.

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