Doyoung Of NCT And Kwon Ah Reum Dating Rumours: Denied By The Agency Of The Actress

Doyoung Of NCT And Kwon Ah Reum dating rumours denied
Doyoung Of NCT And Kwon Ah Reum dating rumours denied

Let’s look into how the dating rumors of Doyoung of NCT and Kwon Ah Reum came into existence and how their agency has responded to it. Both of the stars are in talks because they both have been cast in an upcoming web Korean drama that will air on TVing. Actors and actresses always are very cautious as anything, and everything can be made into a big deal. And that was the same in this case too.

Actress Kwon Ah Reum and Doyoung of NCT are just starring together in a series “To X Who doesn’t Love Me” which is about Park Se Jin (played by Keon Ah Reum) who has a one-crush on Jung Si Ho (played by Doyoung of NCT). But fans always go out of their way to create baseless rumors. This has happened a lot of times. Most of the dating rumors are just the works of shippers who want their favorite stars to be together. But this always ends up creating a big misunderstanding as fans do not know the weight their words carry. And so, the agency of Kwon Ah Reum, that is SWMP, took it upon themselves to clear this and also gave a bold statement for the protection of their artists. Let us see what the rumors were all about and what is its current status.

How did Doyoung of NCT and Kwon Ah Reum dating rumors start?

Well, it all started from just one word. Yes, you saw it right just a single word did the trick of confusing everyone. Actress Kwon Ah Reum post a picture of herself on Instagram. The caption of the picture was “Tto-ing(Ddoing)”. This was just a random caption which she also used in her comments. The reason why fans are making it a big deal is because her co-star, Doyoung of NCT, has the nickname ‘Ddoing’. So, a Netizen made this speculation that this might be a subtle hint from her side. The netizen made a post and which made the speculation if the actress is dating NCT’s Doyoung? She posted it in an online Korean community that is quite famous. To add to her speculation, she also presented arguments such as both the idols are born in 1996, thus, their age group is also the same, so they might be close because of that.

Since the stars are working together in the drama “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me”, the netizen came to know about Kwon Ah Reum and followed her as the netizen said she found her to be just her style. And after she posted this picture, she said that since Doyoung’s name is Ddoing, so she was hoping that maybe her wishful shipping might be true.

Doyoung Of NCT And Kwon Ah Reum dating rumours denied
Kwon Ah Reum and Doyoung of NCT dating rumors denied

Other Netizens joined the conversation and gave out their opinions in the online Korean community. One said that they felt girls show off and express these things even if it is true or not, and they do so even when they know what might happen, someone else commented and mentioned that isn’t the ‘Tto-ing’ phrase quite common. Another Netizen added that how would the actress even know the nickname of Doyoung? Someone asked why was the actress using this phrase, whereas another said that they thought this situation was ridiculous. Someone said that they thought it was very obvious, and a Netizen even said that the NCT members should not act as these things keep happening so many times and create many misunderstandings. So fans had positive as well as negative opinions. And this became a big thing.

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Agency of actress Kwon Ah Reum responds to the situation

SWMP, the agency of the actress, gave out an official announcement on May 9, 2022, stating boldly that the rumors are completely false. They further added that they can no longer overlook these insulting actions towards the actress like personal attacks, defamation, spreading false information, and much more. The company is monitoring the current situation and has stated that they shall take strong action against anyone who is involved in writing false rumors and malicious comments. Thus, they ensured that they will take full responsibility to protect their actors.

Kwon Ah Reum

Meanwhile, the company of NCT’s Doyoung, SM Entertainment, is yet to give out their statement about the dating rumors with the actress Kwon Ah Reum. “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” is said to come out on July 15, 2022. So fans can wait patiently and look forward to enjoying the series.

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