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Who Is Iris From Fire Force? Everything You Need To Know

Who is Iris From Fire Force
Who is Iris From Fire Force? Everything You Need To Know

Let’s talk about who Iris is from Fire Force. We’ll also talk about why she is an important character for the Fire Force anime. Once in a while, there comes an anime with a unique concept so engaging that you wish to binge it entirely. For some fans, it was Fire Force anime; its unique supernatural concept of Fire mixed with superpowers was interesting. And not only that, every character in the Fire Force anime is as remarkable in personality, especially one of the characters named Iris. Let’s talk in detail about Iris and her role in the Fire Force. Fore Force anime is adapted from the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Atsushi Ookubo.

The Story follows Shinra Kusakabe and his life as a pyrokinetic in a world full of mysteries behind random Infernal sightings. These Infernal Sightings burn any random person and transform them into either a corpse or a dangerous person capable of causing major havoc. But to counter these Infernal Flame creatures, the Fire Force comes to the rescue. Each member of the Fire force brigade has an assigned task that they must complete in order to protect the citizens. In one of those Fire forces, Shinra Joins the special fire force company 8 as a Second class officer capable of inflicting firepower from his legs. With a goal to become a Hero, will Shinra be able to withhold the pressure during fire raids? Well, watch Fire Force anime to find out. Here are all the details regarding, Who is Iris from Fire Force.

Who Is Iris In Fire Force?

Iris is one of the main characters of Fire Force anime and also a member of the special fire force company 8. In appearance, she is a young girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She mostly wears a habit outfit and is very devoted to her job. She is one of the sisters of The Holy Sol Temple and is faithful to her Religion. Often during times of chaos, she handles the situation very well and helps others even if it may cost her life. She will also not let anyone look down on her and her teammates. Before joining Special Fire Force Company 8, she had the traumatizing experience of surviving a fire that took place in The Holy Sol Temple.

Who is Iris From Fire Force - Iris Past

Iris caught up in a Fire at her church

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What Is Iris’s Role In Special Fire Force Company 8?

The Special Fire Force Company 8 is one of the special fire forces in the city of Tokyo which were put together for a special mission. The mission was to extinguish and purify the souls of the victims of spontaneous human combustion that is occurring throughout the city. Along with their main mission, they were also given a hidden task to unravel the secrets behind this mysterious Phenomenon. All the members of this Special Fire force Company Serve a Task, and Iris is among one of them. What is Iris’s Role in Special Fire force company 8? Well, here are all the details about it.

Who is Iris From Fire Force - Iris Purifying Souls

Iris Purifying an Infernal Soul

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Iris’s training from the Holy Sol Temple as a Sister has given her the authority to perform prayers for all the passing souls. The Infernal Souls are captured by the other fire force members. And before destroying them, Iris prays for their safety for their journey ahead in the afterlife and hopes that they get peace. Alongside praying for the passing souls, she also assists the members with the First aid and can easily treat a bullet wound.

When Will We See Iris Again In Fire Force Anime?

Iris was last seen in the finale of Fire Force Season 2. And as the 3rd Season of Fire force anime has already been announced, we can soon expect Iris to make her comeback. According to the manga, Iris is essentially going to have a bigger role in Season 3 of Fire Force anime. What is Iris’s real power? Will Iris and Shinra ever go beyond friendship? Well, stay tuned for Fire force season 3 to find out more.

Who is Iris From Fire Force - Iris and Shinra

Iris saved by Shinra

Where To Watch Fire Force anime?

You can watch all the Episodes of Fire Force anime on the Crunchyroll Streaming site.

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