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Pokémon Go Teases Mega Evolution In Battle League

Pokemon Go Teases Mega Evolution
Pokemon Go Teases Mega Evolution

Pokémon Go teases Mega Evolution in Battle League with a possible PvP competitive mode. This could mean major news for this mobile title. Firstly, the makers teased the Mega Evolution for the first time ever. Furthermore, they claim that there’s more to come. So what does this mean for the future of the game?

The absence of Mega Evolution has long been one of the Go Battle League’s defining limitations. Since the introduction of the Mega Evolution system, it has been evident that our beloved advanced Pokemon cannot participate in these battles for a good cause. The rather harsh release of Mega Evolutions and the steep and unsustainable cost of simply using the system. That made their incorporation a potential “pay-to-win” scenario that Niantic had the foresight to keep out of their premier PvP system despite their overall deficiencies with the system’s launch.

Pokemon Go Teases Mega Evolution

More cool things will come to Pokemon Go!

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Pokémon Go Teases Mega Evolution

Mega Evolved Pokémon can currently only be employed in raids, where they reward every Pokemon of the same typing with an increase in attack strength. Adding Mega Evolution to regular PvP would drastically alter the competitive atmosphere in the game, especially because Mega Evolved Pokemon are among the strongest Pokemon in both Pokemon Go and original series Pokemon games. Most of the changes would affect the game’s Master League. With some Mega Evolved Pokemon rising to the top of their respective types. Only Altaria became more critical when Mega Evolved, making Ultra League considerably less viable.

It is unclear whether this is a permanent adjustment to the Go Battle League format or a past competition. It’s also likely that Pokemon Go will change its leagues so that different tiers have designs that allow or disallow Mega Evolutions. Pokemon Go has revamped its Mega Evolution mechanism to make the mechanic more prevalent in the game. It has significantly decreased the use of Mega Energy. A resource required to Mega Evolve a Pokemon has made gathering easier by simplifying most raids.

Pokemon Go Teases Mega Evolution

Pokemon Battles to come?

Poketweets Hinted The Tease!

The official Pokémon GO Twitter account shared a small video that teases a possibly significant Mega Evolutions update. The video, which was released just weeks after Pokémon GO’s recent Mega Evolution update, shows a Mega Kangaskhan against a Blastoise in a PvP combat, implying that Mega Evolved Pokémon may soon be joining the Battle League. Mega Evolutions can currently only be employed in Raids, where they are among the most powerful assets. Because no additional information has been released on Twitter or the Pokémon GO website, the entire scope of this update remains unknown.

Since its first release, the Mega Evolution system has undergone numerous revisions, with nearly all of them being solely positive in nature. They are now really available and practical for widespread use. And this is where Niantic’s melody has finally changed.

Pokefans Hesitant?

Pokémon GO fans have recently been divided over their feelings about Mega Evolutions and Niantic’s treatment of numerous fan-favorite features. The update video has sparked criticism from some who believe Niantic has not adequately addressed concerns raised by prior updates that have hindered gamers’ access to in-game content. Recently, many gamers spoke out against the controversial statement that confirmed Pokémon GO Raid Passes would be removed from weekly boxes. This mechanic was initially added in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and was warmly praised by players.

While the upcoming Mega Evolutions update appears to be an obvious next step in Pokémon GO’s gameplay evolution, furthermore, Niantic’s attention has shifted even further away from what fans want from the game’s experience. Many player complaints have been long-standing. Some continue unresolved since the release of Pokémon GO in 2016, including the escalating cost of in-game products. And its inaccessibility to those with mobility issues which may have difficulty accomplishing in-game challenges. This fragile connection with the audience risks casting a shadow over Pokémon GO events like Community Days and is a long cry from Pokémon GO’s early brisk success. And with this information, we conclude our scoop on Pokemon Go at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention. Happy Gaming, and see you soon!

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