What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Menos Grande In Bleach?

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What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Menos Grande
What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Menos Grande?

It’s Meaningless To Just Live and Wish to Fight at the same time. In what Episode does Ichigo fight Menos Grande? Well, let’s talk about it all. There are some fights that determine a character’s strength level and how far that character could go in terms of aptitude. One of those characters was Ichigo. There is no denying that Ichigo is one of the favorite Shonen characters. And the reason for that is his fights. As of early stages, Ichigo’s potential was seen during his fight with Menos Grande. He showed his resolve in that fight, and that was just the tip of the iceberg for him.

Ichigo is the protagonist of the Bleach Anime, which is considered one of the Big Three in the anime world. The Bleach anime was adapted from the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The story follows the life of Ichigo Kurosaki, who goes on a journey to become a Soul Reaper and unlock many new secrets of the soul society. Here are all the details regarding the Episode in which Ichigo fights Menos Grande.

What Are Menos In Bleach?

Every Deceased human soul who wanders the human world with despair and regret and is not guided by a Shinigami (Soul Reaper) to Soul Society is eventually turned into a Hollow. These Normal Hollow, if consumed by other Hollows, then they can transform into Menos. Menos Grande is mostly the combination of more than a Hundred Normal Hollows’ powers that transform into a single big entity.

What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Menos Grande - Menos eating hollow
Menos Grande Eating Hollows

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What Happened During The Fight Between Ichigo And Menos Grande?

When Ichigo was confronted by Uryu Ishida, he got to know that Ishida was a Quincy. He was challenged to a fight by him as he doesn’t want Soul Reapers to exist. Rukia told Ichigo about the history between the Quincy and the Soul Reapers. And after listening to the whole story, Ichigo decides to talk to Uryu about it. Uryu’s comment on the whole situation shocked Ichigo as he never intended to hate Soul Reapers because of some 200-year-old conflict. He hates them because they were responsible for the death of his master, as they didn’t come at the right time to kill the Hollows.

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What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Menos Grande - Menos Appears
Menos Grande Appears Before Ichigo and Uryu

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Listening to this, Ichigo faces Uryu and tells him about his mother’s death and how he wished the same didn’t happen to anyone else. That’s why he wants Uryu to work with him to defeat these hollows. And both of them then decide to fight together to kill the hollows. Suddenly as the both of them were preparing, they saw a monster coming out of the sky, tearing it apart. It was a Menos. As soon as it came out, all the hollows surrounding Ichigo and Uryu attacked it, and the Menos ate the hollows. That resulted in an increase in its power.

What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Menos Grande - Ichigo and Menos Grande
Ichigo Blocks Menos Grande’s Cero Attack

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Ichigo tries to fight it by charging toward the menos but is thrown away by its leg. Later, when nothing was working, Uryu thought of the idea of him and Ichigo mixing their spirit power to defeat the Menos. But Ichigo tells Uryu that he doesn’t know how to control his spirit power. And as they were discussing this, the Menos suddenly attacks with its Cero technique, which is surprisingly blocked by Ichigo. Everyone is shocked to see the level of spirit Power Ichigo used to block that attack. Ichigo lastly cuts the Menos in half, and the Menos gets scared and returns to the afterworld.

Menos Grande escapes after getting attacked by Ichigo

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What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Menos Grande?

Ichigo fights Menos Grande in Episode 14 of the Bleach anime. Episode 14 is titled “Back to Back, a Fight to the Death”.

Where To Watch Bleach Episode 14?

Viewers from the US can watch Episode 14 and all other episodes of Bleach anime on the Crunchyroll streaming site. For the viewers from India, we do not have information regarding the streaming sites for Bleach anime. We’ll update our Bleach anime fans when it is available to watch.

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