Bleach: Yhwach – Equipment, Powers, And Abilities Explained

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Tite Kubo’s Bleach has something about it that makes us go crazy about the antagonists as much as we do for the protagonists. Yhwach is one of those antagonists that will make you wonder if you have taken the right side. Yhwach, the son of the Soul King, is the emperor of the Wandenreich, and his designation is “A” – “The Almighty”. He is called the Father of the Quincy by his underlings. There are facts about Yhwach that will blow our minds. Such as the fact that his blood gave rise to the entire clan of Quincies. We all know the enmity between the Quincies and the Soul Reapers, but it is the enmity that is continuing for thousand years before the current timeline of the story. Even though Yhwach lost to Captain-Commander Yamamoto thousand years ago, he returns with an intention to wreak havoc in the Soul Society.

Yhwach is not a piece of cake antagonist. His hatred towards the Soul Reapers has existed for more than a thousand years. And a thousand years is more than enough to gain and develop powers beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s jump right into it to know all about the equipment, powers, and abilities of Yhwach.

Equipment Possessed By Yhwach

  1. Quincy Cross: Yhwach has a five-point Quincy Cross that is a part of a circular medal. It is attached to the left chest of his trench coat, which is usually concealed beneath his cloak. Ichibe Hyosube made it useless when he used his Ichimonji to remove its power.
  2. Medallion: This device, when activated, can steal a currently released Bankai within its designated area. Yhwach used it to steal Captain-Commander Yamamoto’s ‘Zanka no Tachi’.
  3. Spirit Weapon (Reishi Sword): Yhwach can use his Quincy Cross to gather spirit energy and transform them into weapons. The usual weapon of Quincies is bows and arrows, but Yhwach transforms the collected spirits into a sword with a long handle and a bird-shaped cross-guard. He can also use the collected spirits (Reishi) to gain spiritual arrows, which are nothing like the average Quincy arrows.
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Yhwach’s Equipment

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Powers And Abilities

  1. Soul Distribution Power: This power gives Yhwach the ability to distribute a fraction of his soul to another just by being touched by them. He can bestow an ability to a wielder as well as he can take it back whenever he wants.
  2. Soul Absorption: Just like he can distribute his soul to others, he can also take it back whenever he wants. And he can do it only while he is asleep. If he is not allowed to sleep to gain back his soul, then he will turn back to his original form, deprived of his senses eventually.
  3. Flawless Healing Ability: When Yhwach distributes his soul to others, it heals them no matter what is the injury. But, in return, it will reduce their lifespan. And once the wielder dies, the fraction of Yhwach’s soul returns back to him giving him the powers and skills of the wielder.
  4. Auswahlen (Consecration): This power gives Yhwach the ability to restore his lost powers even after a thousand years. By targeting Quincy, whom he considered having mixed blood, stripped that Quincy of his powers, and absorbing them as his own, he restores his powers. And the targets whose powers are being stolen will perish. The weakness of this power is that if Yhwach’s blood makes contact with the Still Silver, which forms within the hearts of his targets, he will lose his powers for a short amount of time.

    Yhwach’s Powers And Abilities
  5. The Almighty: It takes a designated time to revive himself fully. Thousand years ago, Yhwach was sealed away. It took 900 years to make his heart beat again, 90 more years to regain awareness, and 9 years to get back his powers. If he had been revived before this designated time, he wouldn’t have been able to use his powers. But, ‘The Almighty’ gives him the ability to fully revive himself, and in addition to that, he gets an extra pupil in each eye after neutralizing Ichibe’s Futen Taisatsuryo. He can also consume others just by physical contact.
  6. Dimensions Combining Ability: After consuming Soul King, his power increased far greater than Ichigo’s Final Getsuga Tensho. He got the ability to blend the dimensions of the human world, soul society, and hollows into one. This could lead to the destruction of all three worlds at the same time.

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