Best Kim Min Jung Dramas That You Need To Check Out!

Best Kim Min Jung Dramas
Best Kim Min Jung dramas cr: Otakukart

Picking out the best Kim Min Jung dramas is definitely a challenge! The talented actress not only elevates the entire viewing experience with her presence but also has an eye for picking up brilliant scripts. If you are ever in search of kdramas to watch, be it a thriller, mystery, or romance, Kim Min Jung’s dramas have it all. For those of you who do not know, Kim Min Jung is a thirty-nine-year-old actress currently managed by the Great Company. Just one look from her brown doe eyes and the audience is sold.

Furthermore, her acting career spans over two decades. Kim Min Jung stepped into the world of acting when she was just six years old with MBC’s Best Theater Episode Widow. And not long after, at the age of ten, Kim Min Jung received the Best Young Actress award at the KBS Drama Awards. The actress has been gracing us with amazing Korean dramas and movies. In this article, we have compiled a list of the Best Kim Min Jung dramas that prove what a powerhouse of talent she is.

Best Kim Min Jung Dramas You Need To Check Out:

5. Land Of Wine

One of Kim Min Jung’s earliest dramas includes the romantic melodrama Land Of Wine. Furthermore, Land Of Wine was directed by Lee Jin Suk (All About Eve, My Love Pattzi). The screenwriter behind the moving storyline of this drama is Lee Hyang Hee, who is also known for her work in Mr. Lawyer, Mr. Jo,┬áThe King’s Face, and Money’s Warfare. Additionally, Land Of Wine has a star-studded cast whose reunion we could only dream of in the present day. Land Of Wine cast consists of Kim Min Jung, Lee Dong Wook (Goblin The Lonely And Great God, Tale Of The Nine-Tailed), Choi Kang Hee (Queen Of Mystery, Glamorous Temptation), Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart, Father I Will Take Care Of You) and Lee Se Young (Red Sleeve Cuff). This Kim Min Jung kdrama aired on SBS in 2003.

Land Of Wine
Land Of Wine

Over the course of sixteen episodes, Land Of Wine follows Song Do Il. Additionally, Song Do Il is a small-town boy whose father used to sell traditional Korean wine in order to earn money. Song Do Il’s business partner is Sung Hee’s grandfather. As time goes by, Song Do Il wants to escape the town life and demands more money from his father. When he does not get what he wants, he runs away to the city, leaving Sung Hee with a promise that he will come back after making a fortune and they will live a happy life. However, things are not as easy as he thought. He starts working as a waiter for the troublesome Suh Joon, who later earns millions by selling traditional Korean wines. Kim Min Jung played the innocent Sung Hee in Land Of Wine.

4. Fashion 70’s

This is considered a hidden treasure by a majority of kdrama fans. Kim Min Jung was picking up roles where the female lead was smart and eccentric long before it became a trend. Fashion 70’s not just has an intriguing storyline but consists of brilliant cinematography as well. Additionally, this kdrama is directed by Lee Jeong Hyo (Crash Landing On You) and Lee Jae Gyoo (All Of Us Are Dead). The mastermind behind the layered storyline of Fashion 70’s is Jung Sun Hee (Into The Flames). The cast of the drama includes Kim Min Jung, Joo Min Mo (Bad Guys: City Of Evil), Chun Jung Myung (The Master Of Revenge), and Lee Yo Won (Green Mother’s Club).

Best Kim Min Jung Dramas
Fashion 70s

The plot of Fashion 70’s revolves mainly around four individuals, their careers, and their love lives during the fashionable era of the seventeenth century. Furthermore, Joon Hee becomes best friends with a little girl named Kang Hee. Later on, the two girls also befriend Dong Young and Jang Bin. But instead of having a happy and cheerful childhood, their lives do a full 180 turn when the North Korean army invades their town. Thinking that his daughter has passed away, Joon Hee’s father adopts Kang Hee and raises her as his own daughter.

On the other hand, Kang Hee’s mother finds Joon Hee at an orphanage and adopts her to raise Joon Hee as her own daughter. Because of the trauma, the two girls completely shut off their childhood memories and do not even realize that their identities have been exchanged. Doe Min dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and in her quest, she meets a criminal named Jang Bin, who falls in love with her.

3. The Third Hospital

Didn’t we tell you that no matter what genre you like, you will always be satisfied with Kim Min Jung dramas? The Third Hospital is a medical kdrama starring talented actors such as Oh Ji Ho (Should We Kiss First?), Choi Soo Young (So I Married an Anti-Fan), Kim Min Jung, and Kim Seung Woo (Late Night Restaurant). Furthermore, The Third Hospital is the joint work of many talented creative directors such as Myung Hyun Woo, Hwang Jung Kyun, Kim Young Joon, and Kim Sol Mae. The screenplay of this drama is written by Sung Jin Mi. This kdrama consists of twenty episodes and aired on tvN in the September of 2012.

The Third Hospital
The Third Hospital

If you love an intense medical drama, then this one is definitely going to be your cup of tea. Over the course of twenty episodes, The Third Hospital follows Seung Hyun and Doo Hyun. If you could not guess by the name, then they are brothers. Although Seung Hyun and Doo Hyun share the same family name, their views on medicine and techniques are polar opposites. But this does not take away from the fact that both the brothers are genius at what they do. On the one hand, Seung Hyun is an Oriental Medicine specialist, and on the other, Doo Hyun is a neurosurgeon. The drama also touches on the debate of western vs. eastern medical practices.

2. My Fellow Citizens!

This Kim Min Jung kdrama is cooked up with all the perfect ingredients. It has got crime, romance, politics, and mystery. The mastermind behind the amazing storyline of My Fellow Citizens is Han Jung Woon (The Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos). The perfection in the direction of this drama is brought by Kim Jung Hyun (After The Rain, Sassy Go Go). Apart from the talented crew, My Fellow Citizens! also boasts of a star-studded cast. Super Junior’s Choi Si Won (She Was Pretty), Lee Yoo Young (The Lies Within), and Kim Min Jung constitute the main cast of this drama. My Fellow Citizens! aired on KBS2 in April of 2019.

Best Kim Min Jung Dramas
My Fellow Citizens cr: KBS2

Over the course of thirty-six episodes, the drama has a gazillion comedic plot twists. The plot of My Fellow Citizens! revolves around Yang Jung Kook. He is a pro at conning and has earned a fortune through his illegal ways. But Yang Jung Kook has never gotten arrested. He gets a taste of his own medicine when his bride-to-be runs away with the money that they were saving in order to get married. Feeling like a lost puppy, Yang Jung Kook decides to drink his pain away.

At the bar, he meets Kim Mi Young, who is also having a hard time because of her dishonest boyfriend. The two pour out their hearts to each other and find solace. Yang Jung Kook and Kim Mi Young develop a romantic relationship, not knowing each other’s true identities. On the day of their marriage, Kim Mi Young reveals that she is actually a detective. This is not the only trouble that Yang Jung Kook lands up in because somewhere else, Park Hoo Ja is hatching a plan to get revenge on him for conning her father. You can watch this intriguing Kim Min Jung drama with subtitles in various languages on Rakuten Viki.

1. The Devil Judge

When we say that the 2021 kdrama ‘The Devil Judge’ is an absolute masterpiece, we are not kidding around. Furthermore, the kdrama is directed by Choi Jung Gyu (The Flower In Prison, Children Of Nobody). The brilliant screenplay of The Devil Judge is all thanks to Moon Yoo Seok (Miss Hammurabi). The icing on the cake is that Moo Yoo Seok has worked as a judge himself, so to watch a justice kdrama written by him is truly an amazing experience. The cast of The Devil Judge consists of the most talented actors in the kdrama industry. Ji Sung (Save The Last Dance For Me), Kim Min Jung, and GOT7’s Jinyoung (He Is Psychometric) lead the main cast of this drama.

Best Kim Min Jung Dramas
Kim Min Jung In The Devil Judge

The plot of The Devil Judge is set up in a dystopian version of what Korea is today. When the entire nation is in chaos and hatred toward the government is at its peak, Kang Yo Han came, a mysterious man who is the judge of the first-ever live courtroom. He lets his audience, i.e., the citizens vote on what brutal punishment the accused should receive. As if the plot was not interesting enough, Kim Min Jung’s role as Jung Sun Ah in this drama is one for the books. Till the very end, she will keep you guessing. You can watch this masterpiece on Rakuten Viki.

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