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Top 10 Falco Grice Facts From Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan: Top 10 Falco Grice Facts Cr: OtakuKart

Anime is for kids? Those who say that need to watch Attack on titan once. The anime attack on titan has imitated the real world in such a way that no one could imagine. How humans manipulate each other and the innocent get manipulated for someone else’s selfish intent. Attack on titan portrayed the mess of the real world very accurately. And such is a character from the Attack on titan, Falco who became the victim of such manipulations.

A good kid such as Falco ended up becoming a part of a cycle of hatred. The hatred was created by humans in the past for selfish reasons. Many will say Falco was not a victim. It is all about choices. But if we look through Falco’s point of view, he was just a kid who was taught hatred from the very beginning. Falco and his innocence both got brainwashed.

No one is born evil. And Falco sure was not evil. It was his bad luck that he was born in a place filled with meaningless hatred. Just like these, there are many things you might not know about Falco. So, here are the top 10 Falco Grice facts you need to know.

1. Falco Was One Of The Kindest Characters In This Unkind Story

Even before Falco came to know the truth, he was always a kind and caring person. He had a crush on Gabi and genuinely cared for her. Gabi was more suitable to inherit the Armor Titan than him. But to protect Gabi from the miserable fate of being a titan, he worked hard to be more compatible with becoming the Armor Titan. He wanted Gabi to live long.

When they were on the paradise island, Falco tried to understand the situations there. And he was the one who acknowledged the fact that what they were taught in Marley was not true. There were no devils on that island. Just humans trying to survive every day.

Falco Facts

Falco’s Resolve

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2. Falco Got Deceived By Eren

Falco’s innocence and kindness is also his weakness. His kind nature was the reason why he got deceived by Eren. He without any suspicion trusts a stranger. Eren knew Falco’s kind nature, and that is why he chose to take advantage of Falco. When Eren was in Marley, he created a fake story to win Falco’s trust and used him to send letters to Captain Levi and the team. And Falco thought it was just a letter to his family.

Falco was so innocent that he didn’t even doubt the armband of Eren on the wrong hand. He fixed it for Eren himself. It was not a mistake from Eren’s side though. It was his way of trying to know what kind of person Falco was. Falco’s blind trust cost him his friends Udo’s and Zofia’s lives.

Falco Facts

Deception From Eren

3. Falco Wanted To Succeed Reiner Braun

Falco had only one goal in his life. To protect Gabi by becoming the Armor Titan. They both were the candidates for the next Armor Titan. Even when Falco knew his limitations and physical incapability, he still worked hard to succeed Reiner Braun by becoming the Armor Titan. But, life has different plans for him. One can never expect what might happen in this story unexpectedly.

Falco Facts

Falco And Reiner

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4. Falco Inherited The Jaw Titan

This was an unexpected turn of events for all the fans. This arc had so many ups and downs that fans might not understand what to feel. When Falco ingested the wine which had Zeke’s fluid, everyone thought this was it for him. But, while got turned into a pure titan, he consumed Porco Galliard and inherited the Jaw Titan. It was something he never wished for. But he had no choice. While he was in pure titan form, he had no conscience. Like any other pure titan, he was following his titan’s urge to feed on humans.

Falco Facts

Falco’s New Jaw Titan

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5. Characteristics Of Beast Titan

Zeke’s spinal fluid was mixed with the wine. And after Falco ingested the wine that contained Zeke’s spinal fluid his chances of survival went down. His brother Colt begged Zeke, whom the Grice brother idolized a lot to wait till he took Falco far away enough from the place so that Zeke’s scream won’t affect Falco.

But, Zeke couldn’t take the risk of waiting that long. This resulted in him turning into a pure titan. But after he inherited the jaw titan he was looking like a bird. Unlike any other titans, he got the qualities of Zeke’s beast titan. Zeke used to play throw ball when he was a kid. And after turning into the beast titan he used rocks to throw at enemy troops. Similarly, Falco resembles a falcon, so he in his jaw titan form got the looks of the bird.

Falco Facts

The Beast Titan

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6. Unintentional Killing Spree

Due to him ingesting Zeke’s spinal fluid, he also became the victim of turning into a pure titan. And during and after the transformation, he ended up killing a lot. During his transformation, he even ended up killing his brother, Colt Grice. And to save Falco, Proco Galliard, the former jaw titan was sacrificed too. When he was in his pure titan form he even killed a few yeagerists. Even after he inherited the jaw titan, he couldn’t control his jaw titan form which ended up in him damaging his allies.

Falco Facts

Falco Right Before Turning Into A Pure Titan

7. Name Resembles With The Bird Falcon

When Falco was introduced, he was laying on the ground facing the sky, talking to a falcon flying in the sky. This was the first way of showing how he was related to the bird falcon. Next, when he inherited the jaw titan, his titan looked like a falcon. His jaw titan developed feathers, wings, and a beak. That showed his resemblance to a falcon.

8. Falco Accepted The Truth

The most common nature among humans is that they tend to never accept their mistakes. Humans try to deny it even after they realize their mistakes. But unlike other humans, Falco is one of the few characters who accepted the truth without denying it. When Gabi and he were on paradise island, Gabi couldn’t accept the fact that the people of paradise island suffered too. But, Falco tried to make her understand that the family that sheltered them, even after knowing that they were from Marley, let them stay.

When he came to understand from the conversation between Eren and Reiner he realized what Eren said was true. Eren said that the people of paradise island and the Eldians in Marley are not so different. And Falco came to understand that once he came to paradise island. He then realized that they were all taught hatred against these people. None of them deserved to be treated the way they were treated all along. He realized and accepted that the people of paradise island are not the devils marleyans have been teaching them all that time.

Attack on Titan

Falco Grice

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9. Falco almost Died Against The Middle East Allied Forces

Paradise island was not the only threat for the marleyans. The marleyans were at war with the mid-east allied forces too. Like how the real world works, the marleyans wanted to be in control. But, we all know it is the innocent who suffers the most in the wars, Falco was a part of such a war too. The war against the mid-east allied forces took place on Fort Slava. And Falco almost died in this war.

Details are uncertain, but he was laying down on the ground facing up in the sky like he accepted his fate now. But, his brother Colt Grice rescues him. When he was on the ground, he felt like he was dying for nothing. He had not contributed enough to that war. But little did he know that he was fighting for nothing.


Falco Against Mid-East Allied Force

10. Falco Is Based On The Character Jesse Pinkman From The Breaking Bad

The creator of the Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama said that Falco Grice is based on the character Jesse Pinkman from The Breaking Bad. Just like Jesse Pinkman, Falco is an innocent yet immature character. These two characters have so much in common. Such as, they both were taken advantage of because of their innocence. They both had a rough childhood.


Falco Grice Based Upon Jesse Pinkman

Both tried their best to prove their worth to everyone. They both lost a lot throughout their lives. Jesse lost his father figure, Mr. White, in the end. And Falco lost his brother, Colt Grice. These are a few of many things that are common in them. They might be part of different stories, but they share common characteristics.

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