Top 10 Best ‘Run BTS’ Episodes to Watch Anytime!

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The amount of love and fame the South Korean boy group BTS has been receiving is just astonishing. People from all over the world know them as extremely talented and hard-working K-pop icons. However, their journey is more like an inspiration to the BTS Army’s who have witnessed both the high as well as the low points of their lives. Ever since their debut, they have been working on making good music and have been a part of multiple variety shows in order to entertain their fans. People might respect them as musicians, but real Armies love them for who they are as human beings.

If you are a new BTS Army and can’t get enough of the boys, we suggest you check them out on the ‘Bon Voyage’ series, behind-the-scenes concerts, and photoshoots, the Bangtan Bomb, ‘In the Soop’ series, and the most popular, the ‘Run BTS’ variety show. When you are having a bad day, all you need to do is watch one of the Run BTS episodes and see the magic. It works as the perfect remedy. So here are the top ten most loved and funniest Run BTS episodes that every Army can rewatch to make themselves fall for these chaotic boys again and again!

1. Episode 24: BTS vs. Zombies

The most hilarious and loved Run BTS episode is the one in which the members have to face a zombie apocalypse. Although the episode was released quite a long time ago, it never fails to be entertaining! The boys are grouped into three different teams: RM, V, and Jungkook in team A, Jin, and Suga in team B, while J-Hope and Jimin are placed in team C. The format says that each team needs to solve puzzles and gradually get out of the haunted house. Nothing can be funnier than watching team C members screaming and shouting while facing the zombies while team A members, Jungkook and V, are all cool with the whole zombie thing. It seems like it’s hard to scare the maknae line!

BTS vs. Zombies
BTS vs. Zombies

Before the variety show went on a hiatus, BTS members looked back at the older Run BTS episodes that stood out among the fans the most. While talking about which episodes have been watched the most or loved the most by the Armies, this is the one that took the topmost spot for the episode the fans would want to be recreated. On this, the maknae Jungkook commented that the fans might have wanted to protect them while watching BTS vs. Zombies, which can be why it is loved so much by them. Poor JK, someone just tells him that we just like to laugh our souls out at their terrified expressions whenever they come across the zombies!

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2. Run BTS Episode 33-34: BTS and Manito

BTS and Manito is that one episode which will leave you laughing out loud till your cheekbones and stomach start aching! It is nothing but a collection of BTS members’ incredible meme faces and clips. The episode’s format states that everyone will be given a random Manito and the mission associated with it. The boys need to complete the mission while playing various games without letting the others know about the mission. After the game ends, they are asked to identify who had picked them! However, the best part of the episode is the in-between games that they played.

BTS and Manito
BTS and Manito

Whether it is Jungkook hitting Jin after catching him cheating while playing the ‘Spot the Difference’ game, or Jimin taking V’s punishment during the ‘7×7 Bingo’ or Suga failing hideously at the ‘Photo Zone Game,’ the episodes are hilarious right from the first second till the last! The reactions of group members are even funnier. There is no way someone can control his laughter watching them crack up at almost everything, especially J-Hope, who looks like someone who can laugh even at someone’s funeral. In the ending, V was ready to trade Suga’s gift online with his fans for a thousand won, including delivery charges. Poor Yoongi!

3. Run BTS Episode 39 and 41: BTS Golden Bell

The Golden Bell episode is never not going to be hilarious! We acknowledge without any ambiguity that Suga is an extraordinary MC, but Jin shows who is the real gamemaster with this episode when it comes to putting spontaneity and vibrance into the role. Although the entire episode is filled with funny and chaotic moments, most of them are because of the energy and skills of our Worldwide Handsome Jin! The format is simple— the members play different games using a Golden Bell, and we never knew our Bangtan Boys were so competitive before we saw them answering questions sitting on those stairs with so much enthusiasm!

BTS Golden Bell
BTS Golden Bell

Thanks to the MC, even the little language barrier prevalent in the game with Korean wordplay and puns can’t stop the international fans from bursting into laughter. Not to mention, this is the ultimate source of Jimin’s iconic ‘Lajibolala’ line! Whether it is Namjoon jokingly criticizing Jimin’s mispronunciation or Jimin imitating Namjoon’s imitation of himself, almost every moment of the episode is fun to watch.

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4. Run BTS Episode 63-65: BTS School

Bangtan Boys acting as carefree students in a classroom— what can ever be more chaotic than this? The teacher, aka the MC of the episodes, Suga, holds an election for choosing the class representative for which everyone takes turns to give a speech. Guess who wins? Everyone gets impressed by Jungkook, who says he doesn’t have any interest in being the class president. Just Run BTS things! Later, they play songs using handbells in the music class, and the way they struggle to read the notes and play classics with them is funny to the power infinity! But that’s not even the best part.

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BTS School
BTS School

The last segment of the episode asked the members to assign the others with a forbidden word, and every time he will utter the given word, he will get a water splash as punishment. It is somewhat foul of the members to assign Hobi ‘hahaha’ as his forbidden word considering that our sunshine laughs at almost everything, but at least we got to laugh at his surprising and confusing expressions.

5. Run BTS Episode 83-85: Summer Outing

While every Run BTS episode is funny in its own possible way, the trio of summer outing episodes is unbelievably chaotic! The episodes are filmed at a water park where the boys are given to play water polo and answer mathematics questions while water tubing. The recreational games that they play in and around the water, including obstacle racing, water sliding, and blob jumping, turn out to be a fun show as we witness the greatest k-pop idols slip, slide, roll and fall flat on their backs while competing with each other.

Run BTS: Summer Outing
Summer Outing

Are we really gonna forget Mr. Kim Taehyung’s ‘BT… Forever’ with that incredible fly from the giant slide and falling into the water with his starfish pose! They even play a bonus game titled ‘Defeat Jungkook’ in which all the group members team up against our kookie but still don’t manage to win! Finally, the boys go on a boat ride, have a relaxing dinner time by the shore, and exchange Manito gifts.

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6. Run BTS Episode 102-103: King of Avatar Cook

So, in the King of Avatar Cook episode, BTS members head towards the kitchen to cook up a storm, and that’s pretty much it. The group is divided into two teams with the two kitchen-savvy members, Jin and Suga, as the team leaders and J-Hope as the MC as well as judge of the competition. However, the twist in the tale is that the leaders aren’t allowed to cook themselves. They can only instruct their teammates from a separate room via a walkie-talkie to cook the dishes chosen by the other team.

Run BTS: King of Avatar Cook
King of Avatar Cook

If you know them, you know what can happen in such a situation— absolute chaos! The most hilarious moment was when BTS resident chef Jin almost turned into a rapper while instructing V what to do when he clearly didn’t have any idea how to use an apron!

Bonus Tip: Always remember, “Sugar and salt look the same so they must taste the same.”

7. Run BTS Episode 116-117: Teambuilding Special

As the title suggests, the episodes don’t divide the group members into teams. Instead, they had to work together as a team and successfully complete five out of sixteen challenges in order to call it a day. In between every game, a break of thirty minutes is allotted during which they can eat or spend time playing various arcade games provided in the room. You can see them fighting hard together, playing games like ‘Read My Mind,’ ‘Team Jumping Rope,’ ‘King Tennis,’ ‘Tablecloth,’ ‘Pass the Water Bottles’ and ‘What is This?’ to finish the challenges as early as possible.

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RUN BTS: Teambuilding Special
Teambuilding Special

Watching them play the ‘Tablecloth’ game was probably more thrilling and stressful than any marvel movie. Not to mention how, instead of giving up and going for another game, they kept altering the rules of it till Jimin finally saved them! Even the in-between breaks, which are so random, will seem entertaining. No doubt, this is one of the most fun-to-watch Run BTS episodes.

Bonus point: If you ever get trouble breaking the high score of arcade basketball, make sure to take tips and tricks for Jungkook. You can thank us later for that!

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8. Run BTS Episode 128: Hello 2021

Probably the most underrated Run BTS episode, ‘Hello 2021’ is definitely something we all needed while going through the tough quarantine stage of our lives. For safety purposes, they decided to play games that can be played indoors and are full of fun as well. The members are individually given points or penalized according to how well or poorly they perform. The first one is the ‘Liar Game’ where everyone except the ‘liar’ receives a word and takes turns to describe it in their own ways. The liar pretends as if he knows what the given word is, and while he tries to guess the word, the other members try to figure out who the liar has been all this time after some questioning.

Hello 2021
A Still from Run BTS: Hello 2021

The second game asks the members to guess the song that each BTS member is given to play on harmonica. They play a modified cushion version of the popular children’s game, ‘Red Light, Green Light’ as their final game, which turns out to be the most hilarious one when Jin gets all flustered after getting a peak from V. Their bromance is indeed everything we ever need!

9. Run BTS Episode 122-123: Reverse Avatar Cook

The episodes’ title says it all. This is the reverse version of the ‘King of Avatar Cook’ in which the team leaders from the last time are asked to showcase their talents on the kitchen’s floor. The other members of the band are supposed to instruct their team leaders according to the recipe video tutorial using walkie-talkies.

Run BTS: Reverse Avatar Cook
Run BTS: Reverse Avatar Cook

The episode pairs up Hobi and Taehyung together which result in an unending event of mishaps. Thankfully their dishes come out to be pretty delicious! While they are supposed to prepare kimchi sujebi, hand-torn noodles with soup, what comes out from the magic of their hands is a disastrous dough resembling a giant, sticky, blob. Jin renames it as an octopus!

10. Run BTS Episode 131-132: 77 Minute Debate

Whether this episode is ridiculous, hilarious, or a mixture of both, it’s hard to tell. The boys are asked to do a 77-minute debate on various topics, eleven minutes for every topic. At the very beginning of the episode, they write ‘Run BTS’ on their palms, and while the members are going to be tortured with water jets splashing on their faces or a splash of water on their heads every time they utter the ‘forbidden word’ or do the ‘forbidden action,’ the member having the clearest writing wins the battle.

77 Minute Debate
Run BTS: 77 Minute Debate

However, by the end of round four, the debate arguments got more and more non-sensical! It soon becomes complete disarray when everyone starts pressing the trigger intentionally for fun or because they simply distinguish the forbidden actions.

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