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Female Kpop Idols Birthdays In December That You Should Know

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

You will be shocked to see the large number of insanely talented female Kpop idols born in December. Birthdays in kpop are no joke, kpop fans take the celebrations to the next level, when it comes to their idols. From gifting their favorite kpop idols luxury cars to even naming a star after them, kpop fans do not joke around when it comes to their idol’s birthdays. Thankfully, their celebrations also include donations. They gather huge sums of money for a worthy cause or donations. Other than going all out on their idol’s birthdays, kpop fans even donate a huge amount of money for the needy in honor of an idol’s birthday. Surely, every kpop idol’s birthday must be no less than getting a free ticket to Korea.

Even if you forget an idol’s birthday, don’t worry kpop fans have got your back! Fans start making preparations for their idol’s birthdays in advance. They arrange advertisements in cafes, subways, buses, newspapers, etc., so everyone can remember. Their advertisements are also set up in huge places like Eiffel Tower, New York Times Square, and grand Billboards. Now it’s time to make your calendars for the exciting birthdays of female Kpop idols in December.

15. Youngeun (Kep1er)

Birthdate: December 27, 2004

Birth Place: Uijeongbusi, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: Biscuit Entertainment

This list starts off with the all-rounder Youngeun. Born on December 27, 2004, she is one of the newest female idols on the field. Youngeun had amazed the audience of Girls Planet 999 with her charismatic performances and fiery raps. She was even praised for her amazing vocals. Listening to her sing will make you forget all of your worries. She was also famously known as the ‘Kick It’ girl during her time in Girls pLanet 999. There is no wonder why, though? Her Kick It performance gave everyone goosebumps.

Female kpop idols born in december

Coming fifth in the survival show, she is now a member of Kep1er. Other than being famously called the ‘Kick It’ girl, she’s also famously known as the aegyo queen. No one is immune to her adorable aegyo. What is more impressive is that she even knows how to do taekwondo, play baseball, and she can even dance ballet. If you still haven’t started stanning her and the girl group Kep1er, quickly go and check them out!

14. Chaein (Purple Kiss)

Birthdate: December 5, 2002

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: RBW Entertainment

Next up is the lead vocalist and lead dancer of the popular girl group Purple Kiss. Born on December 5, 2002, she was set to be one of the most talented female idols out there. The female kpop idol is set to turn 19 years old, this December. She had first started her journey as a kpop trainee in 2019. Although yang Hyuk Dyuk (the previous C.E.O. of Y.G. Entertainment) had plans to join his girl group, she left the entertainment agency around the year 2019. But then again, she was introduced as a member of Purple Kiss, labelmates of the groundbreaking girl group Mamamoo.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

Chaein cr: RBW Entertainment

Not only is she a talented dancer and singer, but she also has a hang for composing and writing songs. From Purple Kiss’s Discography, she has written Can We Talk Again, composed Skip Skip, and has even written and composed Period. It is incredibly amazing how she was able to do so much at such a young age. More of a reason to stan her, isn’t it!

13 . Mashiro (Kep1er)

Birthdate: December 16, 1999

Birthplace: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

Entertainment Agency: WAKEONE Entertainment

Mashiro is another Kep1er member on this list. She was born on December 16, 1999, and is one of the Japanese members of Kep1er. This skilled female idol will be turning 22 this December. Some may have also seen her alongside the popular girl group members of ITZY, Well, that is because she was part of the girl group’s lineup but unfortunately didn’t make it. However, she did make it to Kep1er’s lineup this time by ranking in the 8th position.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

Mashiro cr: WAKEONE Entertainment

Also, despite being Japanese, Mashiro is perfectly fluent in Korean. Furthermore, she was famous for one of her qualities in Girls Planet 999. It was amazing how each and every team she led had won. For example, when she lead the team performing Mafia In The Morning and How You Like That both, her team won! Plus, she is also known as Marshmallow Mashiro because of her audition video for Girls plant 999. Mashiro will guarantee perfectness wherever she goes!

12. AleXa

Birthdate: December 9, 1994

Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Entertainment Agency: Z.B. Entertainment

AleXa is one of the most female kpop idols born in December. The talented soloist is one of the many talented kpop idols born on December 9. Plus, she will be turning 26 this year. AleXa had started to gain popularity ever since she participated in Produce 48. Although she didn’t make it to the teams, he has been doing really well as a soloist. She is also friends with a lot of k-celebs like Day6’s Jae and Secret Number’s Jinny and Denise. Her love for Billie Ellish’s voice and aesthetic has also been reflected in her music too. Plus, this girl has been dancing ever since she was a little girl. Naturally, she had participated in a lot of dance competitions in high school.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

Alexa cr: ZB

AleXa is a very fun and down-to-earth person. Anyone who is around her is bound to have a good laugh. Her fans still can’t get over her reaction when 6900 people attended her concert, she was pleasantly surprised. Her surprised face just spoke that she didn’t expect this many people to attend her concert. Well, she deserves the love she is getting!

11. Jessi

Birthdate: December 17, 1998

Birthplace: New York, United States

Entertainment Agency: P Nation

Jessi is one of the sassiest female kpop idols, born in December. Born on December 17, 1998, she set the world on fire. She is one of the kpop idols that breaks stereotypes made on female idols. Honestly, she is one of the most badass kpop idols ever. Jessi is a headstrong girl whose past has made her resent self invincible. Being a girl and being one of the blacks, she was bullied a lot.

But thankfully, her brothers were always there for her, and soon enough, she earned to stand up for herself. She was also friends with Jessica and Girls Generation’s Tiffany. Even though she could’ve been a member of Girls Generation, she left the company as ist music wasn’t her style and went on as a solo artist.

Female kpop idols born in December

Jessi cr: P Nation

She shot to fame when she participated in the survival program ‘Unpretty Rapster’. People have loved how she never faked her personality and was very real and authentic throughout the show. Ever since she debuted, Jessi has helped with breaking Korea’s unfair beauty standards. She is truly someone that should always receive admiration.

10. Mina ( formerly Gugudan)

Birthdate: December 4, 1999

Birthplace: Incheon-si, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: Jellyfish Entertainment

One of the most adored kpop female idols on this list is Mina. Mina is best known for being a part of I.O.I.  Born on December 4, 1999, she was set to set our hearts on fire. After I.O.I. disbanded, she went on debut as the maknae of Gugudan. The whole fandom, along with the girl group members, had always taken care of her. If you hurt her, they will attach you! Plus, she is a multitalented queen. She is awesome in singing, dancing, rapping, and performing, any task you’ll give her, she will ace it. Also, she is known for her impeccable acting skills. She is most famously known for her portrayal of Kim Yo Na in Hotel Del Luna.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

Mina cr: Jellyfish

Mina is also famous as real-life Merida, because of her archery skills. Moreover, she is a hamburger enthusiast. If you give her 100 hamburgers, she will eat each and every one of them. Basically, she is a cutie pie whose charms never miss anyone.

9. J (STAYC)

Birthdate: December 17, 2004

Birthplace: Dong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: High Up Entertainment

J also known as Jang Ye-Eun, is part of one of the most popular 4th-generation kpop girl groups right now. Turning 17 this December, J has been capturing everyone’s hearts with her deep voice. Unsurprisingly, J is a big fan of Jessi. She had even said that Jessi is her role model. Other than Jessi, J really likes Dua Lipa with all her heart. Even though she isn’t all grown up, Jang Ye-Eun is mature for her age and has a good understanding of the world. She is also one of the youngest female Kpop idols born in December.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

J stayc cr: High Up Entertainment

J is also the baby of the group. Like siblings, her team members like to tease her a lot. Surprisingly, J even had a high-pitched voice while singing but her trainer helped her out to sing in a new low deep voice i.e., in a low tone. This is how her love for Dua Lipa started as the western singer’s singing method is similar. Her motto is “The sweat I shed will soon have a result”. J is sure to inspire the generations to come and may even become one of the most well-known female kpop idols.

8. Kim Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Birthdate: December 4, 1999

Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: Fantagio Entertainment

Kim Doyeon is a stunning idol under Fantagio and Starship Entertainment. After winning everyone’s hearts in the show Produce 101, Kim Doyeon went on to become a member of I.O.I. Along with that, Kim Doyeon is also a member of Weki Meki. When she is not slaying with her vocals and awesome dance moves, Kim Doyeon is busy gracing us with her amazing acting skills. This talented powerhouse will be turning 22 this year. Apart from that,  tall fans have always joked about how she is the taller half of Yoojung. These friends’ personalities are so similar that it will creep you out a bit.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

Kim Doyeon cr: Fantagio Entertainment

Basically, what we want to say is that Kim Doyeon is iconic. From visuals to vocals, she has everything. Plus anywhere she goes, her visuals and unbelievably perfect body proportions, always stand out.

7. Yerin (Everglow)

Birthdate: December 29, 2000

Birthplace: Hangzhou, China

Entertainment Agency: Yuehua Entertainment

Next up is the gifted maknae, center, visual, and lead dancer of the girl group Everglow, Yiren. Yiren was born on December 29 in the year 2000, which makes her 21 years old right now. She had participated in the survival show Produce 48 and ranked in the 28th position. It is such an incredible feat to reach such a young age. Plus, Yerin is a full pack, she can rap, sing, and can even dance.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

Yerin cr: Yuehua Entertainment

Adding to the list of talents, Yerin is known for her flexibility. She can pull of the most complex dance moves without even breaking a sweat. She is known for her gorgeous visuals. When she was in Produce 48, she was voted as the #1 Visual Center. Hope she has a fun and lovely birthday!

6. Sowon (formerly Gfriend)

Birthdate: December 7, 1995

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: I.O.K. Company

Sowon was the leader, main rapper, vocalist, and visual of the now-disbanded girl group, Gfriend. She was born on December 7, 1995. Her vocals are as sweet as honey. Also, she has one of the tallets pair of legs in the whole of kpop industry, Her legs are endless! Sowon is a big social butterfly, being friends with Pristin’s Nayoung and more.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

Sowon cr: I.O.K. Company

Also, after Gfriend’s disbandment, she signed under I.O.K. company and has started to pursue her acting career. Don’t forget to show her endless love by supporting her upcoming kdrama!

5. Vivi (LOONA)

Birthdate: December 9, 1996

Birthplace: Hong Kong, China

Entertainment Agency: CJ E&M 

Vivi is one of the all-rounder members of LOONA. The LOONA member is one of the talented kpop female kpop idols born on December 9. As Vivi was Chinese, she didn’t know Korean and thus it became a huge obstacle while training in Korea. Nevertheless, then and now, she practices Korean along with Haseul. She even felt very lonely and sad because she couldn’t communicate with anyone. however, the LOONA members helped her out very much.

Female Kpop Idols Born In December

ViVi cr: CJ E&M

She debuted in the year 2016 with the song Everyday I Love You and is part of LOONA 1/3. Vivis’s desire to become a kpop idol started when she listened to songs of Big Bang and 2ne1. Now, she has become an inspiration to all those who want to become a kpop idol.

4. Yuri (Girls’ Generation)

Birthdate: December 5, 1989

Birthplace: Goyang-si, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: Sm Entertainment

Next up is Girl’s Generation’s lead rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist Yuri. Yuri was born on December 5, 1989 which means that she will turn 32 this December. She is known for her powerful dance moves and for her beautiful tanned skin. Fans have loved how she has been breaking the Korean beauty standard of having fair skin for a long time. Plus, she has such a fun personality that anyone around here would be rolling on the floor. Plus, Yuri has a blast playing pranks on he remembers. Furthermore, Yuri is also the eldest among all the female Kpop Idols born in December.

Yuri Girl's Generation

Yuri cr: SM Entertainment

She goes by the name Black Pearl and Cola due to her amazing and unique personality. If you are thinking of a gift to give her on her birthday, you could give her mickey mouse times because she loves collecting them.

3. Yuna (ITZY)

Birthdate: December 9, 2003

Birthplace: Wonju-si, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: J.Y.P. Entertainment

Itzy’s adorable maknae’s birthday is just a few days away. She is one of the famous kpop idols born on December 9. Actually, you’ll be surprised how many kpop idols were born on that date. Some ARMYs may even recognize her from B.T.S.’s Highlight Reels with Jungkook. Fans love are enjoyable personality, they even call her a living meme. She is a whole cutie and has grown up in front of Midzy’s eyes. Midzys can’t believe that this girl would be turning 18 this year.


Yuna cr: JYP Entertainment

We hope Yuna’s wish comes true this year. Apparently, she didn’t like her members babying her so she wanted to become an adult quickly. Also, even is such a young age, she has shown proven her impeccable dancing, singing, and rapping skills. Despite being the youngest member, she is the tallest member in ITZY with her height being 170 cm. Don’t know what these GenZ idols are eating nowadays!

2. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Birthdate: December 22, 1992

Birthplace: Bucheon-si, South Korea

Entertainment Agency: RBW Entertainment

Next up is the 92 liner Moonbyul. Born on December 22, she is the second eldest in her group. She is one of the best female rappers out there. But despite being the main rapper, she was never trained for it, rather she had been a vocalist just like the other members. Other than that, she is also in charge of dancing. Over the years, Moonybul has been breaking a lot of gender norms such as choreographing dance moves that are supposed to be for males and also wearing suits during performances.

mamamoo moonbyul

Moonbyul cr: RBW

Moonbyul has written countless songs and as of now, she has been credited to 70 songs. This feat makes her one of the most credited writers of her generation. She is also friends with B.T.S.’s Jin, EXID’s Hani, VIXX’s Ken, B1A4’s Sandeul, and Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Plus her solo song Eclipse has been the all-time favorite of many people. All of this just goes to show that Moonybul is one of the most legendary kpop idols in the world.

1. Sana (TWICE)

Birthdate: December 29, 1996

Birthplace: Tennoji Ward, Osaka, Japan

Entertainment Agency: J.Y.P. Entertainment

On top of the list is the ‘shy, shy, shy’ kpop idol Sana. Sana was born on December 29, 1996, which means that she will turn 25 years this December. The TWICE member is very great at singing. She is so great at singing that’ll you’ll doubt that she is not an angel. Plus, just like the other TWICE members, her visuals are ethereal. She was also voted one of the best-looking female idols on ISAC.

Twice Sana

Sana cr: J.Y.P. Entertainment

Saa was featured in many music videos such as GOT7’s ‘A’ and Junho’s ‘Feel’ and ‘Candy’. Not only is she smart and talented but she has an undying love for calligraphy. She had learned it during her time in primary school. She is just the right person to hang out with if you want the best time of your life.  Furthermore, Sana loves collecting perfumes and body mists, so you could gift her one this birthday!

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