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Top 10 Anime Similar To Soul Eater That You Should Not Miss

similar to soul eater
Top 10 Anime Similar To Soul Eater Cr: OtakuKart

Why do you love Soul Eater? Is it because of some super hyped action-packed scenes? Or is it because of an adventure full of hysterical comedy? Is it the power of friendship? Or maybe is it the extraordinary supernatural world? If all these reasons are why you love Soul Eater, then we are pretty sure that you all are craving some more like this one.

This shounen anime, Soul Eater is about an academy called the Death Weapon Meister Academy which is headed by the Shinigami, Lord Death himself. And the main objective of this academy is to raise students who will stop monstrous Kishin from rising. There are two types of students. One who wields weapons is the Meister. And the other ones are those who can transform into these weapons and pair up with the meisters. The objective of these students is to collect 99 evil human souls by defeating them and one witch to upgrade their demon weapon to a Death Scythe.

If you loved Soul Eater, then you would definitely want to watch more anime similar to it. And if you are looking for anime like this one, then your search is over. Because here is the top 10 anime similar to Soul Eater.

1. Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

When the main character is the son of satan but chooses to be an exorcist to fight against his own father, this sounds like a hassle. Rin Okumura, an ordinary boy who lives in Southern Cross Boys’ Monastery one day encounters a demon-possessed boy. During the struggle, he awakens his hidden powers. Not only that but he also learns that he is the son of Satan.

After a while, he could not stay in the monastery any longer because he looked like a demon. So he decides to join the True Cross Academy to fight against the very creations of his father. While keeping his secret hidden, he makes new friends along with whom he’ll seek the truth. But, will he be able to handle the truth?

Both these anime are similar as both took place in schools dedicated to taking down the supernatural. And both the main characters had to live with the consequences of being demonic.

soul eater

Blue Exorcist

2. Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old boy who happened to get dragged into the Shinigami business just because one day he saw a Shinigami, Rukia who he was not supposed to see. After that, he himself became a Shinigami which was against the Shinigami world. But, now that he is a human who became a soul reaper, he has no other option but to save the human world as well as the soul society. And the common menace of both the worlds are the vengeful spirits called hollows.

How is bleach similar to soul eater? Well both the anime deal with the Shinigamis and their role in hunting supernatural creatures. In soul eater, evil human souls are hunted, whereas, in bleach, hollows are the supernatural creatures.

similar to soul eater


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3. Naruto

There is rarely any otaku who has not watched this legendary anime. Naruto is the story of a young boy who was hated by the entire village because everyone thought he was the nine-tailed spirit fox. But, even after all this hatred, Naruto chose to fight for everyone’s acknowledgment by dreaming of becoming the Hokage. This anime taught a lot of life lessons along the way. Such as how important friendship is, and how much dreams matter. Naruto, the hated person in the village ends up becoming the hero of the entire nation.

Soul Eater and Naruto are quite similar as both these anime are of the shounen category. And according to the shounen stereotypes, both these anime have 3 characters. The main character is loud and wants to become the best. A silent but cool kid. And a girl who has the potential but always underestimates herself. And we have the power of friendship. We are sure you can see the pattern here. How both these anime are similar.

similar anime


4. Noragami Aragoto

Have you ever heard of a God without any followers? A God who is not famous among humans? Well, this is the story of Yato, the so-called God of Calamity. He is so far down on the pole of the Shinto totem that he has neither any followers nor any shrine of his own. He is one lazy God. His laziness even cost him his best holy weapon. He is a God who lives as a human doing odd jobs for his survival and daily needs. But when he was saved by an unfortunate soul, Hiyori, he was forced to take the job of turning her back to human and fix her out-of-body experiences. Now the question is, will a God like him with so few abilities be able to fulfill such a job?

Both these anime are similar as both anime are about Gods. Well, Soul Eater is about the Shinigami. Characters of both these anime can turn into a weapon and be used by their partners.

Similar anime

Noragami Aragoto

5. Hagane No Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The basic law of Fullmetal Alchemist is Equivalent Exchange. There is a taboo with which alchemy is bound, i.e human transmutation. This is the story of two young brothers Edward and Alphonse. These brothers broke this taboo of alchemy when they tried to bring their mother back from the dead. While they were trying to resurrect their mother, Alphonse’s body disintegrated and Edward lost his leg. But to save his brother, Edward sacrificed one of his arms to reside his brother’s soul in a suit of armor.

These two anime are similar as both these anime has the ideology of using human weapons.

similar anime

Fullmetal Alchemist

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6. Kiru Ra Kiru (Kill-La-Kill)

In this story the father of the main character, Ryuuko Matoi gets murdered.  And to seek his murderer, she moves forward with the only lead his father left her with. The missing half of his invention was the scissor blade, Senketsu. In addition to that, the scissor blade can talk, like any other human being. While following the only lead, she reaches the  Honnouji Academy, where she meets her rival, the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuuin. Ryuuko thought that Satsuki is somehow related to her father’s murder but later she finds out that Satsuki was her long-lost sister.

Both these anime have a female main character, an academy, and talking weapons. How much more similar can these anime get? Ryuuko and Senketsu are like Maka and Soul. Goku Star Uniforms have similar kinds of power-ups to the Soul Resonance.

similar to Soul eater


7. D.Gray-Man

Can anything be brought back to life through despair and sadness? Akuma, a soul that was resurrected through sadness and despair with the Millenium Earl’s powers. Akuma lives to terrorize the earth. And to erase the souls of the Akuma, a group of exorcists, The Black Order exists by collecting a substance called innocence. The main character, Allen Walker has the ability to differentiate between a human and an Akuma because of his cursed eye. To defeat Earl and save the world, Allen needs to find all 109 pieces of innocence.

The Black Order and Death Weapon Meister Academy are quite similar. Both have an objective to save the world. Souls are collected in Soul Eater, whereas Innocence is collected in D.Gray-Man.

similar to soul eater


8. Blood Lad

In this story, Staz Charlie Blood, who looks like an otaku turns out to be a noble vampire who controls one of the territories in the demon world. Whereas, Fuyumi Yanagi enters a portal she was not supposed to that opened in her room. That portal led to the demon world. When Staz meets Fuyumi, he takes a liking to her immediately. But, life has a habit of not going in a happy way. Soon, Fuyumi gets killed by a monster that turned her into a ghost. Now, Staz makes it his duty to search for how to revive Fuyumi back.

Similarities between these two anime are that both these anime are rich with supernatural concepts. Both have a gothic feel and have shounen-style fighting scenes. Soul and Staz have similar kinds of personalities. Another similarity between these anime is that both get deviated when it comes to the plot.

similar to soul eater

Blood Lad

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9. Shaman King

Have you ever imagined talking to a ghost? Here is an anime where  Asakura Yoh, a Shaman has the ability to communicate with ghosts. Asakura dreams of becoming the Shaman King and for that, he goes to Tokyo. In Tokyo, he trains for an event called the Shaman Fight which happens once every 500 years. Asakura has only one chance. It is all or nothing for him.

The similarity in both these anime is that both anime have merged souls to form weapons and such. Just like Maka, Asakura wants to be the best.

similar anime

Shaman King

10. Absolute Duo

In this story, Tooru Kokonoe enrolls in Koryo Academy after he loses his sister and friends in a traumatic accident. In this academy, every student has a weapon of their soul manifestation, called the Blazers. Every student is paired with another student with an objective to attain the power of Absolute Duo. Tooru enraged to get his revenge soon finds out that his soul is not a weapon but a shield.

We’ll find similarities in these anime in the concept of partners fighting together. In soul eaters, humans who can turn into weapons are also the partners whereas in absolute duo it is about humans who wield their souls.

similar anime

Absolute Duo

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