Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember

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Scythe Users In Anime
Scythe Users In Anime

The anime world is vast, which explains why we have different anime fans who prefer different things in anime. Some fans would watch anime because of certain characters or dialogues. There are others who are obsessed with swords. And today, we will look at Scythe Users in anime.

As an anime fan, you would feel at times that you already have a vast knowledge of the anime. And then, you will have to find a particular niche that you might want to blend in. We have seasonal anime and the ones that run all year round, like One Piece and Boruto.

Then we also have the manga that could keep you busy in cases where you might have already caught up with everything else. Getting back to the issue at hand. We will be looking at different Scythe users from different anime that you might want to know about. We have a list of characters from great anime that you might want to check out as their Scythe wielding capabilities are at the next level as they use Scythe as their primary weapon.

Haqua: The World God Only Knows

At the isekai Genre, we have Haqua from “The World God Only Knows,” who wields a Scythe as her main attack weapon. ”The world only god knows” has 12 episodes and aired from October 2010 to December 2010. The anime follows a strange story where the main character Katsuragi Keima is also known as the god of conquest and is obsessed with online games.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Haqua: The World God Only Knows
Haqua The World God Only Knows

He unknowingly accepted an anonymous offer to prove his ability to counter dating sims and was misled into helping Elucia, a demon who wanted to retrieve runaway evil spirits. Haqua, a demon and best friends with Elsie and one of the most intelligent students in her grade, can make her weapon do amazing things. Besides being a scythe, it can also shoot projectiles.

Goku Black: Dragon Ball Super

Most Anime fans know about Goku Black when it comes to Dragon Ball Super. Or simply Zamasu. With the introduction of the super dragon balls, came along some dark wishes. One Kai, Zamasu, wanted to become as powerful as Goku and wished to become him.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Goku Black Dragon Ball Super
Goku Black

Faced with his darker self, Goku combined forces with Vegeta, and this even took the intervention of Zeno to bring this to an end. Goku Black proved so powerful that he transformed his energy into a Scythe and used it to make devastating attacks.

Hidan: Naruto

Looking at the classics of anime, we will look at one of the mysterious characters in the series. When he was introduced, his powers took ninjutsu to a different level, including gods, curses, and some blood rituals. Nonetheless, when it comes to Scythes, his weapon is as weird as they come.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Hidan Naruto

Hidan wields a three-bladed scythe that is only designed to draw blood out of his opponents. It is the only weapon he carries, and he is not interested in fights that will include lots of clashes but like a one-shot kill with his blood rituals even before his opponents realize his tricks.

Celty: Durara

Celty Sturluson also wields a scythe from Durara’s anime. It aired from January 2010 to June 2010, so it now forms part of one of those old anime that you might want to check out. Celty appeared as the headless rider of Ikebukuro and is a Dullahan. It is a being from a mysterious world and seems to be made of shadow-like substances.

Celty Durara

The mysteries surrounding Durara and Dullahan are still yet to be fully understood. But Celty wields the black substance that makes most of his body into a weaponized Scythe. Provided that she travels on a motorbike, her fighting style is more interesting.

Shuhei: Bleach

With Zanpakuto as their main weapons, Bleach characters have shown a different side of what swords could achieve and what they can transform into. They combine a Shinigami’s powers and soul combined making up their spirit.

Shuhei: Bleach
Shuhei Bleach

Shuhei Hisagi has one of the unusual swords, “Kazenshini,” which is not usually released as he is a bit scared of its full capabilities. So he usually uses it as a Scythe, as we have seen on several occasions.

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Maka: Soul Eater

Soul Eater has been a popular anime of its time, having aired back in April 2008 to March 2009 with 51 episodes. If you are looking for a balanced anime with a medium number of episodes to watch, this should be your pick.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Maka Soul Eater

Maka has been a popular character alongside the anime and wields a  Scythe as her primary weapon. As the name suggests, the Scythe itself is the Soul Eater, and the anime revolves around making a Death Scythe. The highest title was given to a human who takes the form of a weapon.

Zorin: Hellsing Ultimate

With only 10 episodes which are each around 45 minutes long, Hellsing Ultimate is also classic anime, and the series ran from February 2006 till December 2012, when we got the last installment. Hellsing took a different twist to anime genres, even though it can all be brought down to a thriller.

Zorin Hellsing Ultimate

Zorin is the first lieutenant of the Hellsing organization, and as a vampire, she carries a Scythe that makes things easier for her in battle. Because some vampires can regenerate quick enough, the best way to take them out would be a swift kill that beheads them, and a Scythe is a perfect weapon for that.

Erigor: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail formed one of the popular long-running shows alongside One Piece and Naruto during its time. But unfortunately for Fairy Tail Fans, it did not run as long as the other two did and ended back in 2013. With only 175 episodes, Fairy Tail ran from October 2009 till March 2013.

Erigor Fairy Tail

Looking at the magic-based power dynamics in the anime, Erigor appeared as one of the characters that carry a weapon with them instead of purely relying on magic alone. His Scythe can be used in combination with Magic attacks, making him one of the most formidable Scythe users in anime.

L’Arc: The Rising of The Shield Hero

If we talk about “The Rising of The Shield Hero,” most fans get hyped too quickly. This is because we have been waiting for a second season for some time, and now it will be coming to the screens in the Spring 2022 Anime season.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - L'Arc The Rising of The Shield Hero

The four cardinal heroes of the anime are summoned into the Kingdom of Melromarc with a mission to save it from the waves of the ongoing Catastrophe. L’Arc wields the Vassal Scythe. He ended up befriending Naofumi, who was the fabled Shield Hero, and this managed to have us see how good L’Arc is at using his Scythe.

Dou: Mobile Suit Gundam

As we know, once we talk about Gundam-based anime, we would not expect hand-wielded weapons since Gundams are robots. So a robot wielding a sword or any related weapon is not popular in anime. Nonetheless, we have seen several cases like in Duo Maxwell’s Gundam in Mobile Suit Gundam.

Dou Mobile Suit Gundam

Death Scythe Hell is one hell of a nightmare and has proved it throughout the series, with its signature weapon being a Scythe as well. So if you find the Gundam genre exciting, you should check out Mobile Suit Gundam and see where it would rank amongst other anime.

Ruby Rose: RWBY

There are different weapons and Scythe in anime, and RWBY introduces one strange kind. With Ruby Rose wielding her signature weapon as a Sniper-Scythe. We have managed to see yet another variation of how Scythe can be weaponized in anime.

Ruby Rose: RWBY
Ruby Rose RWBY

RWBY came as a good upcoming series with its manga quickly picking up pace. But things did not go as such on the anime part, and we have seen a bit of a drop in the series popularity.

Madara Uchiha: Naruto

Whenever he would go on his all-out fights, Madara’s signature weapon would be his Gubai chained to a Scythe towards its end. We managed to see this several times on his flashback fights with Hashirama, and he has proven how proficient he was at it.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Madara Naruto
Madara Uchiha

He was faced with a more formidable opponent. Later on, Madara would adapt his fighting style to suit different weapons, as we had seen in the previous war when he also displayed his swordsmanship proficiency.

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Inasa Kirio: Ushito to Tora

Looking at series made in the 2015s, Ushio to Tora made its debut in July 2015 and ran until December 2015. We managed to get 39 episodes for the show, so it is not short and not that long. It is a good series to watch, and we also have one character who wields a Scythe in the anime.

Inasa Kirion has proved his mastery of the Elzar Scythe and can also switch to other weapons like the Beast Spear. As a modified human, his capabilities could be vast, and he easily shows proficiency in almost any weapon he wields.

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Inasa Kirio: Ushito to Tora
Inasa Kirio Ushito to Tora

Farau: 07 Ghosts

Mostly managed by his temper and rebellious behavior, Farau easily gets into arguments with just anybody he can come across. He is usually risk-taking, and just like most main characters in anime, he is quite fond of women. Despite all this, he has proven to be a powerful character and ranked among those who wield a Scythe.

Farau 07 Ghosts

He ended up with the Death God Verloren’s Scythe, one of the most powerful weapons in the anime. And due to a strange fate, he is forced to stay with the Scythe as it has its personality.

Lisara: So I Can’t Play H

It is one of the most interesting anime and has aired from July 2012 to September 2012. This is one of those anime you should check out. It is well balanced in terms of what it focuses on. Be it romance, action, or drama, it’s quite short, with only 12 episodes.

Lisara So I Can't Play H

Lisara wields a Scythe as her main weapon and makes one of the most beautiful and powerful fighters. She also has the title of a Shinigami to go along with her battle prowess, so if you haven’t tried this anime, then you really should give it a try and see for yourself how amazing a masterpiece it has become.

Aleksander: The Qwaser of Stigmata

As a young Qwaser of a Russian origin, Aleksander can manipulate and control the Iron element. When he was still young, he was in the custody of other Qwaser, where he was trained to harness his powers.

He survived these difficult times, all thanks to the support he got from Oija, who cared for him. But in the end, he witnessed his murder at the hands of the Qwaser of Gold, from which he ended up receiving a large scar on the left side of his face.

Aleksander: The Qwaser of Stigmata
Aleksander: The Qwaser of Stigmata

Lala: Monster Musume

One of the most bizarre anime is Monster Musume: No Iru Nichijou, also known as Daily LIfe With a Monster Girl. Lala is popularly known for her catchphrase, “All will die, that is destiny.” Even a marriage would end when Death comes. If you die, your would belongs to me. So once you die, leave the rest to me.”

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember
Lala: Monster Musume

Lala is the seventh resident of Kimohito’s house and is a Dullahan. This means that she could do strange things like cutting off her head and still function normally without any issues. With her signature weapon as a Scythe, this fits her role perfectly as all would of those who die to interact with her somehow.

Seira: Noblesse

As one of the eight current clan leaders of Lukedonia, Seira has managed to show her might and prowess throughout the Noblesse anime and manga. She wields the Death Scythe, which is a symbol of the head of the clan, and it has now become her weapon.

Seira Noblesse
Seira Noblesse

As she wields her weapon, this also creates the myth surrounding Death of the Grim reaper and generally uses her Scythe to create air slashes creating a powerful energy blade.

Shinoa: Seraph of The End

In the apocalyptic world of “Seraph of The End,” Shinoa appears as an innocent schoolgirl, but she leads an army of demons in reality. Her Scythe also contains the spirit of a vicious demon, and with her ability, she can control her weapon and bend it to her will. This makes her and her weapon very powerful, and it can even act as her assistant and a second person in battle.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Shinoa: Seraph of The End
Shinoa Seraph of The End

Rui: Code Breaker

Rui Hachijou, also known as “The Prince,” is the Code 05 codebreaker. She has multiple sides to her real self, and whenever her dark side takes her over, she can create up to four Shadow Scythe, holding two in each of her hands.

Rui Code Breaker

She can then create combination attacks with them and easily overwhelm her enemies when you think these many weapons in her hands would mean that she will be interrupted in her swordplay. But in reality, Rui has proved to be helpful in battle.

The Fatal Scythe: Sword Art Online

Sword art online has been an amazing anime, even regarding swords and related weapons. But finding out that in an anime strictly about swords, even a Scythe has proved to be a powerful weapon. Then this means that such a  weapon and its wielder are of high caliber.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - The Fatal Scythe Sword Art Online
The Fatal Scythe

The Fatal Scythe is an NPC character and is a hidden boss inside a dungeon. As the level boss, its role is only to defeat whoever comes across it and does nothing else. Sword Art Online aired back in July 2012 until December 2012 for 25 episodes during its first season.

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Snow Lily: Servamp

Although he does not always carry it with him around. Snow Lilly, who is also known as All of Love. He was given the nickname Snow Lilly by his Eve and seventh of the eight Servamps. Lily likes to strip anywhere and everywhere since it is one of his physical abilities and powers. He resides with orphans in Alicein’s mansion. He also possesses a butterfly form but can change his appearance when interacting with others.

Lilly can create a large Scythe in combat and uses it with Misono’s lead to perform the “Execution Block of the Red Queen.” He also has strange powers and magic that manipulate other people and mess up their minds. His life is a mystery, but he finds himself in a situation where he becomes a vampire after the creator of Servamps uses the spell. This has become an interesting vampire series.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Snow Lily: Servamp
Snow Lily Servamp

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Kiichi: Karneval

Kiichi wields a large Scythe and has pink 3d hearts carved where the Scythe’s blade meets the staff. Despite its large size, she wields it with high proficiency and has proved to be a formidable opponent.

Kiichi Karneval

At a glance, Kiichi appears as a girl of short stature compared to the rest of the members of Circus. She has wavy dark blue hair and always has a gloomy look even if she is not tired.

Irene: The Asterisk War

As the student of Rewolf Black Institute, Irene used to wield the Ogre Lux Gravisheath up to the point where it was destroyed in her match against Ayato. Gravisheath is a Scythe that enabled her to control gravity within a certain range at the cost of her blood.

Irene The Asterisk War

He can create multiple attacks by swinging his Scythe, including Tres Fanega. An attack where he creates gravity spheres that she can launch at her opponents. Her gravisheath has more devastating attacks like Diez Fanega, Diez Mil Fanega, and even Cien Guestia.

Rinne Rokudou: Rin-Ne

As a part human and Shinigami, Rinne works with his classmates to guide spirits into the other world. He always relies on his Shinigami tools that consist of different weapons.

But he always has three weapons that are always with him. One of them is his Shinigami Scythe. This is a tool used by all Shinigami and even Damashigamis too. But since he was too poor to own one, he had to undertake several jobs to make sure he ended up with one. Thus making him one of the fearsome Shinigami in the end.

Rinne Rokudou: Rin-Ne
Rinne Rokudou Rin-Ne

Ana: Fate Grand Order

Ana is a character in the series Fate Grand Order which has different installments where Ana appears. She is mostly known for he role in Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Frons: Babylonia. As a lancer class servant summoned in the grand order, she is shown as an assistant to Merlin, and despite her younger-looking body, she is always calm.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Ana Fate Grand Order

She is usually silent and serves as a foil to Merlin at most times. Later in the story, it was revealed that she is the younger version of the Rider Class servant Medusa, the youngest of the Gorgon sisters.

Artemis: Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

She is the younger half-sister of Hazuki, born to a different mother. Commonly referred to as Arte, she envies her half-sister Hazuki because of their family’s attention to her.

Artemis Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

She is a capable fighter as well, and despite all the hardships that she has gone through, in the end, she managed to reach out to Hazuki and lead a new life. She can manipulate her shadow and even use it to create a Scythe as her primary weapon as a shadow user.

Maid Mask: High Rise Invasion

One of the masks seen earlier in the storyline is Yuri’s first to be crossed. She is stronger and more experienced than all of the masks she had encountered before. She can also manipulate her limbs to dash, leap, and move at superhuman speeds.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Maid Mask High Rise Invasion
Maid Mask

She has been occasionally seen using a Scythe in one of her killing sprees. And as one of the masks, she always has a single facial expression throughout all of the battles and rampages she has been involved in.

Nosaru: Reborn

The young member of the Giglio Nero Family was once a D rank Black Spell member. Nosaru also wields a Dark Scyth covered in storm flames and can shoot projectiles coated with storm flames that explode upon impact.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember - Nosaru: Reborn
Nosaru Reborn

Larva: Vampire Princess Miyu

The Larva is a shinma from the western world and is Miyu’s servant in the present day. He can use his nails to slice things and wield a Scythe in the anime. He is a very powerful character and has managed to win against every shinma without getting any mortal wounds.

Most Powerful Scythe Users In Anime That You Must Remember
Larva from Vampire Princess Miyu

Shimas have proven to be powerful, and it is rare for those who face them to escape without mortal wounds, let alone with their lives. So this goes to show how Larva has become a very powerful character throughout the series.

The list is endless as we know that we are getting new anime every season to add more characters to the list. But for now, he has taken a look at some of the most formidable characters and their Scythe-wielding prowess. So you should check some of their anime out and see for yourselves how great Scythe wielders these guys are.

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