Fire Force Manga Finale Features The Beginning of Soul Eater: Conclusion Brings New Announcement

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Fire force new announcement
Fire Force coloured panel from Weekly Shōnen Magazine.

Fire Force is indeed one of the most well-known Shounen anime to have been published by Kodansha. The manga has been appreciated by several readers and the anime was taken in with positive reactions. While Fire Force has been doing immensely well, many miss out on the fact that it is, as a matter of fact, written by Atsushi Ōkubo, who also wrote Soul Eater from 2004-2013. Anyone who does not know this must have missed out on several minute details and references that were made throughout the Fire Force manga. As of 22 February 2022, Fire Force manga concludes with a big bang as it drops in a new update from Atsushi Ōkubo followed by a satisfying end. The manga concluded the Great Cataclysm arc a few weeks ago and even in the epilogue, the mangaka leaves a twisted reveal for fans to savour.

Fire Force accumulated a huge fan following in a short time. The manga was published by Kodansha in 2015 and serialised in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. In 2019, the manga was picked up by David Production for an anime adaptation. So far two seasons have been released, which have been licensed by Funimation for international viewers. With 48 episodes on-air, fans have been looking forward to more from the anime.

The last chapter of Fire Force manga came out on 22 February 2022 along with a huge announcement from the mangaka. Here is everything we know about the shocking revelation at the manga’s end.

Fire Force is The Prequel Soul Eater

Atsushi Ōkubo’s Fire Force has been quite a thrilling ride through some really interesting turns and events. His previous work, Soul Eater was taken in with quite a lot of enthusiasm as well. In the final chapter of Fire Force, it is revealed that the manga is actually the prequel to Ōkubo’s other successful manga, Soul Eater. Chapter 304 drops in canon Easter eggs that conclude the long “is Fire Force the prequel of Soul Eater” debate. 

Weekly Shōnen Magazine issue 13
Issue 13 of Weekly Shōnen Magazine featuring Fire Force

Towards the end, we see the main characters of Soul Eater. To make things even more clear, the chapter ends with “Next is the Soul World”. For those who are confused, Shinra probably altered the world according to his ideals after gaining God Powers. This also implies that Shinra and the others were probably the Original Meisters. The sun in Soul Eater is thus now been proved to be the world of fire force after it turned into the sun due to the Great Cataclysm.

The ending was indefinitely unique. However, there have already been several discussions on the matter. First, Ōkubo has already been dropping in hints to imply that the two manga were atleast set in the same universe. The biggest and most argued Easter egg was the infamous moon which divided the fandom into two: one that believed that the two were occurring in the same universe and the other that believed that Ōkubo was only promoting his other work. The hints became heavier after the mention of soul resonance and Arthur’s “Excalibur” a few chapters ago. 

Atsushi Ōkubo has already announced his retirement. Now that you know the order of Ōkubo’s two popular manga, do not forget to read them.

Fire force is soul Eater prequel
Manga Covers of Fire Force and Soul Eater.

Fire Force, to make a new announcement?

As of June 2021, the manga had over 16 million copies in circulation. With the manga’s satisfying conclusion, mangaka Atsushi Ōkubo says that a major announcement will be made soon along with the commemoration of the manga’s 7th anniversery. The manga’s conclusion was further celebrated by writers of Kodansha with new illustrations based on Fire Force.

Fire Force Finale

Fire Force revolves majorly around Shinra Kusakabe. Due to his pyrokinetic ability, he is nicknamed “Devil’s Footprints”. He has led a hard life as he is often blamed for the death of his mother and younger brother. Things change for Shinra when he joins Fire Force Company 8. Now learning new secrets, Shinra decides to work harder to protect Sho, who turns out to be alive and taken by the White Clad. The White Clad wishes to bring back the Great Cataclysm. 

Fire Force season 3
Anime: Fire Force

Fire Force’s climax began in the 24th arc titled the “Great Cataclysm”. The arc lasts from chapter 252 to 302. The Great Cataclysm has begun and fires are breaking out all over Tokyo. Fire Force tries to find a way to battle this Great Disaster. Company 8 gathers for the last time to overcome their final mission: protect humanity from the Great Cataclysm. 

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