The ITZY Members Get Ready For A Tense And Fun Game Of Mafia With Newnion

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ITZY COZY house episode 3

ITZY COZY House Episode 3 is going to grace our screens in just a few days! The show has everyone pulled in with the cute and fun antics of the ITZY members. What better way to appreciate others’ jobs than trying the job yourself. Taking a break from the hectic life as a K-pop idol, where the camera keeps flashing at them, the members of ITZY – Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung, and Yuna have come to Jeju island, not as visitors but to take on the job of guesthouse owners. Through this reality show, ITZY will be serving and looking after the guests of the house and will be making exciting memories with them too!

As fans might already know, the ITZY members are filled with unlimited energy, especially their maknae. Even after working very hard, they do not get tired! Well, we could expect that from ITZY since they have one of the hardest choreographies in the industry of K-pop. Plus, we get to see the responsible sides of the members through this show. ITZY has understood their assignment pretty well and is keeping up with the tasks as guesthouse owners perfectly.

They even gave a handwritten note to their first guests, the members of the Street Dance Girls Fighter dance crew Newnion, who ranked second in the overall show. Fans will be observing ITZY and Newnion playing a really amusing game of Mafia in Episode 3 of ITZY COZY House.

What Will ITZY Be Up To In The Next Episode?

Through the preview of Episode 3 of ITZY’s reality show, we know that the episode will be no less of laughter. First of all, we will continue from where the second episode left us, the delicious dinner that the ITZY members had prepared for the dance crew Newnion. The maknae Yuna had prepared a yummy Kimchi Pancake while Ryujin prepared a Potato pancake for their guests. Meanwhile, Yeji, Lia, and Chaeryoung set off to peel the tangerines they had collected. They were making Tangerine syrup with a quiet and easy recipe that anyone could follow.

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Itzy cozy house episode 3
Ryujin and Yuna cr: JYP Entertainment

The most enthralling thing from the preview of the third episode of ITZY COZY House is seeing the ITZY and Newnion members playing a fun round of Mafia. Mafia is a game that became really popular along with the K-wave. In this game, a few people will be picked as Mafias who are supposed to kill the Citizens and the doctor. The doctor will try to guess who the Mafia will kill and save them as a guess, and the citizens will try to guess who the Mafia are.

ITZY Cozy House Episode 3
Lia, Chaeryoung, and Yeji cr: JYP Entertainment

K-pop fans might know how chaotic a game of Mafia gets. Fun fact: boy group ATEEZ are not permitted to play the game unless a camera is filming them because of all the discord that arises. Seeing them try to find the mafias while the mafias try to kill them, this game is a fan favorite of all the fun and laughter than ensues while playing it. So, you can see why Midzys are enthusiastic for ITZY and Newnion to break their barrier through this game!

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ITZY COZY House Episode 3 Release Date

The release date of ITZY COZY House Episode 3 is May 18, this Wednesday. Do not forget to tune in to watch this week’s episode to see who the real mafia is and to see the members of ITZY and Newnion get closer through this fun game!

ITZY COZY House Episode 3
ITZY cr: JYP Entertainment

Where To Watch ITZY COZY House Episode 3?

Unlike many other reality shows,  you do not need to pay to watch the episodes of ITZY COZY House. The episodes of ITZY’s reality show are aired on Mnet and are also released on the official Youtube channel of M2. New episodes of the variety show are aired every Wednesday at 7 PM KST. To make your calculations easier, we will tell the airing time of the episodes here – 3:30 PM in India and 6:00 AM in the United States and the United Kingdom. Have fun watching!

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