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Where To Watch Lee Kwang Soo’s ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’?

Watch The Killers Shopping List

When it was announced that everyone’s favorite Lee Kwang Soo would be returning with The Killer’s Shopping List after two years, to say that fans were excited would be the understatement of the century. Fans started frantically searching where to watch The Killer’s Shopping List long before the drama even premiered. Additionally, The Killer’s Shopping List is a dark comedy-drama with an intriguing mystery storyline and a thrilling plot. Every episode of the drama has a twist that will keep you wanting more.

Moreover, The Killer’s Shopping List is written by the brilliant Han Ji Wan, who has created a name for himself in the mystery-thriller genre with his previous works such as Wanted, The Ghost Detective, and Somebody.  The series has just the right amount of eerie vibes and comedic moments to make it to your list of favorite kdramas. If you are wondering where to watch The Killer’s Shopping List, then keep on reading.

Where To Watch The Killer’s Shopping List?

The original broadcasting network of The Killer’s Shopping List is tvN. Furthermore, The Killer Shopping List consists of not one but two fan-favorite idols. It stars Lee Kwang Soo (The Sound Of Your Heart, Entourage), AOA’s Seolhyun (My Country: The New Age, Orange Marmalade), and Jin Hee Kyung (Women Next Door, Fight For My Way) in lead roles. Furthermore, the drama has a way of telling hideous stories of crime and terror while keeping the viewers at ease. The main plot of The Killer’s Shopping List revolves around a smart boy named Ahn Dae Sung.

Where to Watch The Killer's Shopping List?

The Killer’s Shopping List cr: tvN

Ahn Dae Sung was the light of everyone’s eyes because he was so smart that he caught the confetti killer when he was a young boy. However, something happened to the clever and street smart Ahn Dae Sung, which led him to live an unsuccessful life. Despite being smart as hell, Ahn Dae Sung has not been able to cross the easiest paper for the civil service examinations for three years straight. He decides to leave his studies and help his mother run their supermarket. However, things start to go even downhill for Ahn Dae Sung when the neighborhood is struck by a serial killer who kills young women. And somehow, all the footsteps at the crime scene lead to MS Mart. The mystery thriller drama The Killer’s Shopping List has taken up the 10:30 pm time slot according to Korean Standard Time on tvN. For international viewers, the timings are 7:30 pm in India, 11:30 pm in Australia, and 8:30 am in USA and Canada.

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Where To Stream The Killer’s Shopping List Online?

The drama is an amazing addition to the mystery and thriller kdrama genre. It has all the elements of a perfect dark comedy crime drama. A small town named Nawoo Dong on the outskirts of Seoul. A supermarket that became popular after a young boy and his mother caught a killer. Over the years, the supermarket continued to grow until one rainy day, the dead body of a young girl was found lying in the woods. Being the curious cat that he is, Ahn Dae Sung cannot help but investigate and ponder upon the events that went down.

Where to Watch The Killer's Shopping List ?

The Killer’s Shopping List cr: tvN

Although, in his mother’s and girlfriend’s eyes, both strong and successful women, Ahn Dae Sung could do no wrong. The investigating officer has different thoughts. And Ahn Dae Sung knowing everything about his customers, from their health conditions down to their phone numbers, does not help with his case. Not to mention, almost all the crime scenes have an MS Part bag lying nearby. When suspicions start to rise, Ahn Dae Sung, his girlfriend, and his mother take it upon themselves to find the killer. If you are interested in streaming The Killer’s Shopping List online, then you can watch it on Rakuten Viki, where it is available with subtitles in various languages.

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