Shin Sung Rok’s Net Worth In 2022: How Much Does The ‘Vagabond’ Actor Make?

Shin Sung Rok Net Worth
Shin Sung Rok's Net Worth

What is Shin Sung Rok’s net worth in 2022? Fans are wondering about the actor’s earnings since he is finally returning to the small screen after two years! Shin Sung Rok has become the star of news with his upcoming drama Doctor Lawyer. Along with So Ji Sub, Im Soo Hyang, and Lee Joo Bin, Shin Sung Rok is ready to astonish fans with another masterpiece. Therefore, fans should look forward to his new drama that will reveal his outstanding acting skills!

The South Korean actor Shin Sung Rok was born on 23 November 1982. Initially, he wanted to be a basketball player with his younger brother. However, due to an injury, he had to change his career. Shin Sung Rok struggled so much during his early years because of his height of 189 cm. Despite all challenges, he has made his name in the industry. Shin Sun Rok is successful as an actor as well as a musical artist. No wonder he has accolades such as the 7th Korean Drama Hot Star Award, 22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Excellence Actor Award, and various SBS, MBC, and KBS Drama Awards. Therefore, Shin Sung Rok’s net worth is the fruit of the challenges he has gone through until now!

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Career Journey – ‘From Acting King To Theatre Star’

Shin Sung Rok has been working since 2003. However, his journey wasn’t simple from the start. After having to change his career, Shin Sung Rok struggled a lot in the early years. He made his acting debut in Shoot for the Stars. Later, he appeared in various dramas, but the 2010 family drama Definitely Neighbours and the 2013 rom-com fantasy My Love From the Star boosted his popularity. Those dramas brought him international fame! Afterward, the actor starred in popular kdrama such as Liar Game, The King’s Face, Return, Vagabond, Kairos, and many more!

Shin Sung Rok's Net Worth 2022
Shin Sung Rok

Furthermore, his excellent acting brought his numerous movie opportunities. He got casting offers for All for Love, Lovers of Six Years, The Age of Shadows, The Prison, etc., which he took and proved how versatile he was as an actor! However, while making his name in the industry, Shin Sung Rok also started participating in musical theatres. Therefore he has a long list of theatres such as Jekyll & Hyde, Monte Cristo, Mata Hari, The Story of My Life, Hamlet, etc. Due to his successful shows, Shin Sung Rok is well known as a musical star. Hence, Shin Sung Ruk’s net worth is the combined earnings of his acting job and musical theatres. Finally, after two years, Shin Sung Ruk’s returning to the small screen with MBC medical crime drama Doctor Lawyer, making fans excited for his new role!

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What Is Shin Sung Rok’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, actor Shin Sung Rok’s net worth is between $1 million to $5 million. He has been actively working in the Korean Entertainment Industry for almost two decades. Therefore, mostly Shin Sung Rok’s salary comes from his acting career. The actor has starred in 20 dramas and 9 movies until now. His various films had made millions of dollars in box office profit. For instance, The Prison made $21.2 million while The Age of Shadows $55.5 million. Even his debut film, All for Love, earned a profit of $14.8 million.

Shin Sung Rok's Net Worth 2022
Shin Sung Rok

Since Korean actors receive salaries based on fame and years of experience, Shin Sung Rok also charges thousands of dollars per episode. After all, he has 20 years of experience and even made his name among domestic as well as international fans. Actor Shin Sung Rok has various popular dramas under his name, including Kairos, The Last Empress, Return, Lie Game! He has participated in different Korean variety shows such as We Got Married Season 1 (with Kim Shin Young), Happy TogetherRunning Man, etc.

Besides his acting career, Shin Sung Rok is well-known as a theatre star. He has been doing theatre since 2004. So far, Shi Sung Rok has performed in 35 musical theatres, including Dracula, Hamlet, Romeo et Juliette, Daddy Long Legs, etc. Therefore, Shin Sung Rok’s net worth is the payoff of hard work and passion for acting and musicals! Since he is making a comeback with Doctor Lawyer, fans should get ready to welcome actor Shin Sung Rok this May 2022!

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