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Pachinko Episode 6 Release Date: Sunja Finds A Friend In Her Sister-In-Law Kyung Hee

pachinko episode 6

After the previous week’s slow-burner of an Episode, fans are super excited for the pace of the story to pick up on Pachinko Episode 6. In the previous week, we saw teenage Sunja settling into her new home in Osaka, developing a deeper bond with her husband Baek Isak and her sister-in-law Kyung Hee. Meanwhile, Sunja, in 1989, finally stepped into her homeland of Busan, South Korea, and met an old friend. Moreover, we got to know that Solomon is fired from his job and stuck in Osaka, and more hints about the relationship between him and the still-so-elusive Hana.

Viewers are anticipating Sunja and Hansu’s meeting in Osaka now that they’re both in the same town. Hansu won’t be giving up on his offspring this easily, and it remains to be seen whether he decides to help Sunja from behind the scenes or whether he creates more problems in her life. Moreover, Solomon seems like he is one step closer to Hana, who has threatened to kill herself if he doesn’t find her sooner. This article will reveal the release date of Pachinko Episode 6 and the places where one can stream it.

Pachinko Episode 5 Recap: Sunja’s First Days In Osaka

Sunja’s brother-in-law Baek Yoseb is not too pleased with Baek Isak marrying Sunja because, according to him, Sunja is further along in her pregnancy than the time Isak must’ve met her, which doesn’t add up. Yoseb thinks Isak got trapped into marrying Sunja because of his “idealistic leanings,” but her sister-in-law Kyung Hee doesn’t share the same views and is sympathetic to Sunja. Meanwhile, Sunja and Baek Isak could hear the whole conversation from their bedroom, and Sunja understood that they felt disappointed in her. Isak and Sunja both agree that it’s as if the place (be it Osaka or their relatives) want nothing to do with them. But Isak tells Sunja that she is not a burden to him, and he is thankful that she chose to spend her life with him.

pachinko episode 6

Baek Yoseb in Pachinko.

After a week in Osaka, one day, when Sunja is asked to lay out the laundry for drying, she realizes that Kyung Hee had washed all of the garments she had brought from Korea. This devastates Sunja, who had been avoiding washing those clothes because they still smelled like her home, which provided some comfort to her terribly homesick self. Kyung Hee apologizes to Sunja, saying she wasn’t aware of all this, and when Sunja asks her if the pain of leaving their homeland and loved ones ever goes away, Kyung Hee can do nothing but honestly answer in the negative and provide her words of comfort.

pachinko episode 6

Kyung Hee in Pachinko.

Meanwhile, Baek Yoseb is revealed to be in debt to some Japanese goons who make their way to his house when he’s not around. After some back and forth, Sunja promises that she will pay the amount Yoseb owes to them along with interest by the end of the day. Sunja goes to sell the pocket watch given to her by Koh Hansu in a pawn shop and does a good job at bargaining a good price for it (just like we saw little Sunja do it in previous episodes). Kyung Hee was encouraged by Sunja’s courage during this time, and the viewers can feel them forge a deep bond. Yoseb, on the other hand, isn’t too pleased by the women handling his debt.

pachinko episode 6

Kyung Hee and Sunja.

Meanwhile, the pawn-shop owner who bought the pocket watch from Sunja went to Hansu with it. It seems like Hansu had a feeling Sunja would sell the watch eventually and had alerted the local pawn shop owners. Hansu says that since Sunja married an idealistic dreamer, her suffering will continue. The viewers, at this point, realize that Hansu and Sunja’s link too won’t be broken off too easily.

Pachinko Episode 6 Release Date

Pachinko Episode 6 will release on 15th April 2022 (Friday). The Pachinko Episode 6 is titled “Chapter Six” and will have a runtime of 53 minutes.

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Watch Pachinko Episode 6 Online – Streaming Details

The TV-show adaptation of Pachinko can be exclusively streamed on the subscription-based service Apple TV+. You can visit the official page of the show here to access the released episodes of Pachinko as well as bonus content related to it. Apple TV+ is providing multiple subtitle options for this multilingual TV show so viewers all over the world can watch the show with ease.

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