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Son Naeun Opens Up About Leaving Apink Ahead Of It’s Eleventh Anniversary And Chorong’s Handwritten Letter Addressing Pandas


Apink is a very famous k-pop girl band based in South Korea. Apink is under IST entertainment which is under Kakao TV. The group debuted on April 19, 2011, with the album Seven Springs Of Apink. The k-pop group Apink consisted of seven members when the band was first formed in 2011. Then, Hong Yoo-Kyung, the seventh member of the band left the group. And now it was announced that Son Naeun was also leaving the band. However, the remaining five members will continue to take on the decade-long journey. Apink is the only longest successful girl group that has been breaking bars in many areas.

Each member is individually successful and charming, they have been constantly working hard in entertainment shows, world tours, and concerts. They are one of the top all-girl groups of K-pop who won hearts with their bubblegum music. The number of Apink’s members is reduced to five K-pop stars –Park Cho-Rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jeong Eun-ji, Kim Nam-Joo, and Oh Ha-young. As it was announced on April 9th that Son Naeun, the lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper will be leaving the group. This news shook the k-pop industry as it was very sudden and unexpected.

Son Naeun Opens Up About Leaving The Group Apink Ahead Of The Band’s Eleventh Anniversary:

The singer turned actress took this hard decision as she was having clashes with her schedule very often. Son Naeun signed the contract with YG entertainment recently and will be concentrating on her acting career. Some saw this coming as the actress was not taking an active part in Apink’s activities for a few months now. But still, it was heartbreaking news to her fans as much as, it was pretty difficult for Son Naeun to make this decision.

She wrote a handwritten letter to the fans sincerely thanking all of them and the members of Apink who supported her throughout her journey as a singer. Additionally, she said how all the Apink members are like family to her and how she adores them. She added that even though she leaves the company, the name ‘Apink’s Naeun’ will remain forever in her heart. And she hopes that she will keep showing the audience better things and says that is how she will repay us. Last but not the least, she requested all the fans of Apink(Panda) to give them lots of love. “I too will be a Panda from now on and cheer the Apink’s members” is what Naeun said.


Son Naeun

Chorong Writes Handwritten Letter For Pandas, The Fandom Of Apink:

Chorong is the lead member of Apink’s group. She shared in a letter written by her how upset she is with Naeun leaving the band. Chorong apologized to the fans, addressing them as pandas. She said that this decision was equally shocking to Apink as well but they made the decision after consulting with each other about what is good for one another.

Park Cho-Rong, who starred in Reply 1997 said that the remaining members of Apink will be working very hard to make up for the void and that the pandas won’t notice any space after Naeun left the group. She also said that she promises Panda Apink will work harder and added, “Let’s cherish the memories we have together and let go of this situation. Let’s create many more happy memories together. Once again, I earnestly apologize and we’ll soon meet you once again with great music!” 

The k-pop band is currently preparing for their new music that will be released on April 19th, 2022, to commemorate their eleventh anniversary. Though the recent news was somewhat sad, the fact that Apink is coming with new music makes the whole situation bitter-sweet! Fans are eagerly waiting for their upcoming album. Previously, Apink released an album containing 11 titles in February 2022 named Horn. Apink’s hit Albums include NoNoNo which was placed 6th in Billboard’s Japan Hot 100 in 2014 and Luv which was ranked 53 in 2015.

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