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Lee Min-Ho Shares How He Perceives Pachinko’s Koh Han-Su In Dazed Korea Interview

Lee Min-Ho
Lee Min-Ho

Dazed Korea is a fashion magazine that is very famous globally for its classy, contemporary fashion coverage. It is an individual fashion and cultural title which defines Korea’s ethnicity and sophisticated culture. Dazed Korea featuring Lee Min-Ho has released a January issue this year, and this month’s issue was issued featuring Luna Kim, a South Korean model, and singer. Following Pachinko’s release on March 25, Dazed Korea arranged a photo shoot with the veteran actor Lee Min-Ho. The outfits for the photoshoot were from Fendi. Fendi is the most successful fashion house worldwide, famed for its luxurious fur creations and leather goods.

Pachinko, the eight-episode series, will come to an end on April 29. Meanwhile, three episodes of Pachinko were released on March 25, followed by an Episode released every week. Pachinko is a newly airing k-drama based on the New York Times Bestselling novel under the same title. The drama is based on twentieth-century Korea, then ruled by Japan. During this period, it was very hard for people to find legal jobs, so they most often opted for illegal ones. The show also depicts Zainichi Koreans who moved to Japan from their hometown.

Pachinko, A Story That Speaks The Truth About Japan-Ruled-Korea

The word Pachinko means a ping pong machine where you play with the slot machine to earn money. While being asked in an interview what Pachinko represents in the show, Minho replied it represented the Zainichi Koreans when they fled to Japan. They faced many problems, including finding jobs. So they hung around the black market, mostly around Pachinko parlors trying to make ends meet. However, Minho mentioned how it was hard for them as there were a large number of Koreans, and they could only make very little money.

Lee Min-Ho pachinko interview with Dazed Korea

Stills from The Photoshoot cr: Dazed Korea

This drama describes Sun-Ja as she experiences different circumstances that are hard to endure. Be it Japanese colonization in Korea, where she grew up as a child—and falling in unrequited love with a big fish market player Lee Min-ho. After which, she married another man and moved to Japan, where it was equally hard to make a living. In later episodes, Sun-Ja was shown as a grandmother who now makes a fuss with everything, including reprimanding her grandson Solomon for his bad cooking skills.

Solomon wants to be a successful entrepreneur who wants to build a hotel in Tokyo. But he faces problems when a Korean woman owning the land refuses to sell it. Overall, Pachinko seems to be rich with Korea’s history and shows different aspects of a family as it follows their lives through four consecutive generations.

Lee Min-Ho Shares How He Perceives Koh Han-su In His Interview With Dazed Korea

Dazed released photos from the photoshoot on April 5, and they also interviewed Minho about his role in the drama Pachinko. When deciding on the concept for this cover pictorial with Fendi, Minho shared he thought of Wong Kar-wai’s movies. The atmosphere expresses the prosperous Japanese city with subtle colors reminiscent of Hong Kong at that time. He added that he often missed those analogs of slow but thought-provoking emotions, which remind him of Hong Kong movies that have a different sensibility. When asked whether Minho believed he could portray Koh Han-su well. He replied that there were many parts where he sympathized with Koh Han-su while reading the script and that he was able to play the part well.

Lee Min Ho Pachinko's interview with Dazed Korea

Stills from The Photoshoot cr: Dazed Korea

Also, Lee Min-ho said something special to his fans in India which is very heartwarming: “To all my fans in India, I miss you, and I wish to meet every one of you real soon. I love you” Well, this is very sweet to know! Pachinko continues to receive positive feedback from people all over the world. Few called it “Thought-Provoking” and”Rich.” We suggest you watch Pachinko on Apple TV+ as it provides an understanding of Korea’s cultural history. Not to add the actor’s stunning performances by Lee Min Ha, Jin Ha, and Lee Min-Ho in this legendary drama.

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