Our Blues Episode 10 Release Date: ‘I Want You To Support Me’

Our Blues Episode 10 is just a few days ahead, and we can’t wait for what the storyline has to offer. Young Joo and Ho Shik try to mend the relationship. Ho Shik, from a father’s point of view, wanted the best for his daughter. However, Young Joo was confident enough that she, along with Hyun, could endure it all.

Meanwhile, people were talking about them, and it became a piece of news on Jeju island. In Kwon confessed that his son has always made him proud, and he can’t see his son choosing such a path. The father-son shared an emotional moment while we witnessed Ho Shik standing at a distance with a faint smile on his smile, indicating that slowly his relationship with In Kwon was melting. The upcoming episodes have a lot to offer, so don’t forget to watch Our Blues Episode 10.

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What To Expect From Our Blues Episode 10?

Episode 10 may follow the story of Seon Ah and Dong Seok while also throwing light on the relationship between Young Ok and Jung Joon. The story background of Young Ok is still under wraps. Why she’s getting so many calls, and for what reason has she’s been telling different stories to different people about her mother’s occupation?

Our Blues ep 10
A Still From The Series

The Jeju island is buzzing due to this news, and the haenyeo have collectively made a pact that she will be executed by the team. Even though both Jung Joon and Young Ok have their past love stories to share, their chemistry is undeniable. Now, though the captain had made up his mind that he won’t date a liar, still he went to see her. Is this his plan to gather more information on her? We will see that in future episodes.

Meanwhile, Dong Seok calls the police and informs them about the incident. Meanwhile, the search for the haenyeos finally comes to an end when they find out Seon Ah. Dong Seok is not expressive. However, he still cared for her the same way he did years ago. Though she told the police that she had slipped, Dong Seok was ready to ready to believe her. There is still time for the ice to break. However, we can see that it has started to melt. After all these years, he still couldn’t figure out why she rejected him. Seon Ah’s heart longed for her son. She never received care or affection from her husband. Her child was like her support system. Her relationship angle with Dong Seok will be revealed in the forthcoming episodes.

As for Young Joo and Jung Hyun, they are contemplating when to tell their fathers. Both of them know how their father will react. In Kwon and Ho Shik, both wanted the abortion; however, their children were determined about their future. Young Joo will be attending med school, while Jung Hyun planned to drop out of school to work part-time jobs.

Our Blues ep 10
A Still From The Series

However, this incident gave us glimpses of what went wrong between In Kwon and Ho Shik. They were the best of friends. However, Ho Shik got into gambling and spent all the money that he borrowed from In Kwon. The situation became critical to such a point that there was no to put on the table. That time In Kwon told him a loser in front of his daughter, which infuriated Ho Shik. However, it was later addressed to a misunderstanding and wrong choice of words.

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Where To Watch Our Blues Episode 10?

Our Blues Episode 10 will be available for streaming on its original network tvN. Besides, for the international audience, the drama is also available on Netflix. To have access to the drama, you will have to buy a subscription to Netflix. So choose accordingly which plan will suit you better, and then you are all set to witness the journey of Our Blues. Our Blues is also available on the South Korean streaming platform TVING.

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When Will Our Blues Episode 10 Release?

Our Blues Episode 10 will release on 8th May 2022. The show started in April and is scheduled to end by 12th June. The date may vary if there are changes in the given schedule. Our Blues airs every Saturday and Sunday.