Our Blues Episode 9 Release Date: ‘You Are An Embarrassment To Me’

Our Blues Episode 9

Our Blues Episode 9 will be presenting many heartwarming and as well as heart-wrenching moments. The story dives deep into the characters. Ho Shik, more than anything else, fears that the pregnancy would harm his daughter. The thought that her future might be ruined there, however, the toll it would the pregnancy would take on her body is worrying him more. In Kwon, on the other hand, he saw his mother die in front of his eyes while his wife left him. He couldn’t bear the fact that he was an embarrassment to his son. Leaving the lofe of a thug, he followed the righteous way because he wanted his son to be proud.

As for Young Joo, while the entire lot was ridiculing her for having a baby at such a young age, a stranger as Seon Ah was the only one who congratulated her on her baby. Maybe because she knows how it feels, as her son doesn’t live with her.

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Our Blues Episode 8 Recap

Bang Ho Shik and Jung In Kwon engage in a fight with them, blaming the other’s child for the prevailing situation. Their fight resulted in the entire Jeju knowing that Young Jo was pregnant. Young Jo tries to make her father understand her situation and how she will be alright balancing both her career as well as the baby.

Our Blues
In Kwon And Ho Shik Engage In A Fight

The situation went west when Jung In Kwon mentioned how nurturing a baby is no joke and, in the heat of the moment, called her the ‘baggage’ that he had to take care of. Young Jo left the house and ended up in a motel. However, her health was getting affected. Meanwhile, Jung Joon was contemplating his thoughts about Young Ok. He often gets asked whether her mother is truly an artist or not. Jung Joon writes it down whether he would date a liar, and interestingly this time, the answer was No. Though after receiving a call from Young Ok, he was ready to meet her.

Young Joo Leaves Home

Jung Hyun appears in Ho Shik’s home to inform him about his daughter’s health condition. Meanwhile, In Kwon gets to know the owner of the motel where Young Joo was staying there. He forcefully tried to take her to the hospital for an abortion however ended up in a confrontation with Ho Shik and Jung Hyun. He mentions how his father was an embarrassment to him while both In Kwon and Sho Shik engage in a fight leading them into the police station.

Our Blues
A Still From The Series

There we got to know the real reason behind the turmoil relationship between the two of them. Sho Shik never forgot the day when In Kwon told him that he was using his daughter for money. In Kwon, on the other hand, didn’t even analyze the situation so carefully. For him, that’s the way he speaks. He just wanted to make Ho Shik understand how he was a spendthrift in gambling.

The upcoming episodes will reveal more of their story, so stay tuned and don’t forget to watch Our Blues Episode 9.

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Our Blues Episode 9 Preview

Our Blues Episode 9 gives a glimpse that it will majorly focus on Seon Ah and Dong Seok’s characters. Seon Ah finds a bit of happiness in Dong Seok’s presence. However, still, it seems a part of her is missing. What happens next will be an interesting tale.

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Where To Watch Our Blues Episode 9?

Our Blues Episode 9 will be available for streaming on its original network tvN. Besides, the drama is also available on Netflix. Our Blues is also available on the South Korean streaming platform TVING. The stories are portrayed in such a way that one can relate on a personal level. 

When Will Our Blues Episode 9 Release?

Our Blues Episode 9 will release on 7th May 2022. The drama gives a very serene vibe. The characters have depth in them, and that’s what makes the drama even more appealing. The upcoming episodes also promise an appealing storyline, and it is to see if any new character is yet to join or not.