Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date: Putting in the Work Might Not Lead to Good Results

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Our Beautiful Now episode 21
Our Beautiful Now episode 21. cr: Otakukart

Last episode we were left with the cliffhanger of Yoon Jae kissing Hae Jun! Fans and viewers of Our Beautiful Now episode 21 were cheering for this couple’s success, but there was some hesitance on the part of Hae Jun. This resistance was stemming from the fact that Yoon Jae did not know that it was Hae Jun who actually sabotaged his entrance into the dating show. After both Yoon Jae and Hae Jun kissed each other (which was a pretty intensely passionate moment) there was some sort of awkwardness between the two, since neither of them knew what to do.

On the other hand, the adults in the family were also very much involved in their lives. Min Ho had gone to visit his biological parent’s gravesite with all the family members, it seems to Kyung Soon that Kyung Chul was all alone, left to his devices while the children had gone to visit the gravesite in Our Beautiful Now episode 21.

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What To Expect In Our Beautiful Now Episode 21?

Mi Rae wanted to make lunch for Hyun Jae, but her mother was of the view that she should focus more on being a business owner rather than dating some random guy. Plus, Soo Jung (Mi Rae’s mom) knows very well that Mi Rae is a terrible cook, who only makes a mess and wastes ingredients – bottom line is that she is a horrible cook. On the same day, Hyun Jae arrives at Mi Rae’s office with lunch. But Mi Rae is so much involved in her work that she does not notice him coming in. Hyun Jae mentioned that Mi Rae does not need to cook – he is a good cook that could do it for both of them. Hyun Jae also mentioned that Mi Rae does not need to expend her energy on things, and it is not essential that all things, despite being put a lot of effort into, will yield good results. Mi Rae looks dejected at this aspect and she off-handedly mentions that what Hyun Jae stated to her was the same thing her mother told her.

Our Beautiful Now episode 21
Mi Rae and Hyun Jae banter over who gets to cook meals. cr: KBS2

On another note, Jung Hoo (Yu Na’s boss and Mi Rae’s younger brother) walked in on Yu Na eating her meal. He considerately gives her a glass of water, and after Yu Na is done with her meal, she hands him a packet of peanut butter cookies. But she knows not to expect any constructive feedback from him apart from “it is good” or “it is bad.” Yu Na also adds that she does not want Jung Hoo to mistake her consideration for him as affection. She then talks about Soo Jae, and Jung Hoo remarks that members of the opposite sex will only talk about their significant others if they want to deter the other person from increasing their affection for them. But Yu Na states that she likes Soo Jae so much that she cannot help but talk about him all the time.

Jung Hoo listens to Yu Na tell him that his critique is useless to her. cr: KBS2

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Our Beautiful Now Episode 21 Release Date

Our Beautiful Now episode 21 will be released on the 11th of June, 2022. We are awaiting anxiously how Yoon Jae will react when it is finally revealed that it was Hae Jun that led him to be kicked off the show.

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Watch Our Beautiful Now Ep 21 Online – Streaming Details

Koreans can watch Our Beautiful Now episode 21 on the KBS2 channel on the weekends at 8 pm Korean Standard Time. Americans and Canadians can watch the drama on Kocowa TV at 7 am Eastern Standard time, but Indians, Australians, and Britishers cannot watch this anywhere.

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