Adidas Adilette Sandals Drop: A Martian Take On A 50-Year Classic

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Adidas Adilette Sandals Drop
Adidas Adilette Sandals Drop

Here’s everything we know about the Adidas Adilette sandals drop. If you’re familiar with the famous Adilette sandal, you’re going to want to stick around and read this one. You probably have a pair of these lying around in your house. These sandals have been on the market for half a century.

But for 2022, the brand with the three stripes decided to fully revamp this model and give it a fresh new look. So, what’s Adidas bringing new to the table with this fresh and futuristic look in comparison to the Yeezy slides? Well, jump with us and let’s find out!

Adidas Adilette Sandals Drop
The new colors of the Adilette 22

Adidas Adilette Sandals Drop: The Adilette 22

Adidas decided to revamp one of their top-selling models, the Adilette sandal, and they look totally different from their classic predecessor. And that’s because the German apparel maker took inspiration from outer-space voyages. Moreover, they took inspiration from travels to Mars. They asked the question: What would slides look like in outer space, and they came out with this novel version.

If you look at the detail of the sandals, you’ll notice that the Adilettes have a seismic kind of waves look. And that gives it a kind of rugged kind of martian look. On a side note, if you have a 3D printer, this pair of kicks look like they came out of there. In fact, these sandals are 3D-printed with entirely renewable materials! Now, on the inside of the sandal, the rugged look disappears, and judging from the close-up pictures, they look comfortable and smooth.

Adidas Adilette Sandals Drop
From the classic look to the new look: The three stripes are gone!

What’s Shocking About The Adilette 22?

You ask that question after looking at the pictures? And you keep asking that after comparing it with the classic Adilette we’ve known for the past half a century? Aside from that martian rugged 3D-printer look, the difference is obvious! The classic three stripes are gone. Substituted by a small print of the trefoil and brand slogan on the side. The branding is gone. What was once the soul image of Adidas is now substituted by an æsthetics that seems to resemble a mixture between a Yeezy and a Salehy Bembury Crocs sandal.

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The Adilette 22 come in camouflage green, alien green, and sand yellow. For future drops, the German apparel maker plans to drop white, black, and black and white. As for the retail price tag on these things, it’s around US$ 60 worldwide —pretty much the same price as a Yeezy slide.

The History Of The Adilette

The Adidas Adilettes were first released in 1963 as a low-cut, slip-on version of the popular Adidas sneaker. The name is a combination of the word “Adidas” and the French word for slipper, “sabot.” Furthermore, The Adilettes quickly became a favorite among athletes and celebrities, and they remain a popular style today. Also, the Adidas Adilettes have been worn by everyone from basketball legend Michael Jordan to fashion icon Anna Wintour. Lastly, whether you’re looking for a classic style or a modern update, the Adidas Adilettes are sure to add a touch of cool to any outfit.

Why You Should Get The Adidas Adilettes Old Or New Styles

There are many reasons to buy the Adidas Adilettes. First of all, they are a classic style that has been around for over 50 years. They are also comfortable and easy to wear, making them perfect for any occasion. Additionally, the Adidas Adilettes come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair to match your personal style. And finally, the Adidas Adilettes are a great value – you can often find them on sale for less than $50.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers or a classic style to add to your wardrobe, the Adidas Adilettes is a great option. That’s all the time we have for this cool pair of shoes by German apparel maker Adidas. Thanks for your attention. And please share this article if you liked it on social media with the hashtag #Adilette22. See you soon!

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