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Our Beautiful Now Episode 19 Release Date: If You Step Back, I’ll Step Forward

Our Beautiful Now episode 19
Our Beautiful Now. cr: Otakukart

Moving on with the timeline, it can be seen that Our Beautiful Now Episode 19 has been a turning point for Mi Rae and Hyun Jae’s relationship. Since the last couple of episodes, they had been playing a game of push and pull, with Mi Rae realizing that she is going on with one foot on the gas pedal. On the other hand, Hyun Jae could see that he is not completely invested in the relationship, and that is severely affecting the very fabric of their relationship. Highlighting the importance of having a family, Our Beautiful Now is a drama that seems to dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty details about having a relationship in a very realistic manner.

The general consensus when it comes to the relationships in Our Beautiful Now Episode 19 is that they are portrayed in a very natural way. The varying degrees of relationships, from friends turning into lovers to strangers turning into serious partners to a mismatched relationships, all seem to be reflecting the ways in which relationships develop and grow over time.

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What to Expect in Our Beautiful Now Episode 19?

Yu Na seemed to be very upset when it came to actually marry Soo Jae. Since she had a guilty conscience about deceiving Soo Jae’s mother, Kyung Ae, she was brought to tears when trying on her wedding dress. Instead of blurting out the truth to Kyung Ae, Yu Na just went on crying. Let us see how this impacts her and Soo Jae’s relationship. Soo Jae goes over the Yu Na’s apartment but Yu Na actively avoids Soo Jae. She will not meet his gaze and is shirking away from his touch. But Soo Jae and Yu Na decide to keep up the charade of actually getting married, but in order to console Yu Na, Soo Jae decides that they will visit various bakeries to eat different types of bread to cheer up Yu Na.

Our Beautiful Now episode 19

Yu Na rejects Soo Jae’s comforting actions. cr: KBS2

On the other hand, Mi Rae finds that Hyun Jae is not giving his 100% in the relationship. So, she gets scared and is afraid of how things might turn out. After all, she has been burned before in a bad relationship and does not want to get harmed again. In a heartfelt speech, she tells Hyun Jae that while she absolutely does like him a lot, she needs to take a step back in order to preserve her heart. Hyun Jae silently vows to make things better by being more active in the relationship. It seems that Mi Rae wants to break up but will it also mean that Hyun Jae will let Mi Rae go easily?

Our Beautiful Now episode 19

Mi Rae is happy because Hyun Jae asked her to talk casually with him. cr: KBS2

Finally, we have our casual couple, who go to Bong Foods to have a casual dinner. Hae Jun is irritated with the fact that Yoon Jae only takes her to such casual places and this location is where Yu Na works. Yoon Jae does not want Soo Jae or his family to get to know that he is dating Hae Jun and it irritates her – it seems that Hae Jun is frustrated at Yoon Jae for not understanding the gravity of her feelings.

Our Beautiful Now episode 19

Yoon Jae and Hae Jun talk over the phone. cr: KBS2

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Our Beautiful Now Ep 19 release date

Our Beautiful Now Episode 19 will hit the airwaves on the 4th of June, 2022, which is a Saturday. With the way Hae Jun is annoyed at Yoon Jae, does it mean that she will break it off with him despite her strong feelings for him?

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Where To Watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 13?

Korean citizens can watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 19 on the KBS2 channel every weekend at 8 pm KST. Americans and Canadians can access this episode on Kocowa TV at 7 am EST, but Australians, Indians, and Britishers will not be able to watch this drama anywhere.

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