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Our Blues Episode 14 Recap: Young Ok And Jung Joon Have Trouble In Paradise

Our Blues Episode 14 finally let us into the world of Young Ok, her story was filled with curiosity. Her sister Yeong Hui has down syndrome however she is capable of doing most things without anybody’s help. Through her story, one thing is certain Young Ok loves her sister, however, some kind of thoughts lurks behind her. 

The actors have done a phenomenal job. One won’t see the actors, they witness the characters that they became. The upcoming episodes will be an emotional ride so hop in and keep watching Our Blues. 

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Our Blues Episode 14 Recap

A new day with a new start- well that was not the case for Eun Hee. Though she was engaged in her daily life, busy as usual however her heart was somewhere else. A friendship of decades was on the verge of breaking up. Contemplating her thoughts she went to the seaside, where she met In Kwon. He wanted to meet Mi Ran before her departure, however, she was gone. The following words were something that maybe Eun Hee also never expected.

Our Blues ep 14

A Still From The Series

For In Kwon, she was like a fleeting breeze, and how if she would have extended her stay it would have created more problems. Moreover, Eun Hee got to know how Myeong Bo left his home and he’s forever thankful to Mi Ran. Eun Hee got to know from the elders that Mi Ran was lonely in her life. Her daughter doesn’t want her in her life and some of the people of Jeju who were frolicking around her all the time, never really cared about her. Eun Hee was the only one who she could ever really rely on. 

Back at home while writing the diary, she decides to go to Seoul. In Mi Ran’s workspace, she got to know about VVIP. The moment she saw her, she recognized it was Eun Hee. The two exchanged their deep-rooted feelings that were buried inside their hearts. Mi Ran never thought Eun Hee was her doormat, she was the only one who was truly close to her.

Our Blues ep 14

A Still From The Series

However, she was angry with her. If there were so many unsaid feelings, Eun Hee should have confronted her and even pull her by her hair if needed. Though she did apologize for the rude behavior, however for her it didn’t change the fact that Eun Hee was also responsible for pushing their friendship a bit far away. The two friends shed tears and Eun Hee decides to stay for two days as her anger won’t subside this easily (in an emotional way). In reality, the anger was gone long back and it was just two friends able to stay with each other till the time they meet again. 

Our Blues ep 14

A Still From The Series

Now, we get introduced to a rather new face in the story. She works part-time with an elder woman by her side sometimes for her help. On the other hand, Young Ok and Jung Joon enjoy each other’s company. She texts someone that this time as well she won’t be able to come and will try to make it next month. Finally, we get to know about Yeong Hui, whom Young Ok termed as ‘disaster’. She decided that if Young Ok can’t come she will visit her in Jeju. Young Ok tries a lot to persuade her to not come, however it was too late for it. 

Meanwhile, a video message from Jung Joon created a mess inside Young Ok’s head. He wanted to take their relationship one step further and even wanted her to meet his parents. This led Young Ok to turn cold towards him as from the beginning she has been clear about her intentions regarding marriage. Jung Joon couldn’t understand what was going on and decided to confront her while she headed to the airport to bring Yeong Hui. 

When he first saw Yeong Hui, he was a bit taken aback due to their first impression starting on not a favorable note. The elders of Jeju greeted Yeong Hui with smiles, except for some. Glimpses from the past show how Young Ok’s parents were artists however had to sell clothes due to lack of money. They passed away in an accident leaving behind Yeong Hui and Young Ok. People made fun of Yeong Hui, and her sister stood there to protect her. However, with time she realized that maybe she only will have to take care of her throughout, leading. That was one of the major reasons why she changed places and finally came to Jeju. 

Jung Joon in a confrontation admitted that he truly was taken aback as it was the first time he met a specially-abled person. Also because since his childhood he was never taught how to behave with them. Though Young Ok was adamant about the fact that just like her exes he will also grow tired of the sister and eventually leave her, Jung Joon assured her that something like that would never happen. The episode ends with Jung Joon and Young Ok walking hand in hand with the serene beauty of Jeju as the background.

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