My Liberation Notes Episode 11 Release Date: Is Mr. Gu Like All Of Us?

My Liberation Notes episode 11
My Liberation Notes episode 11. cr: Otakukart

By this time, fans and viewers know that My Liberation Notes is a drama that seems to pack a punch despite being so “simple.” The beauty of My Liberation Notes Episode 11 lies in the fact that it embraces its simplicity so that it seems relatable without going overboard. This Episode gives the siblings their due diligence with respect to the screen time, but it also delves deep into the character of Mr. Gu. Instead of Mr. Gu being a supporting figure in the siblings’ lives, he is now shown in a light that makes him seem more human. Do we know why Mr. Gu is a dead man walking, or are we another stand-in for Mi Jeong, only to be pushed away by Mr. Gu?

My Liberation Notes Episode 11 deals with the character of Mr. Gu. Up until now, he has seen Mr. Gu through the eyes of others. There was a lack of real objectivity, which actually hindered the character development of Mr. Gu. A common complaint many viewers had about My Liberation Notes was the fact that Mr. Gu’s character was not developed to its fullest potential, and the viewers got what they wanted in Episode 11 of My Liberation Notes. My Liberation Notes is a drama that seems to captivate the viewer’s attention, even if the three siblings seem so ordinary, unlike other Korean dramas that ultimately rely on fantasy and swoon-worthy moments.

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What To Expect From My Liberation Notes Episode 11?

Episode 11 of My Liberation Notes seems to dive headfirst, without any warning, into Mr. Gu’s past. Mr. Gu has been this enigmatic character, and any viewer can see that he is hiding a lot of pain and misery. He is not superhuman but a man with his own past. It seems voyeuristic of us, as the viewer, to see what his life was before he met the siblings. Mr. Gu is tired and done with the way he has been treated by the chairman and his peers. In his exhaustion, he collapses against the phone booth.

My Liberation Notes episode 11
Chang Hee is surprised to know that Gu has a Royce. cr: JTBC

Shifting rapidly between the past and the present, we see Mr. Gu stumbling over awkwardly around the town, drunk. It seems that a pack of rabid wild dogs wants to attack Mr. Gu, but he seems to be saved by none other than Mi Jeong. He seems to shake her off, and in his drunken haze, it seems that with every misfortune or trouble Mi Jeong is able to avert, something even bigger is coming instead. And this makes Mr. Gu fearful. But in the hearts of hearts, Mr. Gu knows that instead of the storm that is about to come, he is more fearful of a woman with razor-sharp instincts, just like Mi Jeong.

My Liberation Notes episode 11
Gu takes Mi Jeong for a dinner dates. cr: JTBC

In another instance, Chang Hee gives the free alcohol to Mi Jeong, and Mi Jeong passes the alcohol to Mr. Gu. Mi Jeong is coming out of her shell, and she is able to tell him that she is not happy. And Mr. Gu pushes her away in response. After Mi Jeong leaves, Mr. Gu meets Mr. Baek. Gu reveals to Mr. Baek that he was a zombie in his old life after seeing men get drunk and confess their sins. Gu decides that he needs some time before he can make a choice – to return to his old life and “conquer the world” or for him to sink into obscurity while continuing to make sinks.

My Liberation Notes episode 11
Gu threatens Baek at Seoul. cr: JTBC

As this chapter comes to an end, the Episode seems to have jumped forward in time. It is new years’ eve, and it is snowing. When Gu heads outside after overseeing the proceedings at the casino, he just seems to reflect on the statement made by Mi Jeong when she said that she only dated idiots.

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My Liberation Notes Episode 11 Release Date

My Liberation Notes Episode 11 will release on 14 May 2022, which is a Saturday. My Liberation Notes is a drama that needs a lot of patience. We are itching to know why Gu has a Royce and why he is a drunk, leaving behind a life of glitz and glamour, only to end up in a podunk village just to make a simple living by fixing sinks. Keep on watching My Liberation Notes to understand the gravity of Gu’s life he has left behind.

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Watch My Liberation Notes Ep 11 Online – Streaming Details

My Liberation Notes will be available for international viewers on Netflix. For Korean viewers, they can watch My Liberation Notes Episode 11 on JTBC at 10:30 pm KST. For Americans and Canadians, they can catch the latest Episode of My Liberation Notes at 9:30 am. Australians can watch the latest Episode at 11:30 pm, Indians can catch Episode 11 of My Liberation Notes at 7 pm, and Britishers can watch this drama at 2:30 pm.

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