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Again My Life Episode 11 Release Date: Jo Tae Sub makes Hee Ah His Next Target

release date of Again My life episode 11
Again My Life episode 11

Trust us when we tell you that Again My Life Episode 11 will be an absolute game changer! The series has twisted and turned enough for fans to finally start gaining a sense of Hee Woo’s every action. It is time to connect the dots and get a good view of his ultimate picture. So far, Hee Woo has succeeded in pushing a few of Jo Tae Sub’s underdogs into prison. He is now intending to initiate his final plan of action that will bring down the big guy once and for all!

Over the course of 10 thrilling episodes, every character has grown on us in their own charming ways. We cannot wait to see all these forces coming together in the last few episodes of delivering justice. The world that Hee Woo envisioned is slowly turning into a reality. Will the last stretch of the plan be just as bumpy, or will that turn out to be a smooth ride? Again My Life Episode 11 will set the tone for this doubt and answer all our never-ending questions.

Again My Life Episode 11 Preview

It is time for the most important and intense arc of Kim Hee Woo’s plan. He is closer than ever to successfully infiltrating Jo Tae Sub’s men. This is a significant move for him in order to execute his plan of destroying Tae Sub from within. However, things don’t go entirely as planned, and Jo Tae Sub seems to have picked his next target. It is none other than the heiress of the Cheonha group, Kim Hee Ah.

Again My Life episode 11 release date

How will Hee Woo help Hee Ah?

Taking control of the Cheonha group of businesses would mean absolute power and authority for Jo Tae Sub. He would become twice as powerful with the company supporting his back. Hence, Tae Sub has his eyes set on this mission and wants to proceed with it at any cost. Moreover, the health of the current CEO of the Cheonha group- Kim Gun Young, is rapidly depleting. Tae Sub decides to capitalize on this situation to try and obtain control of its business operations.

In the preview of Again My Life episode 11, Hee Ah is seen tending to her father in what looks like a hospital ward. Will Kim Gun Young make it long enough to stop this from happening? or will it be Hee Ah who will play the cards this time? If yes, will it be Hee Woo who will assist her? Watch Again My Life episode 11 to find out!

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Release date of Again My Life ep 11

The 11th episode of the series that has had us on the edge of our seats right from episode one will air on the 13th of May 2022. We are not ready for the plot twists and drama the new episode will harbor. Fans can expect Tae Sub to be crueler than ever as he tries to exploit his men and obtain the ultimate seat of power. The power struggle will continue as they try to rise above all others. Most of the big ducks in this pool of corruption are already behind bars. How long is it until we see their master behind the same iron bars? Keep yourself free on 13th May to find out with ep 11 of Again My Life!

release date of again my life episode 11

cr: SBS

Online streaming details

The new episodes of Again My Life are released every Friday and Saturday at 10:00 pm KST. Fans can catch Again My Life episode 11 on the SBS television network. However, if you are an international fan, the following are the various time slots that the episode will air. 6:30 pm IST, 11:00 pm AEST, and lastly, 8:00 am Central time. Fans can also watch the new episodes of Again My Life on online platforms like Viu and Rakuten Viki web apps. However, keep in mind that a subscription to these apps will ensure a more hassle-free streaming experience! Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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