Shooting Stars Episode 7 Release Date: The Dynamic Duo

Shooting Stars Episode 7 Release Date, The Dynamic Duo
Oh Han Byul x Gong Tae Sung

Anticipating fans currently on the lookout for the episode release of ‘Shooting stars’ Episode 7 can finally loosen up. For those who have absolutely no clue and are missing out on what may be a legendary show, let me illuminate you. The South Korean drama, ‘Shooting Stars’ Episode 7 casts history’s finest actors. Kim Young Dae, Lee Sung-Kyung, Yoon Jung Hoon, and Kim Yoon Hye as the main cast, the drama is one exceptional rom-com.

Shooting Stars Ep 7 progressed into one favored show mostly because of the cast. No shade to anyone since the male and female leads are the definition of ‘perfection’. Shooting Stars Ep 7 is primarily about a woman working for an entertainment company that writes articles about their artists.

The male lead, who is an idol working under the entertainment company, has an inflated ego. The idealistic trope of a man being bitter with everyone but the woman he loves is just heart-fluttering. Of course, the female protagonist hates that the male lead is so narcissistic, and so their silent battle begins. Enemies to greater enemies. A plotline that has had viewers hooked from the start.

What To Expect From the Ongoing Drama?

Episode 7 of ‘Shooting Stars’ will give the fans exactly what they want.  Since the whole plot is based on the male and female protagonists having it out for each other, no one wants anything less. The subtle turn of events from enemies to the male lead falling for the female lead is just one addictive trope. However, her colleagues at work do not know about the past. In the past where the male and female lead went to the same university together and were well ‘acquaintances’.

Obviously, the male lead turns out to be the notorious idol everyone fancies. Millions seek the attention and desire to be Gong Tae Sung, the male lead’s soulmate. Yet, like the trope we all fangirl over, he has eyes set only for her. Accordingly, as ‘Shooting stars’ episode 7 unravels, much of the story develops, and so do the feelings both characters have for each other. In the beginning, the female lead, Oh Han-Byul sees Gong Tae Sung’s attitude as childish. As said, Gong Tae Sung’s role in the drama is said to be arrogant and overbearing. Oh Han Byul finds this way too irritating. As moments unfold, Oh Han Byul realizes Gong Tae Sung’s genuine feelings and kind heart and therefore begins to see him in a new light.

Shooting Stars Episode 7 Release Date
Shooting Stars Oh Han Byul x Gong Tae Sung

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As the drama moves forward, the two reconcile and shift past all misunderstandings and previous vendettas. Oh Han Byul learns that since the beginning of time, Gong Tae Sung was and always had been besotted with her. Learning this, she too begins to harbor confusing feelings and comprehends what Gong Tae Sung truly means to her.

Watch Shooting Stars Episode 7 Online – Streaming Details

Shooting Stars Episode 7 will be available on its original network tvN. The show will also be streaming on the Rakuten Viki website and app. The entire series consists of 16 episodes and may or may not feel short-lived considering the number of episodes. Although to watch episode 7 of Shooting stars, you must buy the standard pass, the series is definitely worth the purchase. So, get your VIP passes, and some popcorn because this show will unquestionably stir the deepest most sensitive emotions from within you.

Shooting Stars Episode 7 Release Date
Oh Han Byul x Gong Tae Sung

Shooting Stars Episode 7 Release Date

Episode 7 of the ongoing drama Shooting Stars will release on May 13, 2022. Watching the series is like floating on cloud 9. Even though the male lead’s character in the drama may be unrealistic, in the sense that men in the real world don’t exactly sweet talk as fictional men do, or communicate their emotions for that matter, the series will undoubtedly have even the hearts of steel melting.

Those who do not believe in love, at first sight, will watch this drama and begin to question their state of mind. Genres of appeal do certainly awaken emotions hidden way beneath the surface. Nevertheless, one should always dream they meet their prince charming because what’s a life without the usual daydreaming of fictional fantasies?