How To Watch ‘Mouse’ K-Drama Online In 2022?

Mouse kdrama
Mouse kdrama

Watch ‘Mouse’ K-Drama and experience the full effect of how a psychopath’s brain works. The thriller suspense K-Drama was released in 2021 and is inspired by a true crime that took place in 2017. The series has 20 episodes, and each episode is approximately an hour long. Even so, the story buildup of the series gives the audience chills and keeps them engaged, looking at how a psychopath does not feel any guilt after killing someone.

As for the rookie officer Jung Ba Reum, his life changes after his encounter with the psychopath he is after. Also, the drama revolves around the question if the psychopath gene is recognized in the mother’s womb. And if it can, then is it morally correct not to give birth to such a child?

‘Mouse’ K-Drama Synopsis

The Korean drama ‘Mouse’ is a 2021 drama series. The story is about a ruthless serial killer whose heinous crime has shaken the nation. Also, the story begins when a question is raised, can a psychopath gene be recognized? Moreover, if it’s possible to recognize the serial killer gene in the mother’s womb, is it a wise choice to let the fetus live? The main character of ‘Mouse’ K-Drama, Jung Bam Reum, is a dedicated police officer who is assigned to catch the serial killer. However, when he is close to solving the mystery, his encounter with the psychopath killer changes his life forever.

Furthermore, in their pursuit of catching the serial killer, Jung Ban Reum and Goo Moo-Chi unveiled the truth behind the mentality of a psychopath killer. The drama ‘Mouse’ also challenges the question of whether a killer feels remorse for killing people or not? It is proven that serial killers cannot feel remorse, guilt, compassion, or sympathy for the victims. This is because they lack mirror neurons. This enables them to turn a blind eye toward their crime and live a comfortable life without feeling even a percentage of guilt. You should watch ‘Mouse’ K-Drama if you are a fan of thriller, suspense K-Drama.

watch Mouse kdrama
watch Mouse K-Drama

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Where To Watch ‘Mouse’ K-Drama?

The ‘Mouse’ K-Drama is a serial killer series that was originally broadcast by the tvN channel in South Korea. The screenwriter of the drama is Choi Ran. He was inspired by the Incheon Elementary School Murder case that took place in 2017. The ‘Mouse’ K-Drama aired from 3rd March to 19th May 2021. People living in South Korea, as well as international fans, can watch ‘Mouse’ K-Drama on the subscription-based websites Rakuten Viki and Apple TV.

The ‘Mouse’ Cast

The thriller drama ‘Mouse’ cast consists of four main characters. The South Korean actor Lee Swung Gee plays the character of the primary police officer Jung Ba Reum. He is a newly recruited police officer who believes in getting justice at any cost. When you watch ‘Mouse K-Drama, you will find out how Ba Reum discloses the truth behind the psychology of a serial killer. Another police officer who plays an important role in the ‘Mouse’ K-Drama is Ko Moo Chi. The role of this officer is played by the actor Lee Hee Joon. He does not believe in following every rule and can and will bend the rules to catch criminals.

Mouse kdrama cast
Mouse drama cast

The female leads of ‘Mouse’ K-Drama are Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soon Jin. Watch ‘Mouse’ K-Drama and see Park Ju Hyun play the role of a tough high school senior. Her character’s name is Bong-Yi, and she has a secretive past. She is not strong at academics but has a straightforward attitude toward everyone. As for Kyung Soon Jin, she plays the character of Choi Hong-Ju. She is very talented and famous by the name Sherlock at her workplace. She works as a production director at the OBN network channel. Other than all the main characters, the two important supporting roles are played by the South Korean actors Woo Ji-Hyun and Ahn Jar Wook. They play the role of Ba Reum’s friend and neurosurgeon, respectively.

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