‘Monstrous’ Kdrama Season 2: Is It Happening?

'Monstrous' Kdrama Season 2
'Monstrous' Kdrama Season 2

With the cliffhanger, fans are anticipating Monstrous kdrama Season 2. However, is it really possible to have a sequel? After all, Monstrous (2022) has explained the main plotline and gives us a happy ending. The drama revolves around the haunted Buddhist statue excavated after thousand years and the Jinyang county’s people who face bizarre phenomena because of that haunted Buddist sculpture. Despite all obstacles, archaeologists Jung Ki Hoon, Lee Soo Jin, Chief Han Seok Hee, and her son Han Do Kyung successfully fought the evil spirit in the end. 

Although the violence and ignorance depicted in the story can cringe anyone, the horror-thriller plotline makes it bearable. Monstrous drama was premiered on 29 April 2022 on TVING, with all six episodes dropped on the same day. All episode runs for 40 minutes duration, making the storyline fast-paced as it simply focuses on the core plotline. Besides, the cast members such as Koo Kyo Hwan, Shin Hyun Bin, Nam Do Reum, Kim Ji Young, Kwak Dong Yeon, and Park Ho San have portrayed their characters skillfully. Therefore, the cast is another reason fans are looking forward to Monstrous 2!

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Monstrous Kdrama (2022) Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

Watch It

Although the drama has mixed reviews, there is no doubt that Monstrous (2022) deserves to be on your watchlist. The supernatural mystery thriller narrates the tale of the Jinyoung County’s people. The two archaeologists Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin get divorced after their daughter’s death. Jung Ki Hoon starts publishing the occult magazine Monthly Strange Story and runs the YouTube channel of the same title. Meanwhile, Lee Soo Jin quit deciphering letters and symbols works and moved to Jinyang County. 

'Monstrous' Kdrama Season 2
Monstrous Kdrama Cr: TVNING

The story begins as the Govern of Jinyang excavates a Buddhist statue without knowing it’s possessed by an evil spirit. Although some monks try to stop him, his greed and hunger for political power get the best of him. He even decides to make the haunted Buddhist sculpture a tourist attraction. However, everything turns for the worst when they remove the talisman from the statue’s eyes. Bizzare Phenomena occur as the people look in the status eyes, which brings out their deepest fear, pain, and hatred and eventually leads to the unavoidable bloodbath.

Although the ending of Monstrous brings the couple together as they fight the evil and destroy the haunted Buddhist statue, it leaves some questions answered. It reveals that after getting together, Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin continue their adventure as they discover another strange phenomenon.

Therefore, fans are anticipating Monstrous Season 2. Besides the ending, the drama uncovers various shades of humanity we see during pandemic times. The barbarity to survive, the suppressed negative emotions, even if those are our family, the guilty that can cause one’s life, and many more can lead to the downfall of everything. 

Therefore, even with its imperfections, Monstrous is worth your time. If you enjoy thriller supernatural mini kdrama and a well-defined plot with character development flaws, Monstrous (2022) is a good horror night drama! 

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Monstrous 2 Release Date – Is It Happening?

Sadly, Monstrous kdrama Season 2 is not confirmed yet. The first season finished on 29 April 2022. Only a few days have passed since then. Depending upon the result and how the drama makes at home ground and international level, we will know the further updates. Any series’ second season largely depends on how the first season performs. Until now, there are mixed reviews about Monstrous (2022) kdrama. Some viewers find it intriguing and not dragging since it is a mini-series. Meanwhile, the other viewers are disappointed with the characters’ development and the plotline that lost its sparks in the middle. 

However, after watching the ending of Monstrous kdrama, we can’t ignore the possibility of Season 2 completely. The second season can highlight the next part of the two archaeologists’ adventure with the least connection to the previous storyline. However, since there is news on whether or not Monstrous kdrama has renewed, fans will have to wait until the production house gives any further updates.

Meanwhile, the first season of Monstrous (2022) drama aired on 29 April 2022. Before its original release date, the drama also premiered at the Cannes International Series Festival 2022 from 1 April 2022 to 6 April 2022.

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Will It Be Available On Netflix Or TVING?

The supernatural thriller Monstrous is a TVING original series. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the second season will also be available on TVING or tvN. After all, changing the distribution channel for Monstrous 2 will be risky and further complicate the legal measures. However, there is a possibility that if the first season gets on the Netflix platform, there will be no issue with Season Two as well. Furthermore, there are various tvN’s series that stream on Netflix as well as TVING. It takes time, but they are available on both streaming platforms. However, the distribution channel will be confirmed only when there is Monstrous drama season 2.

On the other hand, some fans are wondering where to watch Monstrous (2022) kdrama. The drama has six episodes, and each episode runs for 40 minutes. All six episodes are available on TVING, an online streaming platform accessible only in South Korea. As for international viewers, Monstrous is streaming on ViuTV with English Subtitles. However, note that ViuTV streaming is not open in all countries yet. The small episode clips of Monstrous are also available on the official YouTube channel of TVING.

What Will Be The Plot Of Season 2?

Since no official statement is out, it’s hard to predict the plotline of Monstrous Season 2. However, the ending has already hinted at the possibility of a sequel, if only the production house ever decides to make one. It will be the next part of the archaeologists Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin’s adventure journey. Since they are back together and continuously working on discovering strange phenomena around the world, the second season can depict their new adventure. Otherwise, the second option will be writing down the whole new tale. However, at this point, all we can do is make assumptions since nothing’s confirmed yet.

'Monstrous' Kdrama Season 2 Release Date
Koo Kyo Hwan, Shin Hyun Bin Cr: TVNING

The first season of Monstrous kdrama narrates a supernatural thriller story about two archaeologists uncovering bizarre phenomena. It follows Jung Ki Hoon, an archaeologist whose life changes after an unexpected accident. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Lee Soo Jin moves to Jinyang County, where she experiences mysterious phenomena causing uproar among the residents. The story also follows Chief Han Seok Hee and her son Do Kyung’s strained mother-son relationship.

Then, there is corrupt politician Kwon Jong Soo and bully Kwak Yong Joo as they become everyone’s downfall. The plotline shows how strange phenomena take place after a Buddhist statue is excavated, which changes the lives of the Jinyang county people for the worst! Therefore, Monstrous drama gives a perfect thriller mystery ride who enjoys the horror-thriller genre.

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Monstrous Kdrama Season 2 Cast

If the production team decides on a sequel, we will meet the main cast of the previous season, even in the Monstrous Season 2. After all, Koo Kyo Hwan and Shin Hyun Bin led the previous season. Furthermore, Monstrous kdrama ending indicates that the two archaeologists continue their supernatural adventure. Besides the main stars, there will be new faces. However, the entire casting will be different if the writer selects to make a new plotline rather than following a sequel.

'Monstrous' Kdrama Cast
Kwak Dong Yeon, Koo Kyo Hwan, Shin Hyun Bin, Kim Ji Young and Nam Do Reum Cr: TVNING

As for Monstrous Season 1, the drama starred Koo Kyo Hwan as Jung Ki Hoon, Shin Hyun Bin as Lee Soo Jin, Kwak Dong Yeon as Kwak Yong Joo, Nam Do Reum as Han Do Kyung, Park Ho San as Kwon Jong Soo, Kim Ji Young as Han Seok Hee for main leads. The supporting cast members include Dong Hyun Bin, Jo Sang Ki, Kim Dong Young, Kim Young Pil, Seo Suk Gyu etc. Although the drama has a long casting list, each one did a wonderful representing their character. Despite all frustration, the cast brings out all other emotions such as terror, pain, confusion, relief, and excitement!

Is Monstrous Kdrama Season Two Trailer Out?

Monstrous kdrama Season 2 trailer is not out since there is no official confirmation for the next series. The drama ended a few days ago. Therefore, it is still too early for the second season of Monstrous trailer to be out. Furthermore, even if the production house goes for the next season, it will take at least a year before we get a teaser or any update. As we mentioned, it all depends on how the series plays in the domestic as well as international market. If Monstrous gets more exposure and more views, there is a chance the director and writers would produce Season Two.

Since there is no news about Monstrous drama Season 2, we will have to wait. While waiting for the updates, one can re-watch the thriller-supernatural journey Monstrous on TVING and ViuTV. After all, Monstrous will be a perfect kdrama to enjoy with your friends on summer nights!

Here, check out the Monstrous trailer:

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