Can We Cross Our Fingers For a Business Proposal Season 2?

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Will there be a business proposal season 2?
Season 2 of Business Proposal?

We officially invite you to join our prayer circle for Business proposal Season 2! The series was the most anticipated Korean drama of 2022, and it definitely took over the world by storm. Business Proposal definitely exceeded our expectations and further increased our already high standards in men. Moreover, the series gave us not one but two swoon-worthy couples that we would fight for without a second thought. If we were to find any flaw with this almost perfect drama. It is the fact that it was only 12 episodes long.

Fans are longing for more Business Proposals content, and we desperately need a Season 2! Today let us reminiscence the beauty of this series and check the status of Business Proposal Season 2. Although Ahn Hyeon Seop and Kim Sejong are the stars of the series, we have to admit Kim Min Gyu, and Seol In Ah deserve the spotlight just as much! The drama is surely a calling for all the lovers of a good trope with fake dating. It is sure to cater to your mood no matter what it is!

What happened in Business Proposal Season 1?

The very first episode of the series had us all laughing our wigs off with Shin Ha Ri’s craziness. The journey that followed was one filled with alternating periods of Oh my god, they are so cute and Oh my god, give me a break! Some of the episodes had a relatability level so high that it was like a mirror image of our lives. We are talking about Shin Ha Ri’s unconditional crush on a guy who did not know better than to date a toxic woman. Not the part where a handsome CEO falls in love with an average girl, that is yet to happen, fingers crossed!

Another element that totally took our hearts away was the solid friendship between Shin Ha Ri and Young Seo despite their numerous differences. It is often rare to find someone who is just as crazy as you are, and our protagonists definitely won the lottery with that one! They go through the entire series supporting and uplifting each other and ultimately win true love with their crazy perfect boyfriends.

Business proposal season 2
Shin Ha Ri and Jin Young Seo

We are not done yet, if the friendship between the two girls struck your heart, then the sizzling bromance between the two male leads completely ripped it out of its normal course. Kang Tae Moo and Cha Sung Hoon are business partners and best friends who end up finding love together as well! If there is a Business Proposal Season 2, we sure hope to see some more interactions of the four of them together on one screen!

What made it better was the fact that all the supporting characters received just as much screentime. Right from the food team development to Jin Young Seo’s weird cousin to Ha Ri’s family. They were all an absolute delight to watch. The arc with Young Seo’s cousin is unbeatable, and we absolutely love how her English-Korean dialogues have gone viral on social media platforms. Another notable character is Tae Moo’s grandfather, who is certainly the most modern and chic grandpa you will find!

business proposal season 2
Cha Sung Hoon and Kang Tae Moo

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Where to watch Business Proposal Season 1?

If, for whatever reason, you still haven’t boarded the Business Proposal train, this is your sign to do so! Fans can find all the episodes of this stellar series on Netflix. The series has 12 episodes that definitely feel like 2! Ahn Hyo Seop plays the male lead in drama by taking on the classic role of a narcissistic CEO. The man he cannot go a single day without is his personal secretary and best friend Cha Sung Hoon, who is played by the dashing Kim Min Gue.

season 2 of business proposal
Business proposal season one posters

On the other side of the story is Kim Sejong taking on various roles in the drama. She first plays the part of the obnoxious Shin Geum Hi. This is when she is on her mission to save her best friend from a ridiculous arranged marriage. However, her true identity as Shin Ha Ri is exposed later on in the series! A heroine cannot go without a formidable sidekick, and Seol In Ah is here to deliver exactly that. She takes on the role of the rich heiress of a big conglomerate Jin Young Seo. In fact, Young Seo is the primary cursor of the series as the story begins with her master plan to deceive a rich CEO.

Will there be a Business Proposal season 2?

To finally answer the most pressing question of 2022. Will there be a Business Proposal season 2? Unfortunately, it looks like season 2 of Business Proposal is not a priority on the agenda of the SBS network. Moreover, following the finale of the series, the cast and crew released a farewell video. In the video, SBS commented that they have no plans for a follow-up of season 1. Accordingly, they have not renewed their contract with Netflix for another season. So far, there has been no more information about the issue either. However, we still have our fingers crossed in hopes of a season 2 of Business Proposals.

Moreover, the drama is actually an adaptation of a Korean webtoon with the same name. Considering the completion of the webtoon and the plot of the series. It is quite difficult to determine what course the series will take. Nevertheless, be sure to read the webtoon online! It features a unique art style, and our cast members pose a striking resemblance to the characters!

Expectations from the next season of the series

Although a second season is far from receiving a green signal anytime soon, we sure have laid down what we would like to see at the time of its happening. For starters, we all agree that we want more interactions between the cast members, even in the form of double dates! We would like to see both the relationships progressing in a healthy manner with avid communication, and a little skinship wouldn’t hurt either.

In addition to this, another aspect we think would be interesting is a change in perspective of Young Seo’s father. Sung Hoon, who has been deprived of actual parental love all his life, deserves a happy marriage with a good family. It certainly would be a new take if Jin Young Seo’s snobby father realizes his poor lifestyle. We hope to see him have a change of heart. We also want him to take his beloved daughter and handsome son-in-law back to his embrace.

To spice things up a little more, the second season can also focus on building a little more about the relationship of Shin Ha Ri’s brother, who is just as handsome and quite the catch! Fans are always in for a cute and budding romance between teenagers figuring out their lives. This is what one can expect from the second season if there is one!

What are the opinions of fans about this?

Korean drama watchers are almost used to the disappointment they face every time they hope for a season 2 of a Korean drama. Most often than never, Kdramas do not have a second season that picks up the story from where it was left. However, there are some exceptions nonetheless! When we talk about the possibility of a second season of the romantic comedy Business Proposals. We found out that fans think season one had quite a satisfactory ending.

Is there a business proposal season 2
Season 2?

The series ended on a positive note with enough closure from all aspects of the story. Kang Tae Moo and Shin Ha Ri found the way to their Happily ever after! Even Young Seo and Sung Hoon were on the road to building a comfortable life with love. Hence, although a Business Proposal season 2 sounds enticing, fans are afraid it might end up becoming rather superficial. However, this has not stopped fans from flooding the internet with their theories of what one can expect from Business Proposal season 2. Youtube is just as lively as fans are uploading lots of content such as trailers and edits of what they wish to see! What are your thoughts on the same?

Be sure to let us know, and stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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