Here, we shall discuss Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce. Fans are curious to know what really happened between her and her long-time husband, Lenny Hochstein? Starting from the basics, Lisa Hochstein is a famous actress who rose to prominence by starring in The Real Housewives of Miami. Besides this, she has also appeared in The Last Kiss, Against the Ropes, and Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Not to forget to mention Lisa owns @HochsteinMedSpa. Born in 1982 in Toronto, Canada, she always had a passion for modeling and pursued likewise. With the Bravo TV show, she gained enough recognition and is pretty much successful in her professional life.

Well, Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce also calls for the discussion of her marriage. You may not know that Lisa has always been a family person and has prioritized it over everything else. In RHOM Season 4, she opened up about the challenges she struggled with, including her husband’s “emotional affair with a $2 hoe” (as she mentioned). Is that a reason for their separation? They got hitched back in 2009. After spending 14 years together, what went wrong between them, and when did the divorce happen? Dive into this article to learn what really caused Lisa Hochstein’s divorce.

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Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce: What Really Happened?

It was on 24 October 2009 that Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein tied the knot. With him, she shares a couple of children, Logan (son) and Elle (daughter). One of the major reasons for their marriage was to grow the family and work on it till the end. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

Lisa Hochstein Divorce
Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein

Lenny’s “emotional affair” caused Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce. On this note, she said, “Because we weren’t succeeding at having a family, yeah, we almost got a divorce, and it was devastating.” But, Lenny didn’t give up easily after knowing that she was serious. Thus, he groveled back to her, and she addressed that to be the best decision of his life. When asked about how did she find him cheating on her, she said, “We were already separated. We were going through a difficult time trying to have children. It wasn’t happening. So we were separating just because we were having a really hard time, you know, conceiving a child. So then he strayed. And I found out because I was very crafty, and I have all of his passwords, you know? And so, I saw some things. But we were separated, so yeah, that’s how I found out.”

However, as we know, Lisa is a family-centric person. She takes her vows very seriously. She forgave him, and the duo then went on to have therapies, and eventually, things got better between them. Moreover, she added saying that they decided to stay committed to each other even when times get tough. They didn’t get divorced yet.

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What Sparked Break Up Rumours?

Recently, Lisa and Lenny got into a “showdown” at a nightclub in Miami. Her husband was partying with another model, Katharina Mazepa. Now guess what? Lisa showed up after 1:00 am with her co-star Larsa Pippen. It was later reported that Lenny walked in with his “new girlfriend.” When Lisa was asked, she confessed that she was very shocked and now is  “trying to explore what’s next and best for her and her kids.”

Lisa Hochstein Divorce
Lisa and Lenny

After struggling with so many things, Lisa and Lenny were finally trying to work on their relationship. Indeed, it appeared that things had gotten better between them. But, this showdown over the weekend spiraled things between them. In this regard, Lenny confirmed that they were not breaking up. What about Lisa’s comment on this? Simply nothing. This time, it’s pretty difficult to ascertain if things between Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein are still that strong. However, it is reported that they are going to Splitsville. Let’s see how things turn out between them. Follow their social media accounts for more highlights!

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