What Episode Does Goku Kill Majin Buu?

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goku kills majin buu
What Episode Does Goku Kill Majinn Buu? Cr: OtakuKart

We have seen Goku defeating many strong characters throughout the Dragon Ball series. One of the best arcs is when Goku kills Majin Buu. All the antagonists of the Dragon Ball series have only one objective, i.e., to destroy the planet earth. The Z warriors are always there to save earth and humanity from getting annihilated. Goku not only saved the earth from getting destroyed but also wiped off Majin Buu from the face of the universe.

You all must have lots of questions. Such as who is Majin Buu? How did he come into existence? How did Goku kill Majin Buu? Which episode did Goku Kill Majin Buu? Well, you all are at the right place with all your questions. Because all your questions will be answered right here.

If you are as excited as us to know all about the origin story of Majin Buu and the episode details when Goku kills Majin Buu, then sit back and keep reading to find all the answers you seek. So, without wasting a single second, let’s get started.

Who Is Majin Buu?

Like humans have different emotions for different moments, Majin Buu has different personalities. Majin Buu is not a single character. He is made up of different kinds of Buus according to his different personalities and each Majin Buu, according to his personality, has different goals and objectives.

goku kills majin buu
Majin Buu
  1. Kid Buu: The pure form of Majin Buu.
  2. Good Buu: When the Innocent Buu expelled all the evilness out of his body, only the good, and pure Buu remained.
  3. Evil Buu: When kid  Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai, Buu got split into Good Buu and Evil Buu. Evil Buu, as the name suggests, clearly intended to destroy the planet.
  4. Super Buu: When Evil Buu absorbed Good Buu, it resulted in him turning into  Super Buu.
  5. Uub: Uub is Kid Buu’s Human reincarnation.

Origin Of Majin Buu

Majin Buu has stayed dormant for over thousands of years. Thousands of years ago, Majin Buu was feared among all the Kai’s, as he was capable of destroying the entire universe. Even when all the powerful Kai joined hands against the monstrosity of Majin Buu, they still were not able to defeat Majin Buu. All they managed to do was seal Majin Buu in his pink ball. But, there is always someone who can’t digest peace. There is always someone who craves death and destruction. In this case, it was Babidi who craved the end of the universe. So, he brought Majin Buu back to life using the power and energy of the Saiyans.

goku kills majin buu
Majin Buu Origin

Gohan was the first target to get his energy stolen during the tournament. Later on, Vegeta was used by Babidi to fight against Goku and the team so that he could get enough time to reanimate Majin Buu.

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How Did Goku Kill Majin Buu?

Vegito, a fusion of Goku and Vegeta, would have been enough to defeat Majin Buu, but they decided to rescue their friends who were absorbed by  Majin Buu. As a result, it weakened Majin Buu big time. Later on, the plan changed to defeat Majin Buu by using Goku’s Spirit  Bomb. So, Vegeta helped Goku by buying him enough time to create Super Spirit Bomb. Even Mr. Satan came in handy this time. Even he helped Goku to gather Earth’s energy to create the perfect super spirit bomb.

Using this Super Spirit Bomb, Goku kills Majin Buu and erases his entire existence.

goku kills majin buu
All The Help Goku Could Get

What Episode Does Goku Kill Majin Buu?

Goku kills Majin Buu in episode 286 of Dragon Ball Z. The fight lasted hardly a day. When Majin Buu was reanimated, he was of age 774. Well, he died the next day. Unlucky guy. In manga, Goku kills Majin Buu in chapter 516.

goku kills majin buu
Goku Kills Majin Buu

Sure, Goku dropped the final blow on Majin Buu, but if it was not for Vegeta, things would not have happened the way they did. The best part of this arc was that Vegeta and Goku officially became best friends. Started off as rivals but ended up becoming the best friends. Not so bad, after all.

If you haven’t seen the Dragon Ball series yet, and want to see Goku kill Majin Buu for yourself, then you can easily watch it on Crunchyroll.

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