Is Lee Yoo Bi Joining The Cast For The Girl Downstairs With Suzy and Yang Se Jong?

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Lee Yoo Bi to star in "The Girl Downstairs"?
Lee Yoo Bi to star in "The Girl Downstairs"? cr: Otakukart

“The Girl Downstairs” is a very popular webtoon, which is being adapted to the silver screen. One of the potential cast members to join this new drama is Lee Yoo Bi. Lee Yoo Bi’s agency, Y-BLOOM, stated that the actress was having an extremely positive reaction to the script for the TV adaptation of the webtoon, “The Girl Downstairs.” Lee Yoo Bi was one of the actors from the industry who was being scouted for a role in this upcoming adaptation.

Suzy was reportedly in talks for playing the protagonist for this TV adaptation, Lee Du Na. Lee Du Na is an idol from the group “Dream Sweet” but due to unknown reasons, she decides to suddenly retire. On the other hand, we have Yang Se Jong considering the offer to play the romantic lead against Suzy, Lee Won Joon.

“The Girl Downstairs,” a popular Naver webtoon created by Songah Min, is about an ex-idol, Lee Du Na, and an undergraduate freshman, Lee Won Joon, who are fated to live together in shared housing.

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Suzy bares it all in a recent interview with Marie Claire before starring in “The Girl Downstairs”

Before Suzy had gotten the offer to star as the protagonist, Lee Du Na, in the Netflix adaptation of “The Girl Downstairs,” she had made her big music comeback that fans were super excited about.

With her striking visuals and melodious voice, it is no wonder that fans are happy to see Korea’s fan-favorite make her much-awaited music return. When talking about her new single, “Satellite,” Suzy revealed that through the production, creation, and conceptualization of this song, she was able to discover more about herself.

Honing in on the concept of satellites that are always around you but just out of your reach, this song was created by Suzy in order to express the frustration, pain, and irritation one has when their goals are just so out of their reach. Suzy wanted to deliver something atmospheric rather than explaining her intentions regarding the music video clearly. You can check out the music video for “Satellite”!

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Lee Yoo Bi gets candid in a promotional interview for “Yumi’s Cells”

Before she got the opportunity to star alongside Suzy in “The Girl Downstairs,” Lee Yoo Bi starred in Yumi’s Cells as Ruby. Yumi’s Cells was surely one of the hit dramas of the past year. With the protagonist, Yumi, being played by the talented Kim Go Eun, people could not help but notice Ruby – the quirky and flirty co-worker of Yumi, played by Lee Yoo Bi.

Suzy in an interview about her music comeback before being offered the role for "The Girl Downstairs"
Suzy, in an interview about her music comeback before being offered the role for “The Girl Downstairs”. cr: Marie Claire

When talking about similarities with her character, Ruby, Lee Yoo Bi revealed that they only share some characteristics. While the actress confirmed that she is happy and bubbly like Ruby, she also added that, unlike Ruby, she is not overflowing with energy or even a very lovable person. In order to maintain Ruby’s constant level of excitement, Lee Yoo Bi had to jump through some hoops.

While it was fun for Lee Yoo Bi to wear form-fitting office clothes for the drama, she is the total opposite of that in real life. The natural beauty stated that she does not really wear makeup on an everyday basis and usually wears a hoodie. Lee Yoo Bi also added that if she was an office worker instead of an actress, she would not bother to wash her hair as well.

Lee Yoo Bi for Marie Claire before getting offered the role for "The Girl Downstairs"
Lee Yoo Bi for an interview for “Yumi’s Cells” before getting offered the role for “The Girl Downstairs”. cr: 935 Entertainment

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Yang Se Jong shares a heartfelt message for his fans after he got discharged from the military.

In the month of November 2021, Yang Se Jong was finally discharged from his mandatory military service. On November 18, 2021, the actor shared a message with his fans. The message posted on his fan cafe read that Yang Se Jong had really missed his fans. He also added that he did not want that his fans to be disappointed in him for making them wait for so long. Focusing on delivering the news about his health, the actor said that he is doing well but is still a little bewildered due to the fact that he had finally been discharged from the military.

Before being offered the role for "The Girl Downstairs" Yang Se Joon pens a heartfelt message for his fans
Before being offered the role in “The Girl Downstairs” Yang Se Joon pens a heartfelt message for his fans. cr: Blossom Entertainment

Earnestly thanking his fans, Yang Se Jong shared that she felt stronger while serving in the military due to the unwavering support from his fans. Promising to keep his fans updated with his future projects, the actor also stated that he will work hard on something new to please his fans, who have stood by him for the longest time.

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