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How To Watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ K-Drama?


The ‘Thirty-Nine’ K-Drama is a heartfelt drama that portrays the unbreakable bond between friends. Since high school, the three friends Cha Mi Jo, Jung Chan Young, and Jang Joo Hee have been together and have experienced fun and losses in life together. The ‘Thirty-Nine’ K-Drama featured in Global Top 10 Weekly’s list as the most-watched international show. This is why many people are still figuring out where to watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ K-Drama? The lead actresses Spn Ye-Jin, Jeon Mi-Do, and Kim Ji-Hyun have given a lifetime performance in ‘Thirty-Nine’ as they might relate to the scenario of turning forty in real life.

Also, all three friends have led different life while growing up, but this has never hindered their friendship. Mi Jo is adopted by a wealthy and caring family. Moreover, she grew up to be a recognized dermatologist. As for her friends, Chan Young has always dreamed of becoming an actress. However, she ends up being an acting coach. She feels like she has not achieved what she was supposed to in life. However, she does not give up. To learn about Chan Young’s inspiring journey, watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ K-Drama. Finally, Joo Hee has always been a pushover and has a timid personality. She falls in love with a chef who is already in love with someone else.

‘Thirty-Nine’ K-Drama Synopsis

The story of ‘Thiry-Nine’ Kdrama starts with Mi Jo. She is a successful dermatologist and comes from a caring family. She has always achieved her heart’s desire as she has always been sincere about her work. One day her friends come to the clinic as she promises to give them free treatment. However, as they arrive, so do a bunch of ladies. They start accusing Mi Jo of having an affair with one of the husbands, and the fight turns violent. Finally, everyone ends up in the police station, but the matter is sorted out soon. After this, Jin Seok arrives at the police station, and Chan Young leaves with him. Mi Jo does not approve of their relationship because he is a married man.

Watch Thirty-Nine Kdrama

Watch Thirty-Nine Kdrama

As we continue to watch ‘Thirty-Nine,’ we figure out that the relationship between Chan Young and Ji Seok is very pure, and they love each other very much. On the other hand, Mi jo starts her relationship with Seon Woo on a wild note with a one-night stand. However, soon they become even closer as he starts working at her clinic. As for Joo Hee, she has a crush on Chinatown chef Hyun Joon, but he is already with someone. After quitting her job, she starts working at his restaurant as a part-timer, and they form a connection.

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Chan Young’s Death

After working hard for so many years, Mi Jo decides to take a sabbatical for a year and go to the U.S. Before doing so; she gets a medical checkup with her friends. However, the results are not as pleasing as expected. When the results come, Chan Young finds out that she has stage four cancer. After this, everyone around her tries to give her the best life before her demise. Finally, in the end, Chan Young dies enduring her pain but being happy that she is surrounded by her loved ones. Watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ and find out how great a friendship Mi Jo, Chan Young, and Joo Hee had.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama

Thirty-Nine Kdrama

Where To Watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ K-Drama?

The South Korean drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ was released on 16th February 2022 and aired till 31st March 2022. Originally the drama was broadcast by the JTBC channel. People living in South Korea and international fans can now watch ‘Thiry-Nine’ episodes on the international-streaming platform Netflix. The ‘Thirty-Nine’ drama has twelve episodes in total, with each episode being 1 hr 20 mins long. Choosing to watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ will take you on an emotional roller coaster, but every episode has a unique story that leads to the reality of life. Also, the cast of ‘Thirty-Nine’ has done justice to their roles and made the drama even more memorable.

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