Ernest Borgnine’s Dating History: Details About His Past Relationships

Ernest Borgnine Dating History

Here, we will discuss Ernest Borgnine’s Dating History. What do we know about the late actor’s past relationship details and noteworthy career? Starting from the basics, Ernest Borgnine was a versatile actor who had worked in numerous films. Some of his noteworthy works include Marty, The Square Jungle, The Rabbit Trap, Deadly Blessing, Spike of Bensonhurst, A Grandpa for Christmas, Night Club, The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vincente Fernandez, etc. Not to forget to mention Ernest’s television works, which include- McHale’s Navy, All Quiet on the Western Front, Airwolf, ER, The Single Guy, and many more. He was pretty much successful and was considered one of the prominent actors.

Knowing his versatility in the Hollywood film industry, followers are now lately interested in his personal life. Despite being absent from us at present, we believe him to be alive with his notable works. Talking about his past relationships, Ernest had tied the knot not just once but five times. That pretty much sums up Ernest Borgnine’s Dating History. But, who are they? Let’s dig deeper into this article to learn the details about it.

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Ernest Borgnine’s Dating History: Past Relationships Details

Here is the list of all of the past relationships, moreover the marriages of the actor Ernest Borgnine until his death.

Rhoda Kemins

While serving in the navy, Ernest Borgnine met Rhoda Kemins. It was on 2 September 1949 when they tied the knot in Los Angeles, California. With her, he shared a daughter whom they named Nancee. She was born on 28 May 1952. However, their marriage didn’t last forever, and they ended up in a mutual divorce in 1958.

Katy Jurado

Originally known as Maria Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado Garcia, she was a Mexican actress who gained massive prominence with the films High Noon and Broken Lance. In the following year of his split with Rhoda, that is, in 1959, Ernest got hitched to Katy. Their relationship was a bit on-off, and they also reconciled in 1961 for their respective betterment, giving it a try. But, it lasted till 1963. The actor was reported to be very abusive to her. Even their fight over alimony proved their separation to be very rocky.

Ernest Borgnine's Dating History
Katy Jurado and Ernest Borgnine

Ethel Merman

Well, Ethel Merman was a versatile singer. She became famous for her performances in the shows like Anything Goes and Annie Gets Your Gun, respectively. Well, Ernest’s marriage with Ethel was the shortest of all.

They married in 1964 and surprisingly lasted around 1.5 months, precisely 42 days. Most of the time, they used to insult each other. Later, both of them agreed that their marriage was a colossal mistake. After a few days of togetherness, they finally ended up with divorce on 25 May 1965. When asked about the reason for their separation, Ernest commented that it was because of the fans as they had given more attention to him than her during their honeymoon. This entire thing had pissed him off.

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Donna Rancourt

After that, Ernest Borgnine married Donna in 1965. With her, he shared three children – a son, Cristopher, and a couple of daughters, Sharon and Diana, respectively. However, when things turned down, they decided to part ways and caused their divorce in 1972.

Tova Traesnaes

Traesnaes Borgnine was not anyone from the film or music industry. She was a businesswoman who founded Beauty by Tova cosmetics. Moreover, Ernest supported her quite a lot in her business by making appearances in several advertisements for her brand.

Ernest Borgnine's Dating History
Ernest Borgnine and Tova Traesnaes

This was Ernest’s last and longest marriage until his death. The duo tied the knot on 24 February 1973, and their marriage continued until the actor’s death in July 2012. After so many failed marriages, it seemed like Tova was the right one for Ernest, and they were leading a very happy, blissful life together.

If you haven’t watched out any of Ernest Borgnine’s works, you must try those which are already mentioned above. Those are worthy of investing your time on.

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