How Did Jethro Lazenby Die? Nick Cave Confirms The Shocking News

Jethro Lazenby Die
Jethro Lazenby

How did Jethro Lazenby Die? In a shocking turn of events, musician Nick Cave has announced the death of his son, Jethro Lazenby. He was 31 years old. The artist has been struck by tragedy for the second time as earlier, his son Arthur fell to his death from a cliff in Brighton when he was just 15 years old. It was reported that the teenager had taken LSD before the fall.

Jethro’s death news comes just days after he was released from prison on bail. He was jailed for reportedly kneeing his mother in the face during a row over cigarettes which left her ‘bruised and bleeding. Things took a problematic turn as his mother fled to a local pub and asked them to call the police. Nick Cave has issued an official statement while confirming the devastating and asking for privacy as the family navigated through this difficult time. Let us find out how did Jethro Lazenby die.

How Did Jethro Lazenby Die? Here’s What We Know

While Jethro Lazenby’s cause of death has not been disclosed yet, the model has reportedly been struggling with some mental health issues. Jethro’s lawyer, Sean Ghattas, earlier stated that Jethro had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and that affected his judgment. Earlier, Jethro had spent time in jail as he was accused of several violent attacks on his then-girlfriend in 2018. In the newest indictment, the court instructed Jethro to seek substance abuse treatment and to avoid contact with his mother for the next two years.

Jethro Lazenby had earlier starred in the 2007 film Corroboree and 2011’s My Little Princess as well. Believe it or not but Jethro once revealed that he didn’t meet Cave until he was seven. It was further reported that he was not even aware that Cave was his father until that time.

Jethro Lazenby Die
Nick Cave And Jethro Lazenby

The young model was allegedly suffering from personal problems for a long while after struggling with his mental health. Nick Cave had hinted at the complicated relationship he had with his son but went on to say that it had improved over time. The artist explained that it was a difficult time, but it turned out to be great.

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