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The Spectacular Siblings Of The Seventeen Members

'SEVENTEEN' siblings
'SEVENTEEN' cr: Pledis Enterainment

With ‘Dar+ing’, SEVENTEEN has made its debut in English music and is currently topping the iTunes charts all over the world. For those of you who do not know, Seventeen is a South Korean Kpop boy group under Pledis Entertainment. Although the group’s name is seventeen, it consists of only thirteen members. The group has been exceptional ever since its debut with the EP 17 Carat. Their debut album itself became the longest-charting Kpop album in the United States. What makes their music even better is that they are actively involved in making their music. Hence, they are known as a ‘self-producing’ group.

Another splendid talent of Seventeen is that they have very synchronized choreographies. This quality has earned them the title of “The performance house of Kpop’ or ‘Performance Kings’ by critics and major media outlets. Apart from being insanely talented, the members of the group are also incredibly entertaining. Some of the SEVENTEEN members also have siblings in the entertainment industry. So without further ado, let us get to know the spectacular siblings of the SEVENTEEN members.

Get To Know The Siblings of SEVENTEEN Members:

1. S.Coups

Choi Seung Cheol, more popularly known for his stage name ‘S.Coups’. Furthermore, he is the leader of the Hip-Hop unit, Rapper, and Sub Vocalist of SEVENTEEN. He has a brother that is two years older than him. S. Coups’s elder brother’s name is Seungmin. Besides the fact that he was born in 1993 and his name, not much is known about S.Coups’ elder brother.

seventeen siblings

S.Coups from Seventeen

2. Jeonghan

Yoon Jeong Han is the lead vocalist and visual of SEVENTEEN. Additionally, Jeonghan was born in 1995, and his younger sister was born in 1999, making her four years younger than Jeonghan. Although her name is not known, fans know that she is crafty because Jeonghan once posted a picture of a pretty bracelet that his sister made for her. When asked if to choose a date for his sister among the members, he said he would not let any of the SEVENTEEN members date his sister. Photos of the two when they were younger have also caused the entire Carat fandom to go into a meltdown because of their cuteness.

Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN

Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN

3. Joshua

Joshua Hong is the lead vocalist and visual of SEVENTEEN. Moreover, Joshua is also the eldest member of the group. He is an only child and was raised in California, United States.

Joshua of 'SEVENTEEN'

Joshua of ‘SEVENTEEN’

4. Jun

Moon Jun Hwi is the lead dancer and sub vocalist of SEVENTEEN. Furthermore, he was born in 1996 in China. His parents divorced when Jun was only two years old, and Jun stayed with her mother. Jun played the matchmaker when his mother remarried in 2004. He has an adorable younger half-brother named Wen Fengjun. His younger brotherrs nickname is Yang Yang. Jun has talked about he misses his younger brother in various interviews.

seventeen siblings

Jun cr: Pledis Entertainment

5. Hoshi

Kwon Soon Young is more popularly known by his stage name Hoshi. Additionally, Hoshi is the Performance team leader, Main Leader, lead vocalist, and sub rapper of SEVENTEEN. Hoshi has just one sibling, and that is an old sister. There are only a few adorable childhood images of her on the internet.

seventeen siblings


6. Wonwoo

Jeon Won Woo is the rapper and sub-vocalist of SEVENTEEN. Won Woo, too, has a younger brother. Furthermore, Wonwoo’s younger brother’s name is Bohyuk, and he was born in 1998. Wonwoo’s brother, too, is no stranger to the spotlight as he used to be a former fashion model. It seems like good looks run in the genes.

seventeen siblings

Seventeen cr: Pledis Entertainment

7. Woozi

He is the vocal team leader, lead vocalist, and producer of SEVENTEEN. Woozi was born in Busan and is an only child.


Woozi cr: Pledis Entertainment

8. DK

Lee Seok Min, more popularly known by his stage name DK or Deokmin, is the main vocalist in SEVENTEEN. Furthermore, Deokmin has an older sister who is three years older than him. Although her name is not known, the siblings share a playful relationship. Once, Deokmin was challenged to get a reply from his sister within one minute. Deokmin texted her, saying that he came second in a lottery, and she replied to him within seconds of his text and also proceeded to call him. She also got married, and all the members of SEVENTEEN attended her wedding.

DK cr: Pledis Entertainment

9. Mingyu

Kim Mingyu is the rapper, sub-vocalist, visual, and face of the group. Furthermore, Mingyu has a little sister. Her name is Minseo, and she was born in 2001, making her four years younger than Mingyu. Mingyu’s little sister is just as gorgeous as him.


10. The8

Seo Myung Ho, who is well known by his stage name, The8 is the Lead dancer, sub vocalist, and sub rapper of SEVENTEEN. Moreover, Seo Myung Ho is an only child.

The8 from Seventeen

The8 from Seventeen

11. Seungkwan

Boo Seung Kwan is the main vocalist and face of the group. He is the only member of SEVENTEEN that has more than one sibling. Furthermore, Seungkwan has two older sisters. Jinseol was born in 1989, and Sojeong was born in 1993, making them have an age gap of nine and five years from Seungkwan. Boo Sojeong is a music artist herself and has even released music in the October of 2020. Whereas, Jinseol is quite popular on Instagram.

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan Cosmopolitan

Seungkwan cr: Pledis Entertainment

12. Vernon

Hanseol Vernon Chwe, more popularly known as Vernon, is the rapper, sub vocalist, visual, and face of the group. Vernon also has a younger sister who is just as good-looking as him. Furthermore, Vernon’s younger sister’s name is Sofia, and she was born in 2004, making the age gap between Vernon and her six years long. She is often seen flexing her visuals on social media platforms, and fans love her! Sofia also has a YouTube channel where you can find her sharing various parts of her life.

SEVENTEEN siblings

Vernon cr: Pledis Entertainment

13. Dino

Lee Chan is more popularly known by his stage name, Dino. Furthermore, Dino has a younger brother by the name of Lee Gun, born in 2001. His younger brother is quite shy, and not much else is known about him.


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