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EXO Suho – SBS Power FM Radio Interview: The Main Highlights

EXO Suho- SBS Power FM Radio Interview
'EXO Suho'

A lot of things happened in April this year. An example is EXO Suho’s second solo album, ‘Grey Suit’. This was Suho’s first comeback after his solo debut with ‘Self-Portrait’ in 2020. After Suho got discharged and done with his mandatory military service on 12th February 2022. EXO-L was extremely happy after Suho got discharged. He is the third member after Xiumin, and D.O., to have completed his military service. With his return, Suho was ready to make a comeback as much as EXO-L were anticipating one from him. The leader and main vocalist of EXO released his new music on 4th April.

The MV for his song ‘Grey Suit’ was released too. The thirty-year-old singer looks solemn and sincere while standing in the rain, as he waits for a certain someone to bring colours back into his life. This song is part of Suho’s EP ‘Grey Suit’ which also features his other songs, namely ‘Hurdle’, ‘Morning Star’, ‘Decanting’, ‘Bear Hug’, and ‘Moment’. On 7th April, just 3 days after the release of his ‘Grey Suit’ MV, Suho released the MV for his song ‘Hurdle’, the B-Side Track from his EP. The mood of both the music videos varies. One has sentimental vibes, while the other has energetic vibes.

EXO Suho- SBS Power FM Radio Interview

‘EXO Suho

Suho’s SBS Power FM Radio Interview

The singer-songwriter made his guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s radio program called ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’, hosted by, the obvious, Choi Hwa Jung. While on the program, Choi Hwa Jung commented on Suho’s weight loss, saying everything about Suho is the same except for his weight. Hearing this, Suho answered that he had gained 10 kg during his mandatory military service. After returning home, he lost the weight that he had gained and now weighs only around 60 kg. He talked about his plans of gaining weight by exercising once he’s done with his promotional activities. Choi Hwa Jung also said that as she slightly hugged Suho, she could only feel bones. She emphasised the fact that Suho is still the same, almost as if he time-traveled.

EXO Suho- SBS Power FM Radio Interview

‘EXO Suho’ during his Radio Interview

Now that Suho’s back, we can look forward to his activities. In the past, Suho has amazed us not only with his vocals and performance ability but also with his acting. He has been a part of some stage plays, dramas, and films. One of his most memorable roles in films is that of ‘Sang Woo’ from ‘One Way Trip’ which was a story of friends who get caught up in some criminal case without realising it. Having been paired up with Jisoo, the two portrayed a heartbreaking bond of friendship. Suho’s acting in this film is so convincing that viewers instantly start feeling emotionally weak whenever he comes into the frame.

EXO Suho- SBS Power FM Radio Interview

‘EXO Suho’ in ‘One Way Trip’

When it comes to K-Dramas, Suho didn’t make it big in one night. He started with cameo roles in the drama ‘To the Beautiful You’. After this, he cameoed in the series ‘Prime Minister & I’, where he appeared in just two episodes. In 2015, when ‘EXO Next Door’ came out, fans recognised the acting potential of Suho. Later, in 2017, Suho landed his first lead role in the series ‘The Universe’s Star’ was entertaining and fans loved the character of Suho. Then came his lead role in the series ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’ in 2018 which was a lot of fun to watch. Fans were impressed by Suho’s versatility in acting.

EXO Suho- SBS Power FM Radio Interview

‘EXO Suho’ in ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman’

The last drama we saw Suho in before he went for his mandatory military service was ‘How Are U Bread’ which was a web series filmed in 2016 but released in 2020. Now that Suho is back, fans are expecting his new work in acting with delight. While he was gone, EXO-L missed his Instagram feed too. Just looking at the pictures Suho posted were pleasing to the viewer’s eyes. For those who don’t know his Instagram username yet, it’s ‘kimjuncotton’. Go and follow him as soon as you read this article if you don’t want to miss his angelic smile and aesthetic pictures.

With this, we come to the end of the article. We are super excited for Suho’s further works be it in music or acting. Let’s hope that the artist continues feeding us with masterpieces as he has been doing till now.

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