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10 Facts About BTS’s Jimin That You Need to Know

Jimin cr: BigHit Entertainment

Kpop is not at all unfamiliar to the new generation. It is a sensational phenomenon that has hit the world. The kpop fans are totally head over heels for their idols; the kpop idols are great, honestly. Some terms the kpop fans use are bias which means the member you like the most in a kpop group, bias wrecker, which means the member who makes you rethink who your bias is because you like them too, maknae the youngest in a kpop group. People who want to become idols train under entertainment companies for about 4-5 years or some 1 day or some even train for 10 years.

One of the most talented kpop idols must be BTS’s Jimin. He has this charming effect that no one can resist, which fans call the Jimin effect. Jimin has an incredible dance style which can make him elegant and hot whenever he likes. He’s got this beautiful and unique was, which fans really love. And lastly, the most obvious, he loves and cares for his fans and his bandmates. He’s a very hard worker; the BTS members have revealed that he would go to school and then come back ad practice and would sleep only 2 hours. Who wouldn’t want to know more about him, right?

Here are the top 10 facts about BTS’s Jimin

1. Before his debut, he wanted to go with the stage name ‘Baby J,’ ‘Baby G’ or ‘Young Kid,’ but he went for the stage name as his real name Jimin. And fans are quite happy with his decision, as Jimin is perfect.

Jimin cr: BigHit Entertainment

2. This fact also involves his name. His name was given by his grandfather to him. The meaning of Jimin’s name is a wise person whose wisdom reaches the sky and could be seen by all. Guess his grandfather foresaw that Jimin would be a really wise and loving person.

3.Jimin has a lot of medical issues. He suffers from muscle pain, blood pressure issues and has fainted several times from exhaustion. We hope Jimin’s pain would be cured soon.

Jimin cr: BigHit Entertainment

4. He has been in a long time with someone. The enemy’s name is ‘chairs.’ Jimin is known to fall off a chair while just normally sitting on it. We hope you win someday, Chim Chim.

5. Jimin is very conscious about his height. He says that his eyes are his favorite part of his body. It would come as a surprise to many fans due to his macho abs, and even though he must be the lightest member in BTS. We hope that Jimin would one day understand people will love him no matter what.

Jimin cr: BigHit Entertainment

6. Jimin took his inspiration from Rain, Bigbag’s Taeyang, and Chris Brown and was and is always determined to work hard. One of the facts that may surprise fans is knowing that Jimin was kicked out of the group about eight times. He later revealed in an interview with JTBC that he had majored in modern dance, and this type of dance didn’t suit BTS’s concept, so he had a hard time dealing with it.

7. Jimin has the title of the most influential kpop idol. Legends are not made every day, and Jimin is one of those legends which we should be grateful for. Fans say one day he could be one day crowned the king of kpop.

Jimin cr: BigHit Entertainment

8. Jimin has another side to him that many people would have come to know. Many people would see Jimin as an of and kind angel, but he has a mischievous part in him that makes fans call him a total Slytherin. From lying in Run Bts episode and literally radiating Slytherin energy, he is a true Slytherin. He would be the gem of Slytherin at Hogwarts.

Jimin cr: BigHit Entertainment

9. It is known that he has a heart of a pure angel, and Jhope had also once revealed that Jimin could feel alone in his own hotel room without the BTS members. That how much he loves being with them. BTS members also say he takes care of the BTS members the most.

10. No one can resist the Jimin effect. From Jimmy Fallon to James Cordon or simply random people, he has been garnering them in his already massive pool of fans. He had this aura that you simply can’t resist. I bet he is your bias and if not that, then he is your bias wrecker.

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