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Best Anime To Watch on HBO Max in 2021

Best Anime To Watch on HBO Max in 2021

Well, we all know how the streaming wars emerged during the lockdown period and even Warner Brothers did not want to stay behind. Back in Nay of 2020, they launched their own streaming network called HBO Max. As of right now, we can make out how the platform is working really hard in order to make the people subscribe. After the very controversial announcement by the company that all the Warner Brothers film lineup meant for 2021 is going to release directly on HBO Max as well as the cinemas, it created even more popularity for the platform. The library of content that is held by HBO Max is excelling so much these days because the officials know how important it is to have a versatile theme. I mean, the network has TV shows as well as sitcoms and films. Although, the major attraction point that is selling HBO Max, even more, these days is the fact that it has an awesome selection of anime shows to pick up from.

Obviously, we understand when it comes to anime that it is taking over the entertainment industry quite fast with the demand among fans growing over the ages. This is why HBO Max is also keeping up with its anime content and is licensing both new as well as old anime shows on its platform for the subscribers to watch in peace. The best thing about the streaming platform is that Warner Brothers have bonds with Studio Ghibli as well as other main anime sites like Crunchyroll. Thus, they are able to stream their content on HBO Max with ease thus amusing the audience even more. Also, if you are a starter and do not know which anime show you should pick from, let us guide you through the means of this list and suggest some titles to get you on the anime boat.

Kill La Kill

As all the people who love watching anime series might already know that anime is literally the best because of various factors but there is surely the main one. The anime plots are able to reach those kinds of heights in fiction as well science and fantasy that can never be achieved by any other show of sorts. As for this anime title, Kill La Kill, the fans will be able to see that the main concept is pretty ludicrous. As for the genre employed by the creators in the series, it shares an equal scant nature to its cast and throws light on self-awareness. Apart from all of the absurdity that is displayed on the screen for us, the fight sequences in the show are pretty amazing. And the creativity of the animators, well, it is something to kill for. I mean, they have this new sort of weapon which is also very cool and is called scissor swords. The entire plot is more or less based on taking revenge.

You can think of it in this manner if you have read Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare and how the Jewish lord Shylock wanted to extract his share of revenge from Antonio for wronging him and calling him a dog. But all of this sort of revenge here in Kill La Kill is in the animated format. All this while, you guys should know that the series has been created by Trigger Animation. They are popularly known in the anime entertainment sector for creating one of the best projects and this is why have now established themselves as a household name. It is my personal recommendation to start your anime journey with Kill La Kill because it is capable of taking you through the ride of a classic anime venture.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If you are more of a family type of person, then without a doubt, this anime is going to give you the chills. The main concept that acts as the backbone of this anime is that its story is based on two brothers and expanded into two seasons. Each installment takes us through their journey and narrates all the ups and downs that they had to go through. The brothers are Edward and Alphonse who are so so close that they are ready to do anything for each other. As long as the plot is concerned, we witness that Edward along with Alphonse set on an adventure to find a very powerful stone. It is said that if they get possession of this thing, they will be able to fix their family.

But obviously, it is an anime shoe and nothing comes with ease in these. As they are on their path to find the stone, they make themselves prone to a supernatural situation and put themselves on the radar of a variety of foes. But despite all the action scenes in the series, it is able to pull the plugs of your heart with all the emotional concepts it first started out with. If you think that this anime is a perfect match for you, then all you have to do is tune in to HBO Max and start watching the show.

Your Lie in April

When it comes to watching an anime that has a perfect blend of a variety of themes, then this anime surely counts. Your Lie in April is mainly based on music and develops through this theme only. But obviously, it is not the only one present in the show. I mean, the show can get so dramatic in some instances and forgets the fact that it has to be lighthearted. But that does not matter because all in all, the plot is so amazing that it keeps you hooked from the start till the end. The main protagonist of the show is going through a dark depressed sort of phase after his mother passes away. The thing that you should know that he is a great pianist but now, he is unable to play because he is so traumatized by the event, that he can not hear the sound of his own music.

The entire world has become just a tasteless drama for him and he can not help but see everything in grayscale. The story follows him around as the man resigns from the world that he used to admire so deeply and goes on to live as a broken man. Later in the scenes, he comes across a very passionate player of violin and soon realizes that he loves her. This new feeling in his heart makes him come back to his art once again and start with playing the piano. From afar, it might look as if the series is just about love as well as music but if you dive in deeper, no one can stop you from realizing that it is emphasized more on the power of these factors in life and how they are able to change any person.

Spirited Away

This is a project by Hayao Miyazaki and is an anime film. This is one of those content that makes you realize how animation contains the power to mix everything that you only can imagine with the things in reality. Every audience that has ever seen this film only has kind words to say and even critics have announced that this Hayao’s best work till now. And as it is rightly said, the director really did not hold back in any form while creating this project. He just unleashed his imagination onto the story and did not care about what will anyone think. And this is why the film has proved itself to be so popular that everyone wants to watch it. The main protagonist is a young girl who just wants to be a normal kid among all her peers.

But eventually, as the story goes by, she ends up in a resort that is only meant for supernatural creatures. This is when the realization strikes her that she has to pay off all the debts of her family in order to save her parents from the crisis. The story employed in Spirited Away is very simple. There are not many drama or action scenes employed in the film and honestly, with a plot like that, it hardly needs anything to amplify its tale. If you want to sit back and enjoy life for a moment, then this is the story that you must tune into. The film has taken as basic concepts as that shows by Alice in Wonderland but has put its own spice in that.

Princess Mononoke

This is an animated film that provides fans with nothing but powerful insight into every action that a man does which directly affects nature. This tale has been created by Hayao Miyazaki and surely narrates a true message that we might have otherwise overlooked. Also, we know if the project is made by this director, it has to be amazing, so there is nothing that should stop you from checking out the film available on HBO Max. As for the main concept of this tale, we know that it is more of a classic one and has been witnessed by the audience in the past too. But the special thing about Princess Mononoke is its amazing character arc that develops through the scenes.

Later, when the backstory and all have been provided to us already, we can witness that there is no rivalry between man and god as well as animals. If you really watch this anime film, it won’t be long before realizing that there is more to the story than is seen by the eye on the surface. These battles happening against the parties will make you realize how everyone is fighting for the same thing but is unable to understand that because their mind is set in different ways. All this while, you might already know that Miyazaki has created a lot of films as well as content shows in his career and they all have turned out to be awesome. But Ashitaka, the main protagonist of Princess Mononoke is still dubbed as one of the strongest ever.

On the other hand, if we go on and discuss the visuals, then I must say they are top-notch. The creator has included extraordinary fight sequences that we have never seen before that come along with the beautiful animation as a cherry on top. Although, if you have doubts that you will not be able to sit through the disturbing scenes where the infection spreads among the different races, then this anime feature is not for you. As the film starts, you will realize that its pace has not been picked up quite fully and gives us every detail in the plot. But as the story goes by, you will come to acknowledge that Princess Mononoke has executed one of the best scenes that we can ever have by Miyazaki.

Konosuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Initially, the audience witnessed that KONOSUBA started off with a video game series that quickly elated to an animated feature show. As it has now become an anime, if you see the show you will realize that the creators have skillfully taken advantage of the video game structure. The plot of the series throws the entire spotlight on Kazuma who is a normal boy trying to live a life as easily as possible just like the other teenagers of his age. Later in the scenes, the story turns around and we witness that he dies in a car crash.

Well, this is not the end of his tale though. We witness that the boy wakes up in a world that is full of fantasies. Here, Kazuma starts to adjust to his surroundings and become a member of a powerful party, and really finds his confidence. He witnesses that he can finally do something good in his life and is worth it. If you want to relax on a Sunday afternoon, the Konosuba is the series that you should opt for It is a light watch in itself but surely has very weird dynamics. You will that the series contains Kazuki as well as his colleagues and they all makeup for the comedic elements of the series.


This is the most addictive anime tale that you are ever going to come across and makes for a perfect light watch when you do not want to get attached to something too intriguing. There are 12 episodes of the show available and all have the same genre, that is, murder, crime as well as mystery. The show also has a contribution of the supernatural elements that make it even more fun to watch. As it turns out, the main protagonist of the series is Satoru who is going through something known as revivals. This is his ability which allows him to go back in time a few minutes or second as it might have been required. This factor helps him to save his life as well as those people around him.

There are many concepts on which Erased has placed its backbone on but the major one is kindness. We see how Satoru selflessly helps to rewind time in order to help the public. But this is not the case with him when he literally goes back in time 18 years. At first, he could not understand why he has been brought back so many years but later, as he witnesses everything, Satoru realizes hoe every action has deeper consequences. Stuck in the little version of himself, Satoru now has to find a serial killer whose actions are going to harm his mother after 18 years. The shoe has an excellent debut of the mystery genre when it comes to Satoru finding the murderer while befriending all the people who are going to be his future victims.

Erased is a series where you would grow attached to the characters. It creates an emotion in us that we never knew we had. As it turns out, you know how the character is done but you can not help but watch as they slowly move towards their death. This process gets a lot heartwarming and it is hard to imagine anything that is this sad. There are a few action scenes here and there and in this show, you would really like Satoru to succeed in his work of protecting his kind and saving his mother from potential danger in the future. Even the villains in this series are frightening and make up for the antagonist bits of the story.

91 Days

The main concept of anime these days is majorly based on revenge and we love to see how the characters engage in fight sequences in order to get their share of revenge. One such anime series is 91 Days which has driven its inspiration from the likes of The Departed as well as Batman and The Untouchables. As for the plot of this series, it is quite unusual. It is because we witness the main protagonist, that is, Angelo Lagusa setting on a journey to extract her share of revenge on the people who have killed her folks. These were the major intentions of our lead character and this is why she starts infiltrating the public. Now, the unique twist in this show comes when the timeline and pace are revealed.

I mean, the entire series is set in the Prohibition Era of Chicago and this establishes a new outlook that is different from the common anime shows. 91 Days has to be an emotional story apart from revenge as it is based on how the main protagonist is suffering through her grief after the loss of her family. Now, you must be wondering why the anime has such a strange title, that is, 91 days? It is because the plot has set a sand clock on itself that runs for only 91 days. Actually, Angelo has this much period of time only to take off his revenge against the mafia who has killed his entire blood. As each episode passes by, we witness the thrill that comes with the deadline coming closer and closer.

Such type of anime is pretty prevalent in the entertainment sector and obviously, who does not love to have such chills when it comes to watching revenge shows. All in all, 91 Days is a great piece of art that comes along with amazing visuals that you should watch while searching for a show that will blow your mind off. Despite the fact that the plot of the anime series is not as unique as it should be, the series builds exceptional tension in the eyes of new anime watchers and is a great watch.

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