Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes From Tokyo Revengers

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Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

Anime provides us with not only good stories but also interesting characters that impact us with their words. There are many such characters whose words motivate us, thus, making them our favorite characters. However, the best kind among these is those characters who are very realistic about their problems. Thus, when it comes to Takemichi Hanagaki, we can not only understand him but also relate to his character as he has shown to express raw emotions through his words. Takemichi is a character who isn’t as strong as Goku or Naruto, thus, he seems to be more human, and his problems feel more realistic. So, here we shall look into some of the best quotes by Takemichi Hanagaki.

Takemichi Hanagaki is a character from Tokyo Revengers. He was portrayed as a lazy, good-for-nothing person at the start of the anime. While watching TV, one day, he comes across the news of his ex and only girlfriend’s death which makes him sad. Carrying on with his daily routine, he goes to get on a train. However, he is pushed on the rail tracks. This incident makes him travel back in time and gives him the chance to save his girlfriend from dying. Takemichi, thus, goes through many painful events, which makes him say some pretty insightful quotes that make the viewers understand the pain he was going through. Besides this, he also says some things that can be used as life lessons. Below mentioned are ten such quotes by Takemichi Hanagaki.

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10. “I did the best I could, Hina. It hurts, it sucks… but I really did my best to fix things, and yet… and yet I haven’t really changed anything at all! I haven’t managed to save anyone! But then what else was I expecting? How the hell was a complete and utter failure like me ever supposed to have a snowball’s chance in hell at saving anyone? How stupid can I be?”

This quote shows us the human side of Takemichi as well as portrays how alone he feels since he is the only one who has to carry the burden of trying to save the people close to him. Although he thought he could relax after solving matters between Mikey and Draken, Takemichi did not know that Kiyomasa was still planning to kill Draken. After being beaten up by Kiyomasa and found by Hinata, he lets his emotions out through these words.

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9. “I don’t have charisma like Mikey. And I’m not smart like Naoto, nor am I adept like Coco, and I don’t have a body like Mucho. I’m not strong in fights like Draken either. That’s why I believe in one thing I am good at! I don’t give up! Even if I die, I will not give up!”

This quote is something that reminds us that Takemichi, although being able to travel through time, isn’t very powerful in the world he lives in. It also shows that he is very self-aware. Although he beats himself up every now and then for not being able to do the things he is supposed to do, like in the previous quote mentioned, he believes in himself and his human power to not give up and try again and again, even if it means feeling pain all over again.

Takemichi Hanagaki quotes
Takemichi, Draken, and Mikey

8. “Quit acting like you’re a couple of dumb punks! Just look what you bastards have done to all my precious memories. You selfish jerks have just destroyed everything I ever loved from my childhood.”

Draken and Mikey were two of the people who did not treat Takemichi as an equal. There are many scenes where Takemichi even feared them. However, as the quote mentions, most of the things happening in Takemichi’s life was caused by the aforementioned duo. Finding his voice, he was finally able to hold them both accountable, and eventually, they all were able to view each other as friends.

7. “Listen, when you’re dealing with punks like them, you gotta have guts. Get ready to be punched! But don’t wuss out. Be prepared to fight back like it’s life or death. If they’re not totally serious about it, that should scare them off.”

Since Naoto is younger than most of the characters in Tokyo Revengers, as well as a character who isn’t involved in the gang life, Takemichi’s advice to him portrays him as Naoto’s older brother preparing him for real life. It also shows that Naoto will have to look after his own back and carry on with things if things go wrong with Takemichi. Not only this, but the words said by Takemichi are very applicable to real-life, metaphorically. Being “punched” every now and then in life is something common. However, being prepared to fight back is something one should strive for. By saying this to Naoto, Takemichi also shows his own determination to never give up.

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6. “I wonder what we’d all talk about after we became adults”

A quote that can make anybody sad without any context has to be this one. As Takemichi calls Akkun, he remembers the time he said the above quote to Akkun. With a smile, Akkun had replied, “You dumbass. Nothing would change. You’re my friend for life.”. However, things do not exactly turn out as they both dreamed of and expected as kids.

Takemichi Hanagaki quotes
Takemichi and Akkun

5. “Stop! What the hell are you talking about? Who’s the crazy one here, Akkun? I don’t even recognize you, man! You were always so cool, calm, and collected. You were always willing to sacrifice yourself for your friends. You were kind. We could count on you! So… so… it has to be a lie… I can’t believe you would ever have tried to kill me. You’re my friend, Akkun!”

After the heartfelt above quote, we have the one which proved that Akkun and Takemichi’s friendship had indeed changed. Nothing was more painful for Takemichi when Akkun revealed that he was the one that pushed the former on the tracks. Refusing to believe the confession, Takemichi rambles these words. Thinking that his friend and their friendship would always stay the same was something that he realized was not true. Eventually, everyone changed, and this is something that never occurred to Takemichi, who grew up to be the same for the past 12 years.

4. “In the past and the present, I have to change, or nothing else will.”

Change is a recurring theme in Tokyo Revengers. This is a quote that shows that Takemichi, although he is scared of most of the outcomes, he is up for change. In fact, he has to accept change whether he likes it or not. This quote, again, is very applicable to real-life events as change is always a constant thing in the world. However, adapting and changing your own self is something that can be an achievement and is equally important. As mentioned in the quote, unless and until one does not embrace change, nothing else around them will change, making them feel stuck in one place while everything around them passes by.

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3. “Hakkai…fighting on… isn’t painful. What hurts more than anything…is loneliness.”

Loneliness is something Takemichi has known for 12 years. With everyone he had known as kids going separate ways, Takemichi had lived a boring life where he did not have many people to rely on. Takemichi has proven time and time again that he had the will to never give up and fight on, taking up challenges as they came his way. However, sometimes one needs to rest from the constant battle in life. With nobody to lean on for comfort, one is bound to get even more hurt than their battles. Luckily for Takemichi, he had Hinata and his friends, sadly, not always.

2. “I’m not finished yet. This isn’t nearly enough to fix 12 years of being a lazy good-for-nothing. I ran and ran. Ran and ran. I’m not going anywhere!”

While watching Tokyo Revengers, one possibly could lose count of the times they flinched whenever Takemichi got beaten up. However, when he finally had a goal and a purpose in life, his determination to not give up grew. He always had low self-esteem, taking up his manager’s insults as well as the mocking laughs that came his way. He did not try to fight or prove people wrong about the way they treated him. Finally, he decided to change and not go back to living the way he lived. With the quote above, Takemichi was determined to keep going forward without looking back.

1. “In the Future… in the Past… Always and Forever, I’ll love you.”

A quote that could sum up the whole purpose of the story. His love for Hinata Tachibana, the only girlfriend he has had, put Takemichi through a lot of trouble. However, it is also what kept him going.

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes
Hinata’s final moments

Saving her was his ultimate goal. Just when he thought he had changed the timeline and could relax for a while, things went downhill when Hinata was on the verge of death, again. Crying, these were the words he said to her as he was ready to let go and do things all over again.

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