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When Will Noblesse Season 2 Release? Will There Be A Sequel?

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Anime: Noblesse

If you are an anime fan for a long time and have watched many anime shows then you definitely heard about the Noblesse series. There is a huge fan base for this series due to many factors. We have seen lots of people simp over many characters from Noblesse. Some of the reasons that made this show tremendously popular are its storyline, art style, and cool-looking characters. Every Noblesse fan can relate to this article however it is sad that the series only has one season and due to this reason, there are many doubts that raise in the mind of fans regarding season 2.

On Internet, sometimes it gets really tedious to gather all the information from the same platform so to make your research easier, we are going to put every single thing that you need to know about Noblesse season 2. As we have to take non-Noblesse fans together, so we will also include a quick recap of the first season of Noblesse so as to recall all the instances that happened before. Make sure to read this article till the end.

The story of the Noblesse anime is based on the major protagonist of the series Rai who enrolled in an elite school, named Ye Ran High School by his servant Frankenstein. The true motive of Frankenstein was to save Rai from the organization called Union which is looking for Rai for his blood and can do anything to get him. Initially, Rai tends to spend his school life normally but sooner or later, he had to rush things to save the lives of his mates from baddies. Many events take place after this incident and from this point, the series, Nobles begins.

Noblesse Season 1 Recap:

Noblesse season 1 was a great start and had 13 episodes in total. Fans really loved the concept of the story and the series managed to have a solid start. It’s been a while since the airing of the final episode of the first season however it can’t get out of fans’ minds and everyone is eagerly waiting for the second season. The first season just focused on the introduction of each and every character and take us to the in-depth character analysis of Rai, the major protagonist. In a few episodes, we saw light action where the battles were based on true good and evil and some of the battles were kind of predictive however the season was quite enjoyable and attracted huge fans in a very short span of time.



Noblesse Season 2 Release Date:

As the first season of Noblesse finished a long time ago, Fans are waiting for the second season. It’s been a long break already but the status of the second season hasn’t changed yet. The release date of the second season of Noblesse is not revealed yet and there is no predictive date either. We do not know when will actually get the official confirmation but if you ask us, we think that the series should return in early 2023. We will update this article in case there would be any major news regarding Noblesse season 2 so don’t forget to bookmark this article. You can also follow us to stay connected to the latest anime news and stuff.

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Watch Noblesse Season 1 Online:

All the episodes of Noblesse season 1 are available to watch on Crunchyroll. You have to purchase the subscription in order to enjoy all the episodes in the highest quality without ads. The best part of Crunchyroll is, that it provides top-class anime just with your single subscription anytime anywhere. You can enjoy manga as well as buy anime merchandise from the same platform. If you are living in India, Crunchyroll just reduced their prices by a great margin and now the basic plan will cost you less than 100 Rupees.

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