All of you might have at least heard about the very famous character in the American comic books of the Marvel Comics, Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff. The character first appeared in The X-Men in 1964. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are the creators of Scarlet Witch. Recently we have seen Scarlet Witch in Wanda Vision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness. Elizabeth Olsen plays the role of Scarlet in these latest creations.

Elizabeth Chase Olsen is an American actress born on 16th February 1989. She did excellent work in many movies as well as television shows. Her character of Wanda Maximoff is highly appreciable. She has performed this role in many series such as the Captian America series, the Avengers series, and now recently in Doctor Strange’s latest film. She was a villain and now is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel series.

Is Scarlet one of your favorite characters from the superhero movie? Do you want to know more about her? There are many facts about Scarlet Witch that you don’t know yet, like her family, some popular events, her powers, and much more. Here are some of the very main details about her that you need to know:

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Recent movies with Scarlet Witch
Recent movies with Scarlet Witch

10. About her Wimple

Wanda has a sensual red-colored costume with a signature headgear adding stars to the outlook of the character. Talking about the outlook of the Scarlet Witch, She wears a helmet or crown-like thing on her head. Actually, that faceplate is nothing but a wimple on her head.

A wimple is something that can be worn around the neck and the chin. Married women used to wear it generally in Europe, and also Italian women redesigned and wore these. Even presently, Muslim women and nuns wear this garment. In short, her looks clearly depict her indulgence in spirituality.

9. Her original role

The very first characterization of Scarlett Witch was as Wanda Maximoff in X-Men #4. She was the villain in that movie. Both Wanda and Pietro joined Magneto’s team of baddies and fought against the X-Men earlier. That simply means she was involved with the brotherhood of evil mutants. But afterward, she quit, got reformed, and then started helping the Avengers for the sake of good, and then became a brilliant superhero.

8. Scarlet Witch’s children

Yes, it’s true, Wanda was a mother as well. As we already know, she has many superordinary magical powers. She used the powers to impregnate herself with the Vision’s children. Scarlet Witch gave birth to a pair of twins, two boys. The names of her children are Tommy and Billy. Although, when Mephisto absorbed the life essence, she lost both of them as they had the silvers of Mephisto’s life essence in them. This huge loss was one of the very major twists for Wanda in her life.

But the souls of Tommy and Billy were reincarnated and lived to grow into great teenage superheroes. Those young avengers were Wiccan and Speed. Three of them, Tommy, Billy, and Wanda, reunited.

Scarlet Witch And Vision with their children
Wanda And Vision with their children

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7. About her parents

Although there is a possibility that a golden age superhero, The Whizzer, was the father of Scarlet Witch as her brother Quicksilver is very much similar to him, we are not yet so sure about her parents. According to the facts, we know yet, Magneto was the father of Wanda, and her mother was Magda. She and her twin brother took birth in the Wundagore mountains, where the High Evolutionary was building an army of people evolved from animals. Bova, a cow lady, a nanny, or a midwife of the High Evolutionary, raised Wanda and her brother before their adoption.

The comic character of Scarlet Witch
The comic character of Scarlet Witch

6. Wanda’s husband

Scarlet Witch is married. The Vision is her husband. They married after running a long period of romance with each other in the comics. This couple also has a pair of twin children too. But unfortunately, the very well-known part of the marvel comics, the Vision, is now dissected, and all his emotional installments are removed. That means he cannot feel Wanda’s love now. Also, we already know that her kids also faced turns in their life.

Scarlet Witch also shared a solo title with Vision for once. This series revolved around the personal life of Wanda with her husband as well as the birth of her children apart from the Avengers. It didn’t run so long, but still, the series describes her life in brief.

Wanda And Vision
Wanda And Vision

5. Is Scarlet Witch a mutant?

Earlier, everyone used to believe that Wanda is actually a mutant like the X-Men as she has all the mutant powers. She got her powers from the X-gene that manifested itself in her childhood. But the reality is that she is not a mutant. Yes, it is recently uncovered that Scarlet was never a mutant.

After one of the Marvel crossover events, she, along with her brother, discovered that they were actually normally born twins. The High Evolutionary kidnapped both of them for his genetic experiments, and thus changes in their chromosomes raised the powers inside them. Due to these powers, people started thinking that they are mutants.

4. The House of M event

This event is one of the very famous incidences highlighting the Scarlet Witch. Here, Wanda decides to bring a big change to Earth with her powers. She wanted the mutants to be the dominant ones and the homo sapiens to become the second-class citizens in the world. This was such a dangerous as well as a wrong decision that the avengers, along with the X-Men were against it and were even confused about whether they should kill her to save mankind.

After the fight began, in order to end it, Scarlet Witch uttered just three words,” No More Mutants “, and everything got back to normal. However, most of the mutants in the world now lost their abilities. This shows the intensity of her power that just a few words can change the scenes completely. Nobody, even Doctor Strange, couldn’t undo it now.

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3. Intentions behind her creation

Stan Lee created this amazing comic character, Scarlet Witch, for some absolutely stunning reasons. She, as well as her twin brother, are both wonderful characters that have highly influenced the success of the marvel comics franchises. Stan wanted some characters who are villains but are not bad. This means he wanted to design and feature powerful personalities in his screenings who will shift from being supervillains to becoming superheroes. And thus, he chose Wanda, who gave up being a villain and then became one of the superheroes.

A picture of Elizabeth in her role as Scarlett Witch
A picture of Elizabeth in her role as Scarlett Witch

2. Cap’s Kooky Quartet

In the series, when the entire team exits due to some issues, the only left superhero was Captain America. Now it was a challenge for him to recruit a whole new group. This group is called Cap’s Kooky Quartet. Captain America mindfully recruited three famous reformed villains. So the group of Cap’s Kooky Quartet included Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Later on, all these newly recruited reformed villains became some of the most lovable and powerful superheroes in the marvel comics series.

Cap's Kooky Quartet
Cap’s Kooky Quartet

1. Scarlet Witch’s Powers

Wanda Maximoff is the ‘Nexus’ of The Marvel Universe. It is one of the most powerful characters in it, with ample powers and abilities. If we combine the nights of Doctor Strange and Professor X, still we won’t be able to count her power. The House Of M event is the biggest example of the depiction of her strength.

When this character was first created, her main ability was hex power i.e. causing random and unlikely things to affect her target. It meant she could easily solve her problems by using her abilities in a variety of ways. Then there were changes in her powers so as to increase her control and make her more powerful.

The ancient dark Lord’s essence, which she carried since her birth, gave her immense magical energies like the chaos magic. The other abilities of Scarlet Witch include Probability manipulation, elemental manipulation, flight, the ability to sense magic, spell casting, a great influence on time, reality-warping, time manipulation, and Teleportation.

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