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Uzumaki Anime Delayed Once Again!

Uzumaki Anime Delayed Once Again!
Uzumaki Anime Delayed Once Again!

If you have been waiting for the Junji Ito’s most notable work to be animated then you will have to wait even longer as there is another delay in the release of the Uzumaki anime. Furthermore, there are also no announcements regarding the release of the anime. The team in charge of the Uzumaki Anime adaptation has requested more time to make the anime as perfect as possible. Junji Ito’s Uzumaki Anime was due to release this October, however, yesterday they took Twitter to announce they will delay the release of the anime once again. The director in charge of Hiroshi Nagahama (Mushishi, The Flowers of Evil) with the team shared a letter asking for additional time for the production of the Uzumaki Anime.

First announced in 2019 by Adult Swim and Production I.G, the Uzumaki anime was supposed to release in 2020. However, due to the Covid-19, the production was at a halt. Since there are no announcements regarding the new release date, we can expect the Uzumaki Anime to release until the summer of 2023 to even fall. However, if the production team is asking for such delays then we can expect this four-episode miniseries anime to be a work of art to narrate the Junji Ito’s horror manga “Uzumaki”. Because we do not want another “2016 Berserk” anime production in the anime franchise.

Uzumaki Anime Delayed Announcement Letter

The letter was written by the Uzumaki Anime Production Team on 24th June 2022 which was shared on June 27th, 2022 on the official Twitter account of Uzumaki Anime. The statement that was shared on Twitter was translated into English also. At first, the Uzumaki Anime Production Team showed gratitude to the fans that have been waiting for the release of the anime.

They went on to tell that the release date of the anime will once again be delayed. The sole reason for the delay is that they want to replicate Junji Ito’s classic work of Uzumaki as perfectly as possible. The letter continued to narrate that the production team want to finish and release the work as soon as possible. However, they do not want to rush the production and bring the highest caliber of the Uzumaki anime possible. The team will announce the new premiere date for the Uzumaki anime as soon as they know the work is perfect and ready to release.

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